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4/21 c12 SaggyBalls
Oh, I forgot to complain that the chapter title had absolutely nothing to do with the content. Also quite disappointing.
4/21 c12 SaggyBalls
So, you just... stopped writing during the second task with no explanation and then filled the rest of the chapter with useless character background information. Well done. That was very unsatisfying.
1/6 c14 otakumick
Harry ought to anywhere but Hoggy, as should every muggleborn. Albus ought to be made well known in the muggle world as the evil mastermind Pantomime Merlin. Known best for hiding in the shadows and getting his own minions killed in futile and stupid gestures.
8/31/2021 c3 ChronoMitsurugi
I love this teacher. This story needs to happen.
6/14/2021 c15 114dogbertcarroll
7/4/2019 c9 Guest
I am the king of all penguinkind, and i demand that you aknowledge me!
11/8/2018 c15 fellow
Amusing concept - I might give it a shot if I think of a character I like to do so. :)
11/8/2018 c15 Guest
Shirou, not Shiro
(unless you put the squiggle over the 'o')
11/8/2018 c15 Bucio
Please do Vegeta Potter or Obito Potter, would be funny to see how they change the timeline (Vegeta would be fine with Hermione as his Bulma, and Ron as his Kakarotto - Goku coming along too with his best friend-nemy -; and how much chaos would made Obito, to try to made the things at the Uchiha way - ), btw, of one of the last options, "Her" plus massive destruction, by chance, she it's not Lina Inverse?

And again with Dragon Ball, what about Goku, how he would do it, as Harry Potter?.

Good luck and keep it up.
11/8/2018 c15 Uldihaa
Vegeta... ~smirk~ At least the height restriction wouldn't be a problem.
11/8/2018 c15 Armiture
*snerk* A youthed James Howlett (Wolverine's birth name) who wants a childhood that he can remember and is willing to trade his adamantium upgrades for magic so long as he keeps his mutation. Let hilarity and mayhem ensue.
11/8/2018 c14 Armiture
Wow, this idea is really really good and I hope that one day you will flesh it out into a story.
11/8/2018 c15 11Prustan
Hmmmm, would the second to last one be Nanoha Takamachi, or Lina Inverse? Miss 'You will be Befriended', or the Dragon Spooker. Not sure who would cause greater chaos to the standard Harry Potter world.
10/1/2018 c9 cyclone1969
Snape- The Batman Theme Song "Adam West Era one"
Albus - The Imperial March "Star Wars"
Filch - Adams Family "Classic"
Flitwick - Ompahlompah Song "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Cause he would prob play into it as he just seems the type to laugh at himself most of the time
7/9/2018 c14 creativesm75
I like it
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