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8/6/2020 c1 IshgarDemon
BTW this is a no pointless story . its awrsome
8/6/2020 c1 IshgarDemon
This is really interesting...
I hope that you'll continue this story though because I really love it and still want to read some more of it. so please update more! aye sir!
6/19/2017 c1 2the-reionbu
To be honest, I don't think this story is seen to be pointless. It's got an interesting premise and idea, and the narration was skillfully weaved to a point where I was dragged into it. It really does bring something fresh to the table - yet it still manages to accomplish it within the confines of the canon universe, no Alternate Universe gimmick done here (don't get me wrong, I do love AUs, and this one amongst many others technically does count as one, it is clever in its delivery)

While I haven't had much of an experience with 'Groundhog Day Loop' scenarios, I'm always eager to welcome it. This scenario in particular does give off the feel of similar to achieving 100% in a video game, where Yui in this case is taking different actions in order to receive a different outcome. Only in this case Yui is forced to start her High School days all over again unwillingly.

I totally love the idea of In Medias Res - into the middle of things, where the story starts... well, into the middle of things. Yui already has experience with the whole ordeal, otherwise she'd be panicky and flailing all over the place that Azusa's now suddenly gone from her. She's kind of come to terms with it, and feels... numbed regarding the entire thing.

You said that this isn't meant to be a serious story, but your writing seems to say otherwise. Unless, you meant that this story isn't going to be super angsty or anything like that, in which case, fine by me. It doesn't seem right to have that tone, anyway.

Sometimes, brisk and sudden ideas are good ways to write something. Sparks of inspiration are how things are started. Otherwise, how are we able to get anywhere?

There are only a few errors here and there, but it's easily mitigated by a quick edit or two. Even so, it can be brushed aside, since it's nothing major or drastic. People tend to look over things like that all of the time while they're writing, and while they're proofreading. It happens.

Like I've said before, this story already looks very, very promising. It's got a fresh new idea to the table, and it abstains from a few concepts that are common within the K-On fanfic... er... fanbase. It's a brand new idea that I haven't seen in this community, and I'm sure others share the same sentiment that I have. The story helps paint Yui in a slightly different personality, where she's aware of what she's going through, but not enough for others to see that something's up with her.

If you do decide to continue this fic, you are going to find yourself with a handful of fans that are eager to expect more content from you. And, who knows? Maybe you might be another renowned author of the fandom in this time and age.
6/6/2017 c1 Guest
Take all my yes. I haven't read the manga yet, but I loved the anime. Time looping Yui is fucking Awesome.
5/19/2017 c1 321Captain Imagination

I like original ideas...

Maybe we'll see how Yui thinks of the other band members in the different loops she's been in?

Just a thought.

5/3/2017 c1 Lapisintheair
I love your idea so much.
This kind of story make me wanna solve out what in Yui's mind and what will happen to Nodoka when Yui want her best friend (or her girl friend) to be with her.
Also I looking for a ship between Yui and Nodoka too cause not much fic write about them.
Hope you work well.

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