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6/11/2018 c14 noxnoctis
it was a beautiful and sweet story. congrats and keep it up!
9/9/2017 c3 Guest
I used to read a lot of your stories a few years ago and I would like to say how much you have improved over the years! This is really well written! (Not to say some of your old stories were bad or anything!) this is a really cute idea! I'm no longer such a huge fan of Shadow but I have fond memories of reading your stuff! Thank you for carrying on writing! I love the dynamic so far between Shadow and Rouge! :)
7/5/2017 c14 7Greenyplatinum
wow that's the ending well that was quite the chapter
7/4/2017 c12 11BlazePyro
Seems like commander finally understand that Shadow is not in control of his actions. He was lucky to have Rouge there to save him!
Yeah why do black Doom need his help? He got 5 on his own and still insist to manipulate Shadow to work for him? Why? See him as his own child? And the last part...if black Doom is going to feast will that urge Shadow too? It would make sense, and I can imagine the chaos if Shadow attacks his friends in minds of eating them. (Or did I misunderstand this entirely?)

Good chapter and I am sure the next one is going to be really interesting! Loving it so far !
6/20/2017 c9 3firewaterwarriorKats
Long time no see! Didn't expect Eggman to come to Sonic's "rescue", or Black Doom to make an appearance. Now I have a proper timeline for when this story takes place! Although I wonder, would Black Doom be understanding in the event that Shadow would need to eat or take a, ahem, bathroom break? I'm sure that exchange would be quite humorous to read. Well, till the next chappie, hope you have a good day!
6/20/2017 c9 Guest
Love it! To be honest! I think shadow should join the aliens. Earth doesn't offer him much if he is only going to be a slave until he dies. Sure he is mine controlled now but perhaps black Doom will give him a bit freedom later on. Still more than what commander is giving him XD as sad as it sounds ! I hope he doesn't go to far with this whole mind command though. And yes ur story need more attention. It was a cute oneshot at first now it's into a full out story and I am happy for that! :3 good job don't stop doing these amazing stories of urs!
6/19/2017 c8 2SonicMach3
Poor Shadow doesn't like green blood. Lol
6/4/2017 c6 SonicMach3
I love your stories. There's something special about them!
5/31/2017 c4 3firewaterwarriorKats
Ok, I don't know why some people aren't posting reviews on this, because this formerly one shot story is super cute and really deserves praise. The relationship between Shadow and Rouge is pretty realistic given the circumstances, and I can't wait to find out if they can avoid GUN! Anyway, hope you have a good day.
4/24/2017 c1 20sunstar989
Shadow is so adorable!
4/24/2017 c1 81The Final Conduit
I like the premise of this, with the vagueness of how Shadow lives.
I look forward to reading more.
4/24/2017 c1 1kazarthelion
This was so cute I wish there was more lol
4/24/2017 c1 Fiera the Proud
Oh Shadow, you sweet summer child... You will eventually get tired of eating pizza. Trust me.

I love this idea! And imaging Shadow just... seeing something new and pretty much just going "wHAT IS THAT" is precious to me. I wonder if he'd like Chili Dogs? Just don't let Sonic make them, he'll probably put in a LOT of chili and someone not used to the stuff may not be able to handle it well.

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