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5/9/2017 c6 1NyeSnape
option C
5/7/2017 c6 Samfire1998
Nice story! I honestly think that Severus studying abroad is the best option. I don't think Eileen would want to have him go through the rest of his years in Hogwarts with former students of his and people who knew him as an adult and co-worker. Expesially when he doesn't even remember.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
5/7/2017 c6 ChibiSevvieRulz
How amusing that Harry Potter has started a ruckus. That's what he does best, after all, and never when it would benefit Severus. The surviving Order members would probably have paid the healers to let Severus die alone and in agony, since Harry had earlier identified Snape as Dumbledore's killer.

I'm with Eileen in that she's worried that Severus will never again be her son the way he used to be. He won't be, dear lady. He'll be better. He won't be looking over his shoulder all the time. He won't be called "Dirty Death Eater" and reviled and spat upon in the streets.

With luck, Severus will find a spouse to suit him, when he comes of age, not a fickle Princess who hold him to standards of conduct she, herself, cannot even attain. (Missy Evans, you make nice-nice with Mulciber and Rosier. Sure they hate your guts and would use them for fishing bait, but you must be the bigger person and forgive them.)

I hope you go with C - moving the Snape family abroad. Europe is nice, if you don't want to deal with writing about Ilvermorny. Or Eileen could make nice with some rich Prince relatives, move into a manor somewhere, and have Severus home schooled with tutors.
5/7/2017 c5 ChibiSevvieRulz
Lily lost my respect in that scene by the lake. Two Prefects on the scene and Severus gets pantsed, poisoned and concussed. His parents should've asked for their tuition money back or something.

That Severus thinks about Lily makes him human. I'm glad that he realizes that she betrayed him first. I hope he "gets over" her quickly, but I wonder what he's going to do for summer entertainment now.
5/7/2017 c4 ChibiSevvieRulz
So the magic made Severus 14. That would make him a third or fourth year student? Certainly earlier than fifth year, in which he and Lily fell out. But was it earlier than the werewolf incident?

Eileen and Tobias certainly seem like loving parents. I like that.
5/7/2017 c3 ChibiSevvieRulz
Wow, she de-aged him! No surprise it's a dark ritual. The Ministry wouldn't want people getting de-aged, oh no!

I always thought whatever Lily did to "protect" Harry must have been dark magic. Dumbledore was careful to pre-emptively declare it was "love" that saved Harry, and no doubt gave tales to the book writers to print, so no one looked into it any deeper.
5/6/2017 c2 ChibiSevvieRulz
Eileen knows best, here, in that the Wizarding World would just let Severus suffer and die, but Tobias has the great knock-out punch that distracted the Aurors enough so Elieen could fire off her stupify and then sleep spells. I chuckled that she would just obliviate bits of time from them and leave nothing in its place. They should be glad she didn't wipe their minds entirely!
5/6/2017 c1 ChibiSevvieRulz
Interesting take on the Snape family. Love that you have his parents both coherent adults instead of drunk, slovenly trash, the way most other authors have done it. Better still that they love Severus and are rushing to his aid.
5/6/2017 c6 Guest
A very different and interesting storyline, having both Severus' parents with him.
5/6/2017 c6 00
Goes abroad.
5/6/2017 c6 Guest
I home Severus come back memories
Option C
5/6/2017 c5 Maddie
How can you hate lily?
5/7/2017 c6 3Style1234
I would choose C, probably they go to the U.S.
5/7/2017 c6 15Lovania
Interesting story, i'm curious where it will lead. I personally think that going abroad would be logical but for the story a bit boring. Considering the ritual was dark i'd say the pretend he's a relative. Otherwise they may face legaslation.
Btw. As much as i don't like lily either, she did not cut off sev because he called her a bad name. She cut him off because in canon at the time he was already on his way to becoming a death eater. In the book that is hinted at in their quarrels from his memories. Just well... as said i don't exactly like her but i wanna be fair XD
Keep up the good writing and have fun, lov
5/7/2017 c6 2Azael-Ruthven
Hi, I love your fanfictionWhy not make Severus go tout Durmstrang while the Snapes stay in the UK ans make Severus take the world by storm
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