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for Shards of Potential

2/14 c8 1Jimbocous
Nice one!
2/14 c8 Jostanos
Two words: "Oh Shards."
2/14 c8 SomeGuyFawkes
Very nicely reasoned and portrayed.
Snape was slightly OOC (in book 3 he was a raving menace at this point) but nothing too drastic.

Be even more fun if Harry actually remembered the prophecy he'd heard just a few hours before...
2/10 c2 AnthonyR89
interesting beginning. any chance of you continuing it at some point?
11/15/2020 c2 Guest
*Dolores, not Delores.
11/16/2020 c7 1Comosicus
Wow! This one hate simply radiates potential.

Thanks for sharing it with us!
11/9/2020 c7 Korisovra
I'd give me left nut to see this one finished lol
11/6/2020 c7 Lawbringer
This is a fantastic chapter and I REALLY hope you turn it into a full story!
11/2/2020 c6 vukovinik
Does anyone else have a problem with chapter 7 not showing. When i open at ch1 it shows at the top that there are 7 of them but it doesn't go to ch7
11/1/2020 c4 notYacob
I'd be very interested in reading a continuation of this.
11/1/2020 c7 3W Arcturus Black
This would be an amazing story
11/1/2020 c1 13Olaf74
The newest Chapter is not online...!
10/31/2020 c7 BlackWolf091
This was Insanely good I'll have you know. If half the stories in this Fandom were as well written as this I'd never run out of good reads. I hope you're inspired to come back to this soon, thank you for sharing it. Happy Halloween
10/31/2020 c6 Jostanos
Oh, James, if you only knew. If you only knew.
Lily's child? "Arawn" is not any Death Eater's son.. Oh no-no-no. James, prepare for a shock.
Why~? Because~.. James.. Lily's child? IS YOURS! She just wasn't aware that she was pregnant with him at the time of the oath etc etc! XD
2/12/2019 c3 Guestinator
I want this one to be continued badly. I always like a good Humanity F Yeah! stories along with someone or something starting off low and going to the top. This tickles my fancy a great deal.
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