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1/26/2018 c1 50Neyane
Ow, that was cute! I don't think Conan would hug Ai, they're not the kind to make such physical contact, but it was cute, I love these two!
5/24/2017 c2 16Hebiaczek
Do you even have to ask whether I want to see Shinichi as himself surprise and confront KID? I'd thought better of your deducive skills Lady-tan~

Anyway - it was a very nice and cute chapter and I had quite a laugh for Kaito getting to hit Shinichi with soccer balls in the face xD He'd totally want to do that xD And yes - minor tricks would amuse him enough to give them a go on such a small and private show :D I imagine Kaito had a lot of fun there as well~
5/24/2017 c1 Hebiaczek
I was really relucant for reading this story. Truth is that I personally hate kids, so the Detective Boys simply annoy me more often than not. I usually appreciate them only as a comic relief sort of thing xD But this... Dear LadyS - you definatelly managed to create yet another pearl. You managed to picture all of the characters spot on, while making this sweet and easy to read even for a grump like myself ;) I truly enjoyed reading this. I've said it already a few times but I will repeat myself - you have a great talent for writing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Try not to worry too much about writers block - this really happens to everybody~

Take care!
5/12/2017 c2 Rockster
Oh, a new chapter!

Oh hi, Kaito! Come to join Conan's party eh? I was kinda expecting Kaito to appear in the scene as there are a few hints here and there that shows KID is here. And it looks like Kaito has prepared a heist pretty soon too!

Wait... Does that mean Agasa contacted Jii to ask Kaito to perform his magic shows in the party?

If anything, I kinda wanna see how Shinichi use his antidote. It will be kinda exciting to see what event will happen when Conan decide to use it. So yeah, I would like to read the omake.

Anyway, pretty nice chapter.

Yeah, I agree. The Shounen Tantei-dan seems to be usually overshadowed by most of the characters in DC, which are mostly teenagers (Ran, Kaito or Heiji).
Sure, those kids can be slightly annoying (especially Genta...), but in someway, I do wish they get more character development than just standing around and doing what Conan order them to do. The only character that seems like developed in the series (aside from Haibara obviously) is Mitsuhiko. He is slowly learning to become like a detective from Conan, and you can see how he slowly developed to become better. He is kinda cute with how he interact with other characters like Haibara. I can't help but feel attached to Mitsuhiko more than Genta and Ayumi.
Ayumi did have a bit character development with her observation skills (albeit it only improved a bit somewhat), and her friendship with Haibara; however it is also overshadowed by her crush of Conan.
Genta... unfortunately does not help much with the cases at all, unless he was ordered by Conan or Haibara; and he is also a glutton and basicly the 'brawn' of the group.
Even when the trio has very little number of episodes where they get some character development, but when the Shounen Tantei-dan shines, they really do shine. Major examples are the episode where Conan got shot, and Mitsuhiko got lost in the forest with Haibara. I am just kinda sad that they just get a very limited screen time for a short amount of time, and I do hope they will get more attention in the future than just some casual cases here and there.

So yeah, I do get very happy when they got a fanfic focus for them (which does not focus on romance).
5/11/2017 c2 6Smiley-Nami
This is good. I would like to read what Shinichi does with the antidote.
5/10/2017 c2 1Disconsolate Mist
Aww, so sad it's over. But, you have other stories you need to focus on, and some other plot bunnies. XD Story ideas are a blessing and a curse. Oh, and just a reminder to mark it as complete!

Kaito~~! You are so amazing. Coming to Conan's birthday party (even if in disguise... I can see why he needed that. XD). I see you're going off the movies here! I admit, I really do love all the movies involving Kid. They really did do such a nice job with those (despite straying from canon a bit, but I can live with that).

What a cool coin trick! I really do wonder how it's done... My dad has a friend who is an expert in slight-of-hand. Not that I could ask him (magician's and their tricks...) but I want to learn from him someday. Oh, how Kid has affected me! :P

Conan figured out Kid, of course. Just as you'd expect him too. And Kid reacted calmly and cooly (despite his initial surprise). Err, I love their relationship, though I really hope Gosho puts them into more of a partnership at some point... It would be so amazing to see them take down the BO together.

Daww, the Tantei-dan are so cute. I love how Kid brought them into his performance and how he was so nice to them. I can see them just completely loving that. It's just so sweet~! I can't bare it! Too much! *dies*

*revives* Anyway, not much else to say... other than, aww we don't get to see the heist. Guess we'll just have to imagine it, then. And him as Shinichi with Ran! Gah, I feel like we're missing so much potential sweetness, but, as I stated earlier, you have other fics and plot bunnies to work with. And not enough time... Good luck with all that! I'll do my best to continue to help, as always. :D

Anyway, wonderful little birthday fic, here! I loved it so~
5/10/2017 c2 5Erio99
Nicely done, I liked this!
5/8/2017 c1 Rockster
Hm? A new story! And it's Shinichi's birthday fanfic!

Ah... I really like how Shounen Tantei-dan, Haibara and Agasa held a birthday party for Conan. It warms my heart to see the strong bond between Conan and those gang. It is just something that is pretty nice to see when the trio and Haibara appreciate Conan as a close friend. As well as Conan can just fully enjoy his birthday without much stress.

Genta... same old Genta. Despite Genta is not my favourite of the trio, he does not felt out of character in this story. I would not be surprised too if Genta also gift Conan an eel-based food. Kinda nice to see Genta treated nice to Conan.

Mitsuhiko! I had to say that you portraited him pretty well too! And it looks like Mistuhiko gifted Conan a book about video games! To be honest, I thought Mitsuhiko would had a mystery book as a gift, but a video game book works better too!
Conan, give some read of this book OK? You need to loosen up once in a while with video games. I imagine Ace Attorney and Profesor Layton games would suit Conan more. Heck, maybe even Conan would try out his own (Detective Conan) games? [Then again, that might have been breaking the 4th wall there for Conan]

Ayumi's gift is quite special! A scapebook about Conan's adventures with the gang... even I do wanna look through it!

Come to think of it... it will be very heart-breaking to see that if Shinichi will return normal, the gang will lose its most valuable member and have to face the truth.

Haibara... this is interesting... predictable yet still interesting. I feel that anditode will be one of the plot points in this story. For what use? Maybe for Ran, or for emergency only?

Wow, that is a bit surprising to see that Shinichi's friends do sent their gives to him, while he is being absent for a long while...

Anyway, it looks like the story is not finished. But yeah, pretty nice and heart-warming story.
5/6/2017 c1 1Disconsolate Mist
Sorry for the late review. And also sorry I wasn't able to beta the rest of this... :(

So sweet! Also sad... I can't help but feel terrible for poor Conan. Yet, Ayumi got him such a nice gift (Genta and Mistuhiko's were thoughtful, as well. Just not quite on the level of Ayumi's) that he'll be able to keep as a little token of all the good times he's had as Conan. Dang, I kind of wish this was canon. XD
Then there's Haibara, who gave him a very nice gift (that I'm sure he appreciates greatly. We'll see this in the coming chapter!) as well as teased him just as always. It normalized things, as well as just adds some nice moments. I can't help but love Haibara's character. Especially here.
It's good Conan can have a relaxed birthday (especially since he's never really had one... actually, I'm not sure if that's just a movie thing or canon. I can't remember. *ponders*) with friends and his crazy parents. Can't wait to see what comes in the next chapter~!

Anyway, great start! Hopefully the next one comes soon, but no rush. :D
5/5/2017 c1 27The Symbol of Faith
Wow! Okay...so, a birthday fic, without Shinichi as Shinichi - that made a bit sad. Also, I'm really looking forward to the next part (which I hope comes out soon, like *soon* so that it's still his b'day week). Ayumi's gift was really thoughtful and touching and it suddenly made me want to take a look at it too :)

Remember the Memories Egg (Faberge's Egg) heist from movie 3? And Red Tear episode from MK series...I've always kinda wanted something like that in the DC universe for Kudo...thanks for making that wish come true, even if it was only as a fanfic *heart*

The initial reaction Conan showed - so very Conan-like - that really made my day! I did kind of hope to see Hattori pay a visit or give a call - he's more of a prankster between the two of them and his light-hearted personality would have lifted up Shinichi's spirits...
But it puts things into perspective in this fic, does it not? One year has already passed by and Conan is *growing up* but not as Shinichi...

Argh, was this meant to make a reader angsty? Because I feel angsty...curse you! :P

Also, on a side and comepletely unrelated note - I'm kind of glad to see the new tag "Shounen Tantei-dan" being used! I'd requested for it a few (many) months ago to the handler/manager (?) of this site, but I never got around to posting the fic I'd need it for (Still in the works, that one, and not sure how it is going :/ ).

Next chapter, I'm kind of guessing that SHinichi will put Haibara's gift to use and meet Ran - hopefully uninterrupted by a case - and will include a teensy-weensy bit of fluff :D
I'm rather sad the cake didn't come out well :( I'm rather curious to see it now, knowng that I missed out on it...

Anyway, talk later, I seriously need to go back to studying!


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