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for Sword Art Online: Alternate Feelings

7/22 c96 Calamity Bringer
please update the Story
7/22 c96 Calamity Bringer
this story is one of the best story I have read in sai fanfiction
also sorry for no comment
4/22 c80 2Kaiya Azure
Yeah, that might complicate things. Though I suppose he might have done that to officially clear things up before sending them back home.
3/24 c9 1ChiDead
God sugu is annoying please kill her off
2/18 c69 2Kaiya Azure
Really hope the world doesn't have to go the way of Star Trek by having the world brought to ruin before a different kind of "economy" becomes the norm.
2/11 c68 Kaiya Azure
"Cool" is not the word I would use to describe what the idiot chose to do.

Great, not only did she have to deal with an internal issue, but now there are external threats that more than likely seek to continue Sugou's work. I seriously doubt they're attempting to hack in so they can see what's going on with the dangerous incentives and surprise attacks at night.
2/5 c67 Kaiya Azure
What are the odds that her refusal to think about the earlier encounter might have her forced to face the same thing when she gets home? Honestly, the way Ordinal Scale keeps surprising them with even more dangers makes me wonder why no one is even thinking about pulling the plug. Rewarding players for going into dangerous areas and surprise attacks that occur while they are sleeping is a bit much for a game. Never mind the fact Yuuki had thought she turned off everything but what needed to stay on only for her to be surprised by evidence to the contrary. On top of that, Kazu's worry of being distracted by Ordinal Scale while driving might be something that has already happened or will happen.
2/4 c38 ManticoreBlues
also I made it till chapter 38, also possible spoiler alert below
2/4 c7 ManticoreBlues
I'm rather disappointed with the trans kirito, perm female avatar, the dreams of alternate selfs and Shiro and other outside forceds nterfering with the game. don't get me wrong, the fanfic is really fucking good for the most part with the only non preferential thing I can complain about being the convenience of him seeing alternate time lines in his dreams but this isn't quite to my taste

I was wondering if after your done or when you have free time if you could do a branch off fanfic somewhere between the beggining of chapter two and before the whole kirito perm female avatar part, I would love to read a version where kirito is and remains a very feminine boy who wears girls clothes, likes girly stuff and even being treated as such by Sinon and other girls as well As a version without outside of game interference and the perm female avatar, i would love to read a branch off that is more to my preference because even though this one isn't really my taste I still like it and I've dedicated a lot of time to it. of course if you do do a branch of fanfic to my askance you can of course choose how you do it and I would be okay with like maybe kirito and Sinon using female avatars in the beta if you want to keep to the theme some what. also I'd hope that you could do kirito x Sinon or possibly a small harem of like Sinon, Suguha, Argo and maybe Asuna and Lizbeth

of course you don't have to do anything I'm asking of you but I hope you accept my selfish request/proposal. thank you for your time

2/4 c66 Calamity Bringer
please update the story
1/29 c66 Ukatome
so it's finally crossing over to accel world territory. I was wondering if this would ever happen, I'm happy that it did
1/29 c66 Ukatome
so it's finally crossing over to accel world territory. I was wondering if this would ever happen, I'm happy that it did
1/27 c13 ManticoreBlues
I'm loving the fanfiction, just about every aspect of it is perfect, I'm hesitant about the reveal of Kirito's in-game character being a girl because I was enjoying the feminine and girly Boy who likes a tomboy Girl who likes His girlyness thing. still I don't have any complaints other then the in-game Avatar being female is less preferential but I don't have any actual direct complaints or suggestions about the female in-game avatar. I'm sure I'll love the change well enough once I adjust to where your heading
1/15 c64 1ptyre
do you plan to advance to underworld Timeline? I can wait about after effects of kazu have second childhood in underworld
1/7 c61 Calamity Bringer
please update the story
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