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for Yeah, that worked just wonderfully

4/28 c1 subzerowon
Kudos for the descriptive writing, but you might wanna ease up on the really long explanations. Its too much. Readers lose interest when the back knowledge goes on and on without moving on with the plot. It would be best to take some of the background history and insert it little by little during the story. That way your readers get the idea of what your wanting to explain without overwhelming them.

If I were you I would reread my work and take out some of the content that seems to say pretty much the same thing. Other than that, great work!
3/27 c8 2RavenWolf9212
I like this but I do see one thing that mite make others not want to read this, just saying that if it was little more like what you did with ramus part. more harry I take to some one and not all (I do not know what to call it LOL). if you do like this crossover? Have you read Walking Dead Wizard by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan AO3 I think is on this sit too. hope to see more soon!
3/19 c2 stylo1
he cant care for ppl anymore so ofc his deepest desire is to help others by becoming a docter which the creepy veil will help him with by giving him an college education
3/19 c1 stylo1
he signed a contract that would kill his friends if he breaks it? why not sign one that would kill voldemort?

you know all this drama and torture wouldnt be so bad you at least gave harry revenge but nooo like a good little martr he 'dies'. im honestly suprised you didnt make him go through killing voldy first and then having dumbledore turn on him.

this is... i lack the words to explain it, baffling comes the closest i guess
3/19 c1 stylo1
a whole lot of words saying nothing but the same over and over again, giving very little details so that you can do anything without question justifying it as something that was already 'said'

eyes turning grey, you are a real drama queen
3/14 c8 Kyr
Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.
3/6 c8 2Tarla2020
That was fun! I really enjoyed this story and would love to see it continued. Keep writing you are doing Great!
3/2 c8 Srta.PotterBlack
hi do you have a prediction of when you will update the fanfic?
2/18 c4 vincent.velasquez190
I can't wait till Harry figures out what his animagus form is, and as a bonus it could help him feel closer to his family.
2/17 c2 vincent.velasquez190
I wonder if Harry has an animagus form he got from his training. After all depending on what it is it could be very useful. (and I might have a soft spot for animal transformations)
2/17 c1 vincent.velasquez190
This sounds like a really interesting start! I can't wait to read where you go with this.

2/12 c8 4SimFlyer
Awesome Story. I cant wait for more. I am glad you are diverging from the main group and exploring the world, plus its a bonus that you are not having Harrys magic solve everything strait away.
2/5 c8 1jumping-jo
ohh remus revenge is so good, what a good story. really glad he didn't go with ricks group and hes doing whatever he wants - first kid found how awesome
2/5 c1 S
I really love all your stories
Keep up all the amazing work
2/5 c8 Terri Hooker
So, so happy that you saved Andre and Sophia. LOL, kinda wished that Daryl and Gleen went with him, the group would have deserved that, losing a doctor, their hunter (who they treat horribly), and their scavenger/stragiest (who they use). They would have deserved that.
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