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5/5/2017 c2 Guest
Another fabulous chapter! Your writing is out of this world! You really make this couple shine in a very unique and special way!
5/6/2017 c3 LucindaG
No worries, I check for updates on a daily basis :)
Turn around, Kurt, she needs you now more than ever, and you know it!
Wow, the painful memories/emotions this evoked on a Saturday morning! It reminded me why I haven't watched the S1 finale since it aired...who knows what torment MG has in store for us this time around...just when Jane and Kurt are getting to a better place, all hell will break loose. Sighs.
Thank you for writing with such heartfelt emotion, I can honestly feel their pain. Loved it even though it made me want to cry...
5/6/2017 c3 21Vilian
Indeed I had no notice on Chapter 3 coming out - glad I spotted it on my own, because it's a good one, albeit mighty painful. Can't wait what's next - keep these coming, please!
5/3/2017 c2 20lshd
I loved it. I still have a happy sappy smile on my face. Thanks for sharing it!
5/3/2017 c2 bookishgirl-love
The sight of them walking down the street holding hands is doing things to me. I'M NOT SMILING LIKE A DORK.
And they're bumping shoulders! So cute! STAAAAHP IIIITTTT WHY YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE?
Ahahaha fun fact: as a non native speaker, the word 'littered' is only strongly related in my mind to trash, so when you were talking about the street littered... I was 'whaaattttt I dont care about the trash give me Jeller'. Sorry, completely off topic, but it seemed funny
Come ooon, kids. Maybe you don't want to admit it, but your first date was 109. Let's be honest.
I for one, would never have taken Kurt as one to be ok with pda's. Guess that guy falls in love and surprises everybody haha
I agree. Food can totally wait. Don't listen to that random voice, kids. They're just jealous because you get a ship name and they with their random s/o don't. Meh, awful people, trying to jellerupt once again.

MY BABYYYYYYYYYYYY. You won't lose each other. Not this time. No no no. I will personally storm the writers room if they want to make that happen YET AGAIN.
Can I just say I LOVE how you have a little universe of your own with all your fics and the references and all. And I feel so proud that I'm able to catch the references because I read all of yours at least twice. Except for the one when she's in jail. I read it just once. Because it makes me sad for a while :(
Now I want empanadas. Maybe I'll have some tonight!
Hahaha I love the not work related capacity about Jane's bird tatoo.
You're right, Kurt. 5 minutes won't be enough, but you'll get a LIFE together. Remember. Your fates are forever intertwined now.
I've already said it, but I'll say it again. I like the voice inside Jane's head. I want to have one of those, do you know where I can get one?
Kudos for the euphemism, Jane. You'd have made a great diplomat.
Isn't the fact that they're eating empanadas well inside each other's personal space particularly cute?
You know what bugs me? I want her to tell him about the Emma thing. I feel the longer she keeps it back, the more it will come out and generate a horrible situation. Not talking about this particular fic here, but about the show in general.
YES JANE, listen to the voice in your head. Listen to it. It's right.
OOOHHHH really. I love your flirty Jeller. Love love love it.
Yes, Jane. Call him next time. That way you can sit for a whole night at Times Square but have someone by your side.
Ok. The both of them in the cab holding hands situation. I love it. I love them. Your fics give me all the feels.
Thanks for this!
5/1/2017 c1 1Clementine20
I really like your chapter !
I hope to read an other chapter when you can update...
5/1/2017 c1 101MonkeyPajamas
First of all, willpower is so overrated. Why did I wait 13 hours after this was posted to read it. Well, we both know why.

But then again, I shouldn't have waited. Because honestly, these first few paragraphs were exactly what I was trying to write (and struggling with immensely) and you really did it SO perfectly. Like as I was reading this yesterday, I was just thinking how perfectly you described and captured that scene in the bar. I couldn't believe how perfect it was.

"He suddenly looked so serious" Yes! That tonal shift. Right then, it changed. He had been joking, about how he never prevented Jane from going out in the field, and yet, then, he changed.

"She swore she felt like he'd slowly moved closer to her, both of them bathed in the warm glow of the small candles"
Man how do you manage to make that scene even better. Seriously. Just, I thought it was perfect and already yours is proving a million times better (I mean, we know what happens NEXT is better, but I'm just sticking with the facts as presented in the show)

"and her heart began beating faster"

"The more he spoke, the less real it all seemed."
THIS IS PERFECT - you know that right?

"This was something she'd never even let herself imagine. It was more in line with some of the dreams she'd had, the ones that were so painful to wake up from because she felt an aching loss every time she realized that they hadn't been real."
I'm getting tired of saying perfect so, excellent, amazing, ideal, splendid.

I can't believe. Okay, like I know I said this already even this review, but it's just what I am so amazed at how you took that scene which was already so perfect, and made it better. This was everything I could ever even hope to write about this scene. It's beautiful and, beyond compare (ooh, that's a good one. Thanks thesaurus dot com)

"It was hard to remember to breathe" I think this is so obvious from her reactions. Like, watching Jane in that scene you can totally see that she's holding her breath there.

And then Patterson came. And it was just as shocking of a transition in this story as there. Man, I feel it every time. Like, WHAT HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, DARN YOU PATTERSON

I had to take a moment after reading that section. It was SO much and so great that it felt hard to just move on. Even though I KNOW what’s coming and I know I need to read that. But brilliantly done just with the first few paragraphs. I know that was just the show, but man, even if THAT was all you wrote, that alone would have been a perfect fic. I am in love with those paragraphs.
(So you can only imagine how much I'm in love with the rest of the story considering it only gets better!)

Also, since my idea is officially scrapped, I'll at least share the fact that in my story, they did kiss there, but obviously only for a second and still broke apart before Patterson/Zapata came back. However, most of that scene was written like "they kissed, something something something. something something something." And I'm not actually exaggerating, that's really what it said. So yeah.

"of course that wouldn't have been ideal either, but, dammit" I so laughed at this line.

And yes, this is where our stories greatly split (okay, also I KNOW there's a better word, but I so can't think of it right now). I had even been toying with the leaving out the kiss scene I mentioned and just starting it at this same moment. But my post episode thoughts was SO different than what you had happen. I like yours better.

"Of course that look on his face, the one he only gets when he looks at you means something."
I'm in love with that line. I'm also in love with Kurt's Jane face. No offense to your writing, but I think I love Kurt's Jane face most of all.

PATTERSON KNOWS SOMETHING. Good. It's the least she can do after interrupting.
(Also, I had on the closed captioning because I wanted to make sure I caught every word, and for some reason, it attributes the interruption to Tasha, and I had to listen SO many times to make sure I wasn't going crazy, but it was definitely Patterson who interrupted)

"Did something happen between them?" Oh Patterson, if only you knew.

I think yes, that Weller was slightly more animated. Because that "awesome" at the end was SO not normal for Kurt, but was so fitting for how he was in that moment. So I like the idea that they went to extremes. Jane quiet, Weller animated.

You were so much nicer to Jeller in your fic than in mine. And mine was fluff also. You just allowed to get them there faster.

I am so in love with how you have Kurt react after Patterson drags Tasha away. That is perfect Kurt. He's the one to take initiative again (just with how I think Jane still doesn't believe it almost happened), and the slightly joking/teasing. That is exactly what would have happened. And until Wednesday proves you wrong, it IS exactly what happened.

A smiling kiss! We need another one of those. I think that's why the kiss from 207 is just so happiness inducing. It’s a smiling kiss.

Oh Weller, it doesn't matter that you are in a bar. There is no one else in the world right now, just you and Jane.

But I do love that although we had the kiss at different moments, different situations, we both imagined the kiss the same type of way. Uncertain, tentative.

"The moment just felt ... right"

I'm just sitting here smiling. Picturing their smiles after they FINALLY kiss each other. Oh man, that was... it happened.

"That's better."

Hmm, Jane seems to remember what happened after their previous kisses. And I still hold the belief that something will happen. I mean I'm sorry there are just too many balls up in the air for it to go smoothly. BUT I do also believe that they are in a better place, and although Kurt will be upset (REALLY upset) when he finds out that Roman killed Emma Shaw, and will (rightly so) be upset that Jane hid that fact from him, I don't think it will be world ending. Because THEY are in such a better place. Their relationship is SO much better now this season. Season One was all this intensity and it was SO much all at once. This time, there are less secrets, but they also know each other better and its based in a better place.
And now I realize that entire thing had nothing to do with your story and is something I've texted you multiple times, so, moving on.

"We won't be waiting nearly that long" Out of all the things in this story, THAT is what I need to come true the most.

"That kiss ... wasn't something that had simply happened...No, this was something that he purposely wanted - more specifically that he wanted to keep happening."

And Kurt, bad time to mention this, but Shepherd now wants you dead. Not just in an it's okay if he dies sort of thing, more like, nope, we need to kill him. So, good luck with THAT.

"We know better than to think that this is something we can deny"
I'm in love with that line also.

"what do you need give more minutes for?"
"You're about to find out."

"Alright you two, break it up." Yep, even though only six words, that is so Patterson. I love this line also.

I'm very effusive in my love for this story.

"What's up guys?... as if they didn't know exactly what was happening between the pair across from them" Bawhahahaha

"Never seen Weller smile that broadly" Oh Patterson, that's Jane's smile. He'll be doing it a lot more now.

"Finally, thought Zapata" and the millions of Jeller fans.

Yes Weller, Patterson and Zapata were certainly able to keep themselves entertained while you were kissing Jane and it may have been too short for YOUR liking, well, they had no problem filling the time with alcohol.

Also, I love when any story mentions that OF course Reade and Zapata would have had a 'bet' on when Jane and Weller would hook up.

Nice and subtle: "You two going to hang out here?"

"My boss is a workaholic so my hours are crazy. Kurt through a wadded up napkin at her" This is just exactly what I need to see and exactly the dynamic that I love between them.


That kiss, where there was no rush, there was no one that was going to interrupt them because their friends was gone, they could just kiss and... OH MAN you killed me. Just, so happy and content imagining it.

Of course it's too good to be true. That's why it's fanfic. Because we could never actually get this blissful moment of happiness on the show. Sigh.

"I need a reason? How about... I felt like it" BAWHAHAHA. Although I also admit I heard it more in Sully's voice than Kurt's. But Kurt DOES need more of Sully's humor. But I totally heard his accent. Sorry Sully, his voice. Kurt's has his accent.

"the attraction was just too strong, especially now that there was no reason to fight it. He'd fought it far too long, after all."

"If you think that was something to be sorry for, then we need to discuss the meaning of sorry"

Happy sigh. Such a happy scene.
I may have to go rewatch the real scene just to remember that this comes afterwards.
4/30/2017 c1 Amydave29
The idea of jeller making out in a bar makes me giddy! And I didn't notice the first time I watched how she looked back at him when Tasha and Patterson came back. Excellent research! Glad there is at least one more chapter to hold me over until Wednesday!
4/30/2017 c1 Amina07
You're hoping we liked the deleted scene? Seriously? Martin Gero killed us with that scene (yeah he seems to enjoy doing this) and you just resurrected us! It was so well written, so Jeller, so Patterson and So Zappata. The only thing that bothers me for the future is how and when Jane will come clean about Emma's death. I know that now they're in a better place and more understanding, but still it's gonna hurt...
Anyway I loved that!
4/29/2017 c1 GuesT
awwwwww HOW AWESOME IS THAT! love it!
4/29/2017 c1 Guest
Can I just say i waiting for you to write a story about what didn't happen in that scene! I was so hoping you would write one and this morning I saw an update from you and I was thrilled! Fantastic job as always! So much better than what happened on the show! I needed the scene to go like this and I am so happy I got to read it here! Great job, happy that there is more to come!
4/29/2017 c1 Guest
Thanks for putting into words the very thoughts and images that were missing from that healing scene between two people who are custom made for each other! You have a talent for sensing and expressing the deeper emotions that most writers gloss over. As one who has been stalking your stories since the beginning of Blindspot, so glad you share your understanding of these characters with your readers. Prayers for many more seasons with the Blindspot family.
4/29/2017 c1 Annie
So, so good...beautiful chapter and so like those two...dodging the obvious!1!
4/29/2017 c1 gilmorefan1
Your Jeller stories hit me right in the feels & gotta say thank you for this it's perfect yet leaves me definitely wanting more. Just promise me it won't be ruined by the whole Emma thing I don't think my heart could handle that.

Ooh had a thought what if Jane returns to the safe house where Roman is waiting up and he sees the smile on Jane's face and asks what happened between her and Weller
4/29/2017 c1 5Chris.JC
Another lovely start to your latest story, these two are both too cute together. Looking forward to future updates.
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