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for On the Road to Despair (SYOC closed)

6/29/2023 c15 55WolfieRed23
Awww, it was Kazuki! Goodbye, my fellow flautist, you will be missed!
6/23/2023 c14 WolfieRed23
Hmmm. Interesting so far. I’m spinning some theories around in my mind, but not any that are concrete enough to be worth sharing. I like that you’re having multiple people use the protagonist mini games, it’s a very fun edition.
6/22/2023 c13 WolfieRed23
Oh god, Akihiko’s past…that was…so much. I don’t even know how to describe what I’m feeling, but god the complexities of characters. I don’t have a theory yet but I think reading through the trial will help me come up with a solid theory. I’m going into this with the resolve to keep thinking until the end, even if I’m wrong!
6/15/2023 c39 12Winter Lazuli
Right off the bat, I love the timing that both my overdue review and this update had with each other!

Now to break my self-imposed rule of not focusing on her: I’m excited that Kai finally got a hangout! I love what you did with her story (what she’s shared so far); when I wrote her initially, I didn’t feel like I had time to really analyze her character and do her justice. I had simply thought “what if I made a character who isn’t notably tragic or humorous right off the bat, just someone who seems to have an unremarkable background compared to all these other people around her?” It feels great to see that fleshed out and I’m honestly glad that it goes into the dark side of being in an industry that relies heavily on appearances and commitment, not to mention how she was actively trying to break out of her self-destructive lifestyle, and even while in the killing game she can recognize herself relapsing and trying to get help for it.

So it’s an attempted jailbreak! I’m scared for how this’ll go; I get the feeling that not everyone will make it to the end of the attempt alive, whether it’s on the other side of the castle walls or back inside them.

I’m excited to see how this continues! I’m staying with this story till the end!
6/14/2023 c38 Winter Lazuli
It’s been a while since this chapter came out, and I’m finally able to leave a review! First off, I’m sorry this one’s so late; school buried me big time. But I’m finally free now!

A good bunch of stuff happened here, and I’m glad to see Fitzgerald back! Guy lost an arm… but hey, at least he’s alive!

Bianca Grimm… for personal reasons, I’m watching her. Not because I think she’s a villain or something! I think there’s still room for her to interact more before I make a decision on how I see her.

Kai, Kai, Kai… whatcha doing, dear? I’m worried for her…
11/24/2022 c4 2SilverMark16
Well then! Inu might certainly get along with Inori due to shared talent connections me thinks :0 He also seems pretty cool and damaged in more ways than one.

Jelly juice of doom get!

Jelly juice of doom used!... On Ashley! Who I have to say seems pretty interesting! But I think I'm a little more interested in Minako Yuza, who definitely gives me big Angie Yonaga vibes. Mother Earth is her Atua but maybe she won't force her religion on anyone else... right?

Akihiko seems nice too. Jelly juice of doom also used... on Akihiko! He seems to be very polite and I feel like I might like him out of courtesy cause I like polite guy characters '
10/27/2022 c38 15WellTemperedClavier2
Quite a nice mechanical arm that Fitzgerald's obtained!

So those of us familiar with Danganronpa know that Bianca Grimm is being at least mostly truthful in regards to the state of the world. It's a lot to take in, so I'm not surprised that the survivors are suspicious (especially after all they've been through). At the same time, I'm inclined to suspect that Bianca has her own agenda to at least some degree, which may or may not tie in with one of Monokuma's.

At this point, it might even be better for the survivors to not entirely believe Bianca's story. Knowing the real state of the world outside might well plunge them into despair, and they need to keep clear heads for at least a while longer.

The social situation is pretty frayed. The survivors are few enough that they have to work together, but they also have to figure out some way to handle untrustworthy types like Yume and Hijiri. Simply cutting them off isn't really an option given the situation. It also puts more challenge on future trials, since those two are likely to be suspected simply for their earlier actions.

It was suspicious for Kai to be hovering outside of Rin's room like that. Though I will say that Fitzgerald and Minako should have anticipated the commotion would draw attention. Given that they all have pretty reasonable fears of being murdered, any yells of pain would be bound to bring people in to investigate.

Also, I may have mentioned this before, but you do quite a good job of giving each character a distinct voice.
10/20/2022 c38 5Thoth.aKhronos
Wow a chapter of revelations. I did not expect anything that happened this time except for the treatment of Yume after his deeds were brought to light. I don't know if I still fully trust this new character and I feel that even Fitzgerald, as much as I love his character, isn't trustworthy. He was gone for two days so who knows what he was subjected to. And seeing the supposed advanced tech that the bear has, I wonder if this is even the same Fitz and not some... robot doppelgänger. Maybe that's a bit outlandish, but what if he is brainwashed or something? I'm not sure, but I feel like going forward there are two, now three, people to keep an eye on. Despite not trusting Bianca, I do feel she was truthful in some of her reportings, though I have to wonder if the doom and gloom report is completely accurate or if it was embellished to instill a feeling of hopelessness and despair in the students. After all, why strive for excellence and good if the world outside has already fallen apart?
10/16/2022 c3 2SilverMark16
Another great chapter and another group of 4 introduced!

Scott Fitzgerald is pretty cool and interesting, but one thing I don’t get is why he trusts Amelia with the information about Hagakure. They are strangers too so maybe there is something he knows about Amelia -.-

The great El Viento, Ruzia! Yeah she’s definitely up there for too favorite characters, next to Rin thus far :D She’s just so into it that it’s pretty much great diversity!

I’m not too sure about Kazuki just yet but Inori on the other hand seems to have a really sad life D: I can’t imagine how this game might end with her but multiple scenarios have popped in my head telling me that she’s not living DX
10/16/2022 c2 SilverMark16
As I said the previous chapter, your writing style is amazing :D The dialogue between the characters seem very high-level as well!

I think I’m gonna like Yume (if that is your real name -.-), Rin, and Hijiri. Though for who I like the most between the four introduced…

I think Rin takes the cake. Hijiri and Yume might be close seconds :D

(Also, Rin and Jared need to meet up and square off as the Ultimate Police Officers ;D)
10/12/2022 c1 SilverMark16
This is a great start! I think what sells me the most is your writing style because good lord, it's impeccable :D

I sense you might a classical musician or someone who appreciates classical music in general cause titling this as a prelude and you showing a lot of understanding when it comes to describing the music of the dance was very well-done.

Speaking of descriptions, you are very good with those- God. Your writing style is so good, and I can't wait to see who the characters are and what will transpire! :D
8/14/2022 c12 55WolfieRed23
I completely understand what you mean by investigations being difficult to write. Every clue feels way too obvious cause you already know the answer, but nobody else does. It’s interesting to see everyone getting involved and how they handle the investigation, I love that everyone is adding truth bullets and it’s not just stuff Amelda personally investigated, even as he is investigating everything so the readers have all the info to conceivably solve it. I’m still not his biggest fan, given his treatment of Minako and how harsh it comes off, but I can understand why he cut her off. But the way he did it bugs me, or maybe I’m just too sensitive who knows. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store, though I have no clue yet who did this. Poor Akihiko…
5/21/2022 c11 WolfieRed23
Oh no, Akihiko! I liked him, awww! And poor Minako! But also, yikes, the group is fracturing quite quickly. And honestly, I’m still iffy on Amelda, just…I dunno, man. I have to disagree with what he said about Batman getting worse once Robin showed up, I love the Batfamily, do not talk about my boy Dick Grayson like that, thank you!
5/20/2022 c10 WolfieRed23
I’m a bit slow this time, but back again now! I’m a bit concerned about Yume thanks to that hope of his, who knows what anyone would do if it meant saving all the hostages? Rin is also…yeah. Interesting. And I caught that Hannibal reference quite easily lol. But this chapter also proves I was right not to fully trust Amelda, even as the protagonist, cause yikes that was…yeah. Welp, onward and probably downward as they say!
5/17/2022 c9 WolfieRed23
What an interesting motive! And of course, the drill plan did not work out well. Though the fact that one person was not included in the motive, and Fitzgerald specifically claims to have nobody, is suspicious. Hmm…what else going forward, shall we see.
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