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for Parents of the Prince

5/6/2017 c6 29duj
I think that, if his parents are thinking about what's best for him, they'll go abroad.

(The news article has a some typos, for instance fazes for phases and portiet for portrait.)
5/6/2017 c6 risi
Interesting start. I like de-aged Snape stories, though I admit I always hate it when he loses his memories since it's a bit like losing the snarky Snape I love, besides all that potions and dark arts knowledge he worked so hard to attain will be gone. Maybe Harry will give him back his memories and some of it will return. Or not, it's your story after all. As for where will Snape go now I'm sort of torn between A and C. Maybe he will return to Hogwarts and later his parents will pull him out when too many can't forget his past. It will be fun to see what you decide.
5/4/2017 c4 Guest
One question, or request rather: please update soon, I find your story intriguing. Thank you!
5/3/2017 c4 Guest
Oh, Wow. I can't think much beyond that.
5/3/2017 c1 Guest
I hope Severus makes it. The Magical world is in for a shock in the form of his parents. I like the explanation in the notes, and I hope the Snapes read the riot act to several people.
5/4/2017 c4 Lorteck
Nice, so Sev lost his adult memories? Bet he'll be happy to hear of his tormentors no longer being at school and having a fresh start. I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing about his re-introduction to magical society and their reaction, if any. Will he pose as his younger brother, a cousin or someone else completely? No need to answer that here, as I'll just have to wait and read. Thanks for the great update.
5/4/2017 c3 Lorteck
This looks like a great story so far, and I'm interested in seeing how the wizarding world reacts to the new Snape.
5/4/2017 c3 PiffyEQ
Is Severus going to become the Prince heir? Maybe Eileen wasn't really disowned or Sev wasn't. It would be nice if they could have access to the Prince fortune and power. I think it would help give them added protection.
If I was them, I would leave the country and enroll Sev in a school there. No way should he even go to Hogwarts.
If they want to further hide his identity, will they consider changing his appearance slightly (fix his nose, teeth and hair), so that he isn't so recognizable?

I am looking forward to future updates!
5/4/2017 c1 PiffyEQ
I also thought Lily was a terrible friend. I think she used that incident as an excuse to be able to dump Sev's ass. I always hate how she is painted as this paragon of virtue.
5/4/2017 c4 PiffyEQ
I also hope that Harry clears Sev's name, the 'light' side wouldn't have been able to win without him.
5/4/2017 c4 10Arwengeld
wow great !

They de-aged him in order to save him ! It's very brilliant !
I think the Ministry can't- do nothing to Severus now because he's not a Death eater anymore, he doesn't have the mark.
But why Potter doesn't help him ? He knows the help Severus gave to him and he does nothing for him ? I know he's crying for Remus, Fred and all the other but he didn't made nothing ?
5/3/2017 c4 Dressyone22
I like the new look at Snape's parents. Ive always wondered what Snape would be like if his parents weren't abusive. Unfortunately not enough fanfics go down this route, it's always evil father, and absent, submissive, or equally abusive mother. Keep it up.
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