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5/8/2017 c4 20lshd
I was just feeling desperate that there was nothing new about the renewal or the next episode and along you came to make it all better! Yeah! Thanks for making the wait bearable...can't wait for you next new inspiration. You're awesome. :)
5/8/2017 c4 Spiigrl
Wow, just Wow. Thanks.
5/8/2017 c4 21Vilian
I don't really mind how you keep on getting these two together - it's always so sweet, so perfect, that just please keep these fics coming :) We won't get anything even remotely resembling such closeness in the actual series anyway :P Thanks for the great read!
5/7/2017 c4 Anna
Please, write one more chapter. The morning after, when Roman is waking Jane up to tell her that she should be getting up not to make Weller be angry at her being late and Weller emerging from the bathroom to tell him not to worry about that. And maybe a shared laughter of Roman and Kurt over Jane’s embarrassment.
5/7/2017 c4 LucindaG
Yet another beautifully written story. From the time I stumbled upon The Aftermath last year, I've been drawn to your work simply because I think you "get it" with Jane and Kurt. You capture the true essence of them, writing them with such emotion; the prevailing theme throughout being their undying love for one another despite all obstacles. I hope you continue to love writing their journey, because I will NEVER tire of reading about them through your eyes.
5/7/2017 c4 lipamo
i am smiling so hard now - with this chapter and this beautifuly, heart-written, blissfully morning it's no wonder i feel like i am in blindspot-heaven. but also your end-note reflected everything i thought and hope - you are REALLY making me happy. can't thank you enough for EVERY WORD you write. please feel hugely appreciated and take care
5/7/2017 c3 lipamo
wow i have never seen a panic attack written that beautifully. so deep, so profound - i love the way you write
5/7/2017 c2 lipamo
aaawesome! this is so good so beautiful and pure joy for me. thanks again so much!
5/7/2017 c1 lipamo
Yooouuuu don't know how happy you're making be with this - I'm over the moon here! I have such a giddy feeling in my stomach - it is wonderful. You are the perfect writer really. because this is preatty much as I would have wrote it. thank you soo much i love t dearly!
5/7/2017 c4 13gypsyscarfwoman
This was so sweet. Uggghhh, I know we're only to get angst and trauma this week, but I want this instead!
5/6/2017 c1 11Bamboloccia
Well, I just finished the first chapter. I am little behind everyone else, but I loved the first chapter. It was so sweet - and you have got to love Patterson. Oh, I love her so! The Jeller was so good in this, and I loved how we could get an insight on how they were feeling...I love those types of things. So great! Will be reading more... Just will go and favorite this story now :D

5/6/2017 c3 Elislin
I love how sweet and caring and lovely they are with each other... wonderful!
5/6/2017 c3 Spiigrl
As usual Terp, you never disappoint. Wow, Wow, this is sooooo good. Can't wait for more. Thanks.
5/6/2017 c3 Renee
Can't wait to read the next chapter ? Did Kurt go back in and stay the night holding each other in confront as they slept.
5/5/2017 c3 Annie
this is wonderful...what is she going to do that he has to think back on...can hardly wait for next chapter
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