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for The Saving People Thing

7/29 c1 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Wow... this is.. lmfao

Good god this is crap
2/19 c7 6Yaw6113
Please write an epilogue to this story. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
9/27/2021 c7 40Concolor44
I absolutely, completely, and finally LOVED
of this story.

That was a REAL Harry, a Harry I could stand back-to-back with against all comers. A Harry with a plan. LOTS of plans. Good ones, too.

This was a masterpiece. Thank you so much!

This gets slammed into Favorites SO HARD! I wish there was a SuperFavorites category. At any rate, I'm adding it to the short list of Outstanding Tales on my Profile.

Thanks again!
9/14/2021 c1 Hsitirb
Tis nice you restored their virginities, hate the compulsion or potion shit cause it's literally just rape
4/16/2021 c1 19Lemon Bay
Who would bash Luna? She hasn’t done a single bad thing, both in canon and fanon. I agree with your decision.
4/7/2021 c7 K
Well, a very different Harry, and a very different storyline. I thought at first that I wouldn’t like it, but in fact I did.
3/9/2021 c7 ak
bonne fic!
1/3/2021 c7 TupanHD
Short but really good.
12/31/2020 c1 umm
..is this a parody fic?
12/31/2020 c1 A12e
Damn i wanted it to be luna bashing as well
12/31/2020 c7 Leafyeyes417
I have to make this review just to give my Kudos. You used a Riddick quote! It made my day when I saw it all nestled in your story so naturally. Riddick always makes me smile.

Thanks for the great story!
12/29/2020 c7 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
Your knowledge of history is, like I said, nonexistent. Russia is largely an Orthodox Christian country. That, my dear, means that they would never support the pope of Rome. I would strongly advise you to go back to school, as you clearly are quite uneducated.
12/29/2020 c5 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
Do you not mean queen Elizabeth? Queen Victoria died in 1901. Your knowledge of history is... appalingly nonexistent.
10/25/2020 c7 1Mewtwo-TheLoneShadow
Gotta say, well done. Greatly enjoyed this. XD
7/14/2020 c3 Sifo-Dyas
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