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3/20 c1 1Verdauga
Oho? Interesting.
9/24/2023 c5 Meepmorp04
You know? I actually kinda figured it was Obito but im typically not one to comment.
8/14/2023 c39 GloGang214
obito is still confusing. first he and itachi kills the clan and before that he gets minato and kushina killed. but now he's helping? was it someone else that released the kyuubi in the au?
8/14/2023 c27 GloGang214
so jiraiya had a nose bleed from looking at underage boys in women's clothes? wtf
8/14/2023 c24 GloGang214
100 percent ryoko or obito sealed her eyes for Masaru in the future.
8/14/2023 c20 GloGang214
so obito is on their side but he Still released the nine tails and got his sensei and his wife killed.
4/3/2023 c65 8Blu3b3rryT3a
Finally made it!
Also, called it on Pakura- you tend to allude to things by bringing up certain people early on or glossing over them but bring them back later! Pakura is a badass from what we saw in the Fourth Great Shinobi War and she seems to be a steady, calm person! Kokoro seems cute too!
Huh, I kinda wonder if Hinata/Akari/Karin are gonna form an all kunoichi team- obviously, they will be disguised but it would still be fun!
Obito seems steadier- is it because he had Ryoko, no matter how messed up she was, as an early/positive influence? He is geared more towards helping in a comical and slightly terrifying way (RIP Kakashi and Sakura).
Tsunade knows things about Obito/Akari~! Did he pass any information to her when she was trying to beat his ass into the ground?
Also, a genjutsu focus for Masaru will be intriguing- being able to cast them without the Sharingan would be a major plus and helpful since he won't need to make eye contact in that case. Small things like throwing off an enemies' depth perception or making them think he's five inches to the left of where he actually is would be super helpful but subtle in the long run.
Best of luck!
1/26/2023 c11 Zerufuke
how the hell does sakura know about anbu for fucks sake
1/6/2023 c3 Pineapple
The story feels very “I’m not like other stories.” It feels like you stop in every paragraph to remind us that the twins aren’t amazing powerhouses, you can’t become instant friends with Naruto, and plenty of others things. It gets tiring. Being reminded multiple times over that to protagonist’s (protagonists?) are not perfect is irritating. It should already be known that everything won’t be easy.

There should not be a repeated “they didn’t instantly become friends,” “the punch was thrown wrong but they act like adults and immediately knew what was meant,” and “she can convince the whole grade to change with one comment.” The whole scaring off the fans girls felt like you were showing off but then downplaying it as not being too good. Sasuke didn’t even question the weird flirting and taunting— he just invites her and her brother over. There are a lot of clashing things going on.
11/20/2022 c8 VG00
Este capitulo me dolió mucho...
7/26/2022 c65 PinkFlower2
This fanfiction is so good and interesting! It’s definitely worth waiting for more! I look forward to eventually reading part 2!
7/26/2022 c64 PinkFlower2
Nooo an eavesdropper!
7/26/2022 c55 PinkFlower2
7/26/2022 c24 PinkFlower2
Awww the hug !
7/13/2022 c62 1NightFyl
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