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1/10 c13 140TheDrunkenWerewolf
There's a big feeling of deja vulnerable in the opening section which is really well done and shows the confusion so nicely :)

It's a small detail his cane, but the fact that it's not the right cane gives me a feeling there's something wrong with the reality shes ended up in.

Haru I think "oh crumbs" is an understatement XD also this gives me serious fantastic beasts vibes.

Oh this is an au and a half with Louise running the bureau. I bet things would be done a lot more effectively XD

Dragons. I knew it! Fantastic beasts au! :)

I'm enjoying this so far and the fact magic has detrimental effects on technology. That's a really cool the stone guardians like Toto on a huge range scale.

Oh man that kiss was sure awkward XD "nope. Nada. No." but parallel world's make sense.

Yeah one thing changes and everything does. I like this.

How dare you hurt me with the soft angst that is Toto running the show on his own for years.
"You're still helping" that's really heartfelt from Haru and of course she's right. She's learned so much over her time with the bureau and it makes me happy.

Yikes they've landed in some hot water now huh? Wonder where and when they are.

"Because they're on this side" well things just went from 1 to horrifying in a heartbeat. Definitely an oh shit moment there. I'm definitely getting chills.

Ayyy it's muta! :D but now I have questions. Many many questions. Great chapter though!
12/22/2020 c12 TheDrunkenWerewolf
yassss she's back! after all the miles and all the bubbles and yeard she's back! This case was an emotional ride. Baron finallly confesses to her in what seems to be right at the end, and that's what brings her back to him. It's sweet and heartwarming that he was her anchor to home and herself. Though how are they gonna escape the phantoms now?
I did enjoy the concept of this case, with fusing with the duke and the concept of walking through someone's mind. Very neat concept. I'll have to play with it sometime. And not gonna lie i did get Hera vibes from Wolf 359 when she was the ship xD
12/9/2020 c10 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Ohhh this is getting good! Lol, Muta: Stop being so dramatically mysterious and get to the point! Classic Muta there. And goddamn Duke isn't pulling any punches is he? With his spiel about what Baron and the bureau have made her into. I think a part of Baron must know that but doesnt want to face up to that. Shame Duke isn't giving him any choice on that now. I'm loving this angst. “It's all she knows” Oof such a great line!

Ah this part of the movie! I still love the references to it. Though this case makes Muta's grouchiness make a lot of sense.

“hit list of the dog mafia” make me chuckle. Our Haru is still Haru.
“this place is in lockdown” ...ehhh... not so much XD (I know you wrote this well before 2020 hit its awful stride but that line has not aged well XD)

Ah yes the good old immortal/mortal angst (crush me in pre-approved ways). Toto knowing way more than he ever lets on is heartbreaking and how he too feels like he failed to protect Haru. How he tried to save Baron from himself, too just so heartbreaking. Really showcases it isnt just Baron hurting over losing her. And the icing on the angst cake is that Baron finally faces the fact he loves her when it might be too late. Ouch. That was the sound of my dark heart breaking.

The truck the fiifjfxljf-ing truck how DARE you. She died in his arms. Again. Just... my heart hurts now. I need fluffy fic. I have been absolutely Crushed (in pre-approved ways) Also I am so glad I do not have to wait for the next episode.

Only one thing left to say.
Sad. So sad.
12/2/2020 c9 Wolfie
I have so many questions! The wolves are so sinister and I'd love to know how/why they've come to mess up this memory. I assume some dark magic is afoot and someone somewhere wants to get back at Haru for something... or they're a manifestation of her own fears or something... I guess it'll get explained in the 2nd part.
Baron leaping in to save her though was very much expected. After seeing her die in his arms no less, several times over, it's understandable he'd be desperate to avoid going through that all over again.
But like everyone sad, memory magic is very unstable, and nobody knows what's going to happen, so they're all in unknown territory here.
Also poor Muta, having to do the maths to work out where in her timeline they all are XD nobody likes to do maths in stressful situations. And I am very much enjoying Hiromi's level of sass in this. "tarmac gets really uncomfortable if you lie on it for 5 minutes" XD good line! Now onto part 2 so learn more about the wolves! :D (and possibly be crushed in pre-approved ways)
7/23/2020 c9 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun case! and by fun I mean harrowing with high stakes as you twist the movie into something darker :D There's no way this'll come for me feelings at all nope *tries to stay in denial*

Oh yeah I'd forgotten Hiromi never knew how she actually met the Bureau, so t was nice to see her reactions to that moment - well before the wolves showed up. Which was really cool by the way. I originally thought they just had to make her relive that day as it happened but this is much better. I wonder how they're gonna get Haru out of this and back home in the real world without losing her again.

Also LOL Baron itching to make tea. Nicely done.
6/13/2020 c7 TheDrunkenWerewolf
ohh no. Baron going off on his own to find Duke is only going to end really badly... especially since he's been shaken up with the memories and traumatised. Thank god Toto is the sensible one and the voice of reason. Baron's gonna end up putting everyone in jeaopardy if he carries on down this road and i'm here for seeing the consequences of that!
6/12/2020 c6 TheDrunkenWerewolf
I know theres lots happening here, but the whole conversation with Haru and Baron before she turned was so bittersweet. It's so painful for Baron to speak to her, because right now she's not herself, so through his lens all their exchanges are so painful and loaded. Ana a small part of her wants to remember, wants to come back, and the way she echoes what he said to her that day, and laughs about the cat Kingdom story, makes my heart hurt a little bit (in the preapproved way), moreso because they'll eventually run out of time and her little bubble finally pops for good. Just it's such a small little quiet conversation and just so beautifully done. I always enjoy your little Haru and Baron moments like this one :')
6/11/2020 c5 TheDrunkenWerewolf
"Not just in humans" pfft being called out there Baron, huh? XD

And ahh, Baron reflecting on how his excuses for involving Haru snowballed. It started with just the one, and thenof course it was only polite to invite her along the next time, and then of course they had to extend the offer for an adventure again as a thankyou... "just one more adventure" and other lies i tell myself, a memoir by Baron. It's nice how she's become so fully ingrained in their lives though.

Ah awesome vampires! "Not the teen romance ones" I can't decide if that would be worse lol. From what 've read of midnight sun/twilight, probably worse.
"I'm not sure what vampires fall into the category..." trust me they don't want to know XD

"he can still be hurt with ordinary weapons; it just takes a little more perseverance" aka "hit him hard enough and you'll do some damage" can't argue with video game logic.

"Head stealing witches" did you just reference...? you sly dog. And a nice ending line, too. I approve :)
6/8/2020 c4 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Ohhh they were so close but lost her right at the end! Love how Haru is still herself even without her memories. Her snark and self-reliance have nothing to do with the bureau at this point and its so nice to see. Especially with her rescuing herself from the sheriff.
Ah is michael joining them too? This'll be fun. He wants to help find her again and get her back even after mourning for her. And nice touch at the end. Baron's right. It was always her choice to run with the bureau :)
6/8/2020 c3 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Ah so that was the Sanctuary last time, that answers my previous question. Ah, amnesia, my favourite trope :D gonna be fun to see Baron pining for his Haru and her remembering nothing... it's not gonna be easy to win this Haru's trust. Probably gonna take several attempts.
Also cool we're gonna get a lot of legends and folklore in this series :) We've had Kushi-inada-hime, and how robin hood. So nice to see Haru as Robin Hood instead of Marian like the bureau originally assumed they'd be too :)
6/7/2020 c2 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Ayyy it's the myth from Okami! Loved this Bureau twist on the myth :) but aw man they're ALL haunted by the ghost of Haru. That wounds still so fresh and it's a lot for everyone to handle a case with a Haru doppleganger like Kushi. And i saw that Baron called her Haru and Muta called her Chicky out of habit there. I approve that angst. And Louise is back! (or is that Haru? as they did switch bodies?) Stuffs gonna go down! A nice case to start us off with.
6/7/2020 c1 TheDrunkenWerewolf
Oh nice, Hiromi's gonna come along on this case. Can't believe Michael never told her about Haru though, that wasn't right. But if there's any chance she can help get Haru back we all know there's no stopping Hiromi. I wonder where Haru's been for the year she's been away. If she really is this Kushi... guess I'll have to read more and find out.
11/13/2019 c13 Guest
~barely into Ch13~ Okay, well I can tell when you discovered the Librarians! Poor Haru...okay, eventually the laughing must stop because I have to breathe...anytime now... ~passes out~
2/25/2019 c14 3Mad Jaggs
one more thing
please tell me the sanctuary will return, Muta supposedly won't last long without it
2/25/2019 c14 Mad Jaggs
um why kingdom hearts
good story and all
but... why
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