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7/18/2018 c4 101MonkeyPajamas
I haven't yet gotten close to catching up on your fic reviews. And this is less stressful than GD (which I know is weird, but good things can cause stress and so I need to eliminate stress, even if it's good things, and I know you understand but I still feel bad), but anyway, I figured I could try and get a fanfic review, and since I only had 1 chapter left of this one, this is a good place to start.

2.19. Jane and Kurt's almost kiss. None of that stupid plot stuff that followed. Just cuteness. Also, i almost typed kutness, which I feel is Kurt-Cuteness, so clearly that's a thing now.

That much is obvious. I'm glad they figured that out sooner rather than later.

They are so cute.

Uh, Kurt... crashing on the couch isn't an option. (Except... well I would say in my fics, but I don't know if I ever wrote it, but I have thought about making them sleep separately multiple times, and they do of course in mine)

Bawhahaha, I was thinking, oh no, they didn't take it slow in the show. Not once they were in the same room. It was all black out sex at this point.

Hahaha, she could stomach the idea of Allie, but then thinking of Nas made her physically sick

I love them waking up together. Its happy.

And now I'll go write my story where they are apart and in pain.
12/22/2017 c3 MonkeyPajamas
Guess what. Jeller are happy.

Okay, now for the rest of the review. I mean they're happy here too. But isn't it even better knowing they're happy. Especially before whatever they throw at us tonight.

Oooh nice call back between walking to the door alone and what happened after 1.10 kiss

Ah back when we thought Kurt and Roman could have a chance of respect. Nope. That's long gone. Although I guess that's what happens when your brother chooses terrorist over FBI and then tattoos your body again without consent and all that jazz.

Yeah, a "good night" Yep, I'd say so.

Let's hope they get lots more drinks to erase that painful 1.23 memory from their mind.

I love it. I'm just reading it and smiling. And remembering ... S1 seemed so simple and then S2 was so complex. Now S2 is like so simple and S3 is so complex. This show just builds so much. It's so interesting reading these stories because we know what's going to happen. But I love reading about how it all seemed. Back when Roman had a chance to be good. Back when their relationship was still so new. All that stuff.

"Jane" And how Kurt says her name. I'm obsessed. Just putting that out there.

And how Kurt makes her relax and it's so sweet. I love those two. I can't even say anything and I can't quote the entire story, but it's so sweet and so tender and so loving.

When she says she hates the idea of him leaving, I just had a flashback to 1.01 when she says "You're leaving" when he drops her off at the safe house and then I liked that thought so... good job.

AND HE KNOWS. And he'll come back even though it isn't until the next chapter.

I really love these little blasts from the past, and it doesn't hurt that this is one of my favorite episodes. I can't stop smiling right now.
12/14/2017 c2 MonkeyPajamas
It's almost strange to be going back to 2.19. I love that episode. I love that almost kiss. I really love everything Jeller about that episode. (And that includes this story). So yes, I'll enjoy this review. Even if all I do is excessive heart eyes.

"they'd had a whole conversation without saying a word."

"This is perfect" and it's not a dream. I mean, I know it's fanfic, but considering how much TP I read, I love that this is a this is perfect and not a dream.

"immediately winding his arms around her waist" I don't need more than that. More heart eyes.

Kurt Weller when he admits he in love with Jane - does some very un Kurt Weller like behavior. (I'm still not used to it)

They're where it all began! That makes me so happy.

And they got empanadas. Ah, memories. Even though I didn't eat them.

Her heart is feeling full, oh I love it.
And then the benches. Oh yes.

I love all these Blindspot Adventure memories!

Kurt wishes he was there that night, just because she was so vulnerable then, and he wanted to protect her even before he knew her.

And they plan a date and I love it and it's all smiles.
7/5/2017 c4 MaqiCorbalan
I loved it. Really. Good work.
6/29/2017 c4 takiraa
thanks for writing such an interesting story starting with that bar scene, i enjoy your take on their internal thoughts and how they feel about everything that happened. cheers, k
6/21/2017 c4 5Chris.JC
Thanks once again for another Jeller fiction. Very well written and following through to a logica' finishing point.
5/23/2017 c4 11Bamboloccia
IT'S 4 AM BUT I DON'T CARE... AHHHHHH! GREAT JOB! I loved how they finally feel comfortable with each other. They just want to be close to each other... BECAUSE IT'S TRUE LOVE! Gaaahhh! ;D
I loved how you ended it too!

... The one that made everything else seem unimportant, had gone right. This.

Gah... I'll go die in peace! :D
5/23/2017 c3 Bamboloccia
Ok... So this was angsty... But, I love angsty :D I really was super sad during all the Roman parts. I will miss Jane and Roman's relationship more than I could ever express in words. I really like how the emotions of the characters were addressed. I really feel that we didn't get any talking or any emotional scenes between Jeller, and I really feel that it was needed. I wished that they somehow addressed it.

Now Kurt go walk back into Jane's arms.
The end :D
5/17/2017 c3 chicoengizza
Great story! I cannot wait for the next chapter
5/14/2017 c4 6Hazmatt
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
5/12/2017 c2 Daniela
Who got a little time on her break to read fix? This girl! I apologize for being the slowest reader known to man... But I loved this chapter! It hit the spot just like the empanadas:) and this line.. "So it's not because I was naked?" she asked with a grin, at which he rolled his eyes at her. ... was brilliant!
5/9/2017 c4 Guest
Wow! What an ending! Well done and beautifully written as always! I love that kurt came back to her and how close they were! Great work, can't wait to see what idea you come up with next!
5/11/2017 c4 1BlueTigress
fantastic ending ! soooo glad that he came back!
5/9/2017 c4 17Scousedancer
Beautiful, beautiful story! I've just read chapters 2-4 & thoroughly enjoyed every word. The way they were finally able to confront the hellish memories of him arresting her and move past it, to savour the feeling of just being together, holding each other - perfect! Loved the moments they spent in Times Square together too, so gorgeous!
5/9/2017 c4 GayleLynn
I absolutely loved the story we can only hope great
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