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6/22 c45 Leozito83
Wish you would keep it up, it's a great story!
7/10/2021 c45 ICatoSicarius
I hope you still continue this fic.
11/25/2020 c11 Grannster10
this is really god
2/19/2020 c45 Guest
Good day to you. Not that it makes alot of difference but i have gretly enjoyed reading this story and i truly hope you will finish it. You are a great author and talented writer and i am looking forward to reading more of this story if and when you post more of it

5/30/2019 c27 IHateTorpedoes
Eeeeeehhhhhhhyyyyyyyy! RWBY!
5/3/2019 c44 hapyjohn
i got caught up great story the only issue i have is with lasguns shots "bouncing" its a laser unless it hits something reflective like say a mirror it does not bounce... it just heats the area and fizzles out...
other than that great story cant wait for it to continue...
4/1/2019 c44 4Lewsx
This is awesome! This has inspired me to start writing wh40k story now. Keep this up
3/11/2019 c44 American Social Democrat
The last chapter as of yet is the most tremendous mixture of humor, sadness, and familiarl bonds ever Emperor-damned written! Can’t wait for the next chapter after recently getting hooked to this story again! Also because of the ending of the latest chapter despite it being truly heartfelt has made me think of nothing but “BRUTHA!” Diomedes memes but Eldar versions of it.
3/4/2019 c44 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
Love that last chapter
11/29/2018 c44 ATP
Lofn - are we taking about doughter of Imperial assasin and Taldeer?
11/29/2018 c44 Akira-Hayama
Again, OOF. Big bro's spirit coming to see his sister off. At least he can finally rest in peace knowing his family has been reunited and his sister has been taking care of.
11/9/2018 c43 Akira-Hayama
That's a big OOF. What a way to meet the parents...
11/9/2018 c43 deleted user 262f636
OOF. this is gonna be interesting.
11/6/2018 c42 Lord Damon Darkfyre
Well thats a hell of a way to end a chapter! Keep up the great work. Faved and followed story
11/2/2018 c30 Akira-Hayama
I'm curious, but would Lofn be the daughter of Taldeer and LIIVI? Just got me thinking what Julius said about her heritage, and if it is, pretty cool of you to include that.
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