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for Danganronpa: Revolution of Chaos

9/30 c22 Guest 5
Would Junko murder Nunnally once she is done with her partnership with Lelouch so that she would feed on his despair of losing Nunnally?
9/8 c21 bootlegwat
Here hoping that this fic won't be abandoned, perhaps this is your way of inducing despair to readers.
9/8 c22 bootlegwat
Just binged this fic, here hoping that it won't get abandoned tho
8/16 c22 zumzumzum
update update
7/4 c22 7GJH 28
Update this masterpiece
3/22 c22 4hnh058513
Do I see despair in Euphy's future
1/22 c22 Guest
Really like the story so far hope you continue this.
6/7/2019 c22 Guest
Please update the story please update with lelouch and Mukuro romance pairing
5/22/2019 c1 whiznoe
5/17/2019 c22 Guest
The best Code Geass fic I've ever read. You should have 10x more reviews, honestly. Shame this directory doesn't get much love.

Is this in indefinite hiatus or do you plan to finish it?
4/20/2019 c22 Caboose
Amazing update soon and with lelouch and Mukuro romance
4/4/2019 c22 Guest
Nice fic :3
2/10/2019 c22 Lordcarroty
Great story so far please continue making more chapters for Danganronpa: Revolution of Chaos?
1/13/2019 c22 arga101
Great chapter! Some of it was identical to canon, and I think it would be better if the stuff in canon is just minimized so you can focus on the new stuff. Speaking of which, seems every faction are getting upgrades towards the looming conflict ahead. Area 11 is surely a hectic place. Hope you well. Keep writing and Happy New Year!
1/12/2019 c22 1OBSERVER01
I really hope Euphy doesnt get too traumatized by Monokuma. And i personally would like it if nagitos luck always goes bad around C.C. :)
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