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8/5/2020 c6 VMAN ALPHA WOLF
Its so sad to hear that you wont be updating anytime soon on any of your stories they where good and as soon as i saw that you updated i thought it was going to be another chapter... So its disappointing to hear that you wont update unless you find some motivation witch i hope you do but nother the less hope you find the motivation to start creating chapters again cos it would be sad just to see a good story like this just to go down the drain because you really are a talented writer ... But all the best for you and your family... Stay safe your fan vmanalphawolf
1/18/2018 c5 Braeden
well that escalated quickly. great chapter slender! this is the bset chapter by far
I love the realism! Keep up the amazing work I'll keep being faineant ( lazy). 1-10 100.
1/16/2018 c5 22TheRavenMocker
This is soooo my gf's dad... Riperoni and I cant wait for college to get away from him with my girl. Lol, great chapter my dude. I hope Humphrey is doing better with Winston more than I do with my gf's dad. Im such a pussymocker.
11/6/2017 c4 Braeden
glad to see that your back man this was a great chapter dude keep it up
11/6/2017 c4 TheRavenMocker
Great ass chapter A :D.
11/5/2017 c4 Hello
You make this fanfiction so fucking real it scares me XD, this was a very nice chapter:)
7/16/2017 c4 Guest
Use your phone.
5/29/2017 c5 Braeden
great chapter slender! cant wait for the storm!
I am very proud of your writing wish you could continue. But can't wait to read more.
5/15/2017 c4 Braeden
its ok slender, no hard feelings
5/15/2017 c4 SJTG9ZH85X4UT6P3GF2Q42G8
neeeeeiiiiiinnnnnnnn ich thought this is another updatebut what about writing on your phone? you are not comfortable with it? or maybe the keypad is too close to eachother?. Well it is up to you thought. I respect your choice and i can't do anything but accepts it. When the notification got into my phone i thought you updated the story. It kinda makes me sadbut anyway i hope you can still write like usual and i hope we see eachother again real soonguten morgen!
5/11/2017 c3 Guest
Great story
5/11/2017 c3 Braeden
pretty dark chapter, slender. amazing...
5/11/2017 c3 SJTG9ZH85X4UT6P3GF2Q42G8
I was expecting that Humphrey's parents are dead trapped inside their house by fire. Damn my dark, brutal, twisted mind. But it's equally sad when Humphrey yelled at Kate and Kate lashed out at him and accidentally make him left her.

When i get to the point where Kate was imagining Humphrey was raping her, at first, i was also shocked. I didn't believe that Humphrey would do such thing. But then it happens only in Kate's imagination. Thank god...

Humphrey shows up to Kate's house again and apologize to her face to face which in my opinion is a gentleman, or gentlewolf? Ahh whatever, at least he did the right thing and what's better is that he apologize to his parents as well.

Apologizing, what seems like an easy thing to do, is actually hard af. You gotta summon the courage to speak, and often that courage was nowhere to be found and you have to deal with the depression. Good thing Humphrey made it clear and sincere.

Overall, yes, again, you seems to be on fire now, lit af. 10k in 3 days? I'll be damned. I even can only write 3-5k words at my peak. You really need to keep this fire in your mind, heart and fingers running and maybe set it ablaze even bigger.

That's all for now i suppose, i am waiting for the supply drop called the 4th chapter of From Friends to Enemies. Drop it in near the red smoke i popped while i and TF 141 members were playing some card games.

HR1992 salute you and arrivederci!
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