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1/2/2021 c26 InsanityInTheDesert
Yeah, I gotta say, at this point I'm out. It's one thing when an author admits he made a mistake and tries to fix it. But when they admit they made a mistake, and instead of trying to fix or even mitigate it they just decide to make it worse? Yeah, no. Best of luck, hope things go well, but I'm out.
1/2/2021 c26 Guest
Yeah, I’m out, peace.
1/2/2021 c26 Duja89
I actually like the overpowered Rockets.
They are suppose to be the biggest strongest crime organization around so why would they not have strong Pokémon for themselves.
Too many stories play them off as a threat just because of a high number of grunts that end up as cheap fodder that can be easily taken out and only have the Admins be a real threat.
Realistically this wouldn’t work since if a single trainer could take out so many grunts then the police surely wouldn’t have as hard a time as they’re said to.

On another note the Giovanni battle is looking to be epic and I’m sure there will be more trauma for the team that Ash will have to deal with.

Wonder what Gengar went off to do...hehehe.
1/2/2021 c26 ThunderBasilisk
Great now it looks like Ash will be losing a bunch of his team next chapter.
1/2/2021 c26 1ob1292
While this started out as a decent story you have quickly destroyed that, a very disappointing end to what could have been a good story
1/2/2021 c26 dloold87
Look mate, I am sick and tired of you putting Ash through all this shit for nothing other than you seem to have written yourself into a hole. Yes Team Rocket was moderately strong, but you have fucking amped it up to elite 4 and champion levels of strength. You have done nothing but hurt and abuse Ash through almost the last half of your story, not to mention how stupid and weak you have made your characters. I am just tired, so I am done with this story and the cruelties you are putting Ash through. Also change your tags, this is not Adventure/Friendship. Its more Angst or horror than anything.
1/2/2021 c1 10Capty Fanfic
I have to ask when are you going to stop terrorizing my boy, the team rocket in the anime was never thia OP, and it not just them being OP, the odd are always stocked against him, I think there never been a time Ash fought. tram rocket when there wasn't a full ckmpany of grunts ans a powerful commandimg officer. The only time it was a small squad when Ash recused his pokemon. Team Rocket being powerful isn't the issue the issue is the odd being against him in drastic way. Outnumbered a fifty to one, back to back. fights it unrealistic.
1/2/2021 c26 17griffin blackwood
That’s as amazing
1/2/2021 c26 PKZ's Ghost
Cliffhanger much? Ughhhhhh I guess I'll forgive you
But still
U better have something good next chapter
I'll be waiting
1/2/2021 c26 PKZ's Ghost
Hah gottem
11/11/2020 c25 elson-tong
Hmm bro I rly like the story but yeah I gotta agree seems like you kinda made team rocket a little too OP? IMO la but perhaps you have an explanation for why Oak succumbed so easily. Either way looking forward to your next few chapters!
11/10/2020 c25 2KarmaHoudini
I don't understand. Red is the former Champion, one would need to be stupid to attack his mother even if Ash has been a thorn on their side.
11/9/2020 c25 17griffin blackwood
I love how you incorporated a Lapras but am kinda surprised Oak didn’t expected the rockets would come after them but they’re so ready to lecture or put ash on probation
11/9/2020 c25 2Blackson88
ok i dont like this chapter and like really they can just take professor oak that guy has champion lvl pokemon and at least two of them are at any given time on his grounds alakazam and arcanine not even speaking of the freaking dragonite that is in the mountains not fare from palet town.
11/8/2020 c25 Haziq Saffari
Things have gone out of hand. Hope Atlas make it out alright, whats Screechers problem? Red's words were harsh but necessary, gives a lesson to Ash. What does team rocket want with Prof Oak? Don't kill off him and Delia, please.
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