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9/5 c16 TooLazyToLogin
It saddens me to see that this work and others will never be completed due to your life becoming more busy, but hey, that's life. It was nice reading your works over the years, and I'm sorry for only writing this now. It's been a great ride. I wish you and anyone whose reading this well.

A man TooLazyToLogin.
3/6 c11 1Mnr. Boeloe
Isn't Jaune literally 13 in this ō_ō
3/6 c12 Mnr. Boeloe
Isn’t Jaune literally 13 in this ō_ō
10/21/2022 c16 8Xyrothor
well, things happen I guess. this story was good, not many holes and the grammar was good. this one was one of the better transformers fanfiction I've read but I didn't read that much of them to be completely honest. thanks for the last chapter and the roadmap of what would happen in the future, it was somewhat of a closure. A really good work, even if killed way too early.
7/20/2022 c16 Resurrection99
dope af sucks it's dead
5/6/2022 c16 4Monster King
Awesome work
5/6/2022 c16 freddy.lane.1
No problem dude, while im sad the story isn't going to be finished its more important to focus on what you actually enjoy doing. So good luck out there dude, and hope things turn out well for you
5/5/2022 c16 1Warden of Eternity
It’s always a sad day when I have to add another entry to the list of ‘Greatest Stories Never Told’. But I understand where you’re coming from. Writing stories like this should should never have to feel like a burden or obligation, and I’d rather see the story die than know it was being written by someone who wasn’t enjoying it.

Best of luck for the future.
5/5/2022 c16 5Non-nonhuman
As sad as I am to see this go, this is always the best way to drop a story. So many fics are just dropped without any form of explanation and of the few that are given an official notice of cancelation, even fewer go the extra mile to give an outline of what was planned. So thanks, both for that and for writing this fic in the fist place.

I wish you luck in your future endevors.
5/5/2022 c16 MarauderPrime12
Damn good story
5/5/2022 c16 28Thebestoftherest
it sad to hear it end, why do all the good ones end before their time.
5/5/2022 c16 4Van the Rogue Soul Drinker
While it's sad to see this be discontinued, I am very grateful that add the notes of what would come later. I think that is the worst part of abandoned/discontinued stories. being unable to see what happens next or even just where things were going, especially those authors that love their cliffhangers. Still very happy you gave your fans the closer and i wish you good fortune and health. I am eager to see what you do in the future regardless.
5/5/2022 c16 WanderingTales
I believe B would have been great for anything semi long term, but A to kinda wrap up rather quickly (maybe at one point Arcee making warp back using the bridge in “The nick of time moment”

I am rather found of the human/android bodies given to the transformers, it’s unique more so method wise. (Wonder if instead they can scan Penny and use that as a 3rd/compressed form.)

Though this (I know you said it wouldn’t happen) could lead to subtle or more likely implied shipping not-really-shipping and the actual shipping could be with penny (likely) or with someone else (Pyrrha could make a return with cybernetic enhancements)

Any rambling aside, thank you for the work showed us and the work and thought you put into it. While it is a let down, but reading the summary is… cathartic in a way.

It’s exciting what could have been, but all the same it’s inspiring as an odd way of bouncing ideas/storyboarding/extrapolating things.

All in all I’ve enjoyed each of your stories from the first to the latest. I just don’t leave reviews so often or at all.
5/5/2022 c16 1axel100
When I first started reading this, the story was engaging. You had RC in the "fish out of water" roll having to adapt to new surroundings. She is cut off, isolated, and has to make due with the resources and allies she has on hand. For those of us who love the classics, it was not unlike the Gen 1 episode, "A Connecticut Decepticon in King Arthurs Court". You had RC meet up with Juane and set the stage for a simple yet fairly compelling narrative. And then you started piling on more characters, basically recreating the whole Transformers War moves to another planet concept that we have seen in nearly every iteration of this show. What can I say. It gets repeated because it works. However, I think it blew up the scope of your story but what you were prepared to follow through on. You had a manageable "A Boy and his Transforming Motorcycle story". With fewer moving parts, its a narrative that could have been wrapped up more quickly. You went the conventional and ambitious route and now here we are with a work that won't ever be finished.
5/5/2022 c16 11ENDDRAGON369
I would have liked option B and for Arcee and Jaune to be shipped, but hey whatcha gonna do.
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