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8/19/2017 c3 MrBlue987
just a small error "an yellow mask..." - "a yellow mask..."
7/30/2017 c3 1Night-Wolf Pack
Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/17/2017 c3 SlenderCreeperWolf
Hey what about chronicles of naruto and hanabi? Are you not gonna update that anymore?
5/31/2017 c3 Shadow the Dark Arcanine
I wonder who was crying when Naruto was attacked? we all know that the inhuman growl was from our favorite nine tailed Fox. and what about the Fox's gender? cause if I remember correctly that the Bijus can be any gender they want to be. the Fox probably preferred to be the same gender as it's jailer. but will the Fox be a guy or a girl, and what role will the Fox fulfill? depending on it's gender, a father figure,mother figure, brother figure, sister figure, friend, teacher, lover, or something else?
5/28/2017 c3 thor94
interesting chapter.
ask if the self defense came from kyuubi or it was the shinigame modifications.
Bastard obito, i hope you plan naruto kill him without mercy in future.
5/28/2017 c3 5Mr.unknow
well this story is interesting, so i hope this would be update further in the future.
5/28/2017 c3 1Langas
Another amazing chapter. I'm glad that i'm reading this story :)
5/28/2017 c3 2Phantomsoul2015
Good job and I agree with you on the genjustu thing
5/28/2017 c3 22SaltyCandy
I believe the chapter is already good as it is now. I really enjoy how well you knew these characters enough for them to not be OOC. I've already forgotten a lot about this anime because of long it's been aired and I was watching it ever since I was way younger, so I often get the characters ooc when I write haha. So, yeah. Another satisfying chappie!
5/28/2017 c3 Noahendless
Awesome chapter. Also small-ish request, can you somehow make Naruto a redhead in this story? It just never seemed logical for Naruto to be blond, in the Narutoverse DNA is clearly a factor in heredity like kekkei genkais for example, and is fairly well understood and red hair is dominant over blond though both are recessive genes (so his parents were carriers of two blond genes and two red genes respectively) which means Naruto should logically have either a mix of the two (e.g. Orange hair like Yahiko) or just pure red hair. I don't know... maybe I'm over analyzing it but it just bothers me.
5/27/2017 c3 Reader of Harry Potter
5/19/2017 c2 SaltyCandy
Enjoying the chapter so far.. I wonder how different things will be here.. Keep it up!
5/13/2017 c2 Link0011
Was kinda hoping he'd be raised by Jiraiya.

So far I'm enjoying the story.

How often will you update?
5/12/2017 c2 1Langas
Great chapter. I can't wait when Naruto will grew up
5/12/2017 c1 rperodin
1. Like the start of this story and prefer a lite chapter as long as all the points get across over one that's too wordy.

2. All stories should have a beginning, a middle & an end. Please prioritize completing the story over extending its length. And...

3. Maybe you shouldn't mention your location; higher ups may not like it.

I look forward to seeing more of this story and thank you for your efforts.
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