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1/17/2019 c5 Guest
The way I see the evasion as "cowardly" is because essentially Itachi is supposed to be some sort of idealized Samurai rather than what he is, a killer for hire. So his targets should be bastards completely beyond help. It's pretty easy to see how in a contexts of dog-eat-dog child assassins where people make classmates murder their best friends as part of graduation, it something, say leaving a bunch of emotionally unstable, vengeful assholes with a perchant for being power hungry sociopath willing to betray you if you give them the slightest excuse, and with the potential to control the Biju, around after essentially decimating them, would be just crazy. I mean, let's remember why Madara tried to destroy the village in the first place and how even after managing to get close to the Kage (Mikoto, Kushina) when their reputation declined (maybe not completely fairly, though it's not as if with the information they had mistrusting them didn't make sense) and they felt that they were not given all the power they deserved (meaning control of the village), they didn't exactly live up to expectations (or rather, they lived up to the reputation of someone that could be easily led to betrayal). In short, contrary to many other things (such as Naruto's therapy-no-jutsu and the fact that it actually consistently works, something that would never happen in a realistic context) this was one part of canon that made perfect sense and was actually a theme strewn through all their history.

I man, the Infinite Tsukuyomi to keep the peace is pretty much Shishui's solution, while what Itachi did was equivalent to what Kaguya's lover wanted to do to protect peace (absurdly, apparently people seem to like *his* decision more and consider her reaction irrational, while to me it's exactly the opposite: she was a complete victim in that situation -they kidnapped her exactly to provoke him-, and the guy wanted to sacrifice her to keep up a pretence of peace -when the reality was that they could have pushed him in the future because he didn't check them, and in any case there are not many people that would sacrifice their loved ones just because they would be willing to die rather than fight a war even to defend themselves... thankfully, might I add... Itachi, by contrast, avoided a world war and eliminated a clan that did everything it could to essentially put itself in a suicide by cop situation, and essentially took itself out of the gene pool through its arrogance and misplaced sense of self importance, not to mention sheer, unadulterated stupidity-).
1/17/2019 c5 Guest
Lastly, let's not forget that this means that Fugato gets it too (he was the ringleader), and despite the bs about females (let's not forget that they have Tsunade, etc., we are in the context where we have Kunoichi, etc, this is not a society where women are harmless housewifes that pose absolutely no danger) Mikoto knew about the plan too, so supposedly she gets it too... in other words, what really matters to Sasuke, his family, would have been killed either way.

I see the discussion with Itachi as lazy writing and somewhat cowardly. I don't particularly understand the point with women (Mikoto knew of the coup), and let's not forget that this is in the context of villages of killers for hire that train child soldiers, so even the "kid" part is hard to comprehend. In any case, without getting all Game Of Thrones, it is not particularly difficult to understand why given the setting they would need to pull them up by their roots. One just has to take a look at how these things went through history, until as recently as the execution of the royal family during the Russian revolution.

Let's not forget how slight the reasons that prompted the rebellion was, and how old some of the slights were, consider even the recent close relationship with the Kage (Kushina-Mikoto). Let's also consider the tendency towards emotional instability, and the fact that they have the potential to control the Biju. The facts are the following: they could have either plunged the village and the world in an ocean of blood and been all killed, or they could have been eliminated beforehand. There is also being enslaved in perpetuity as suggested by Shisui, if you consider that an option.

Note that nobody down the line proposed killing only a portion (the reference to an age of majority is completely anacronistic, again, besides the arbitrariness, we are supposed to be in a context where they train child soldiers and then send them out to fight, die and kill people). Again, historically for completely trivial reasons, and the particular circumstances making that even more idiotic (leaving people that can control Biju, the equivalent of nuclear bombs, are known to be emotionally unstable, power hungry assholes that know how to hold a grudge and lack any strong sense of loyalty, around? If it doesn't blow in their faces immediately, just wait a few generations). I found it a completely idiotic change, particularly because it is completely non canon, and it was one of the few parts that actually made sense and were somewhat similar to what we saw happen historically in similar situations.

Again, the reason why I can appreciate realistic reconstructions such as Game of Thrones is because kindness such as Ned's leads to him losing his head. The Third was considering diplomatic overtures, and would have killed them all had they rebelled. He might not have been involved with Itachi's actions (one has to point out, again, that he and Danzo had a conversation, see chapter 590, and he was offered a *choice* that he took. It was a crappy choice, and he could thank his family for that).

Once again, it should be pointed out that the only reasons these people are even alive to bitch about it is that he did what he did. Sasuke could have expressed the opposite opinion -that he should have sided with their family and plunged their whole world into chaos-, but it doesn't make sense to pretend that his actions weren't a perfectly realistic response to the Uchia's actions without any need to invent a Deus Ex Machina -again, looking at history, even relatively recent history, it's not something crazy and out there, but pretty much the norm of how these things end up developing-.
1/17/2019 c3 Guest
I think that actually Sarutobi's speech on the subject was rather good, since he essentially did correctly mantain that in the end, what the heck, they were in a military dictatorship, they were rebellious scum, and killing Danzo is as far as he was willing to go. I would have liked more emphasis on the fact, universally acknowledged in canon, that in doing so a World War was prevented -Itachi was not under a misapprehension, he just evaluated the risks and chose the best of the two evils- By contrast, how much death was caused by Sarutobi's way of handling Orochimaru? The simple fact of the matter is that, as canon Sasuke acknowledged when he was intent on going on a murderous rampage on Konoha, the village's existence was bought with Itachi's sacrifice, so I see all the bitching and complaining by Kakashi, etc. as more than a little hypocritical, given that they had to thank him (Danzo pointed out some facts in their conversation, leaving the decision to him) for essentially saving their behind. If we are talking merits towards the village, had the whole truth been made known, I would say that nobody more than him could have deserved the Hokage's position, he is essentially an epitome of loyalty -Kakashi, etc. is essentially complaining that he saved their lives, when they had lived through a World War too, and know very well what it would have entailed... would they have preferred the alternative scenario? Because ti was made perfectly clear that there was no outcome where the Uchia got away scot free after planning a coup and suprning the Hokage's offer for negotiation they didn't deserve in the first place. Otherwise Shishui wouldn't have been ready to mentally enslave the whole family-.
1/17/2019 c3 Guest
The point is that Danzo's and Itachi's role here is just incidental. Had they not killed them, somebody else would have, like Sarutobi when they rebelled. The term "scapegoat" comes to mind, here. The basic issue here is them betraying their country and risking a global conflict. That's something that was going to happen (again, see what people like Shishui came up with as an alternative). We are essentially talking about a suicide by cop scenario.
1/17/2019 c3 Guest
The basic point is that had Itachi not done anything, they would have just started a civil war and then a global conflict, and the Third Hokage would have killed them any way. So, they were going down, exactly *because* they turned down the offers of negotiation that they were offered (despite not being entitled to them) and were planning to betray the village. So, while killing Danzo makes sense because he is a loose cannon that impedes the military dictator's leadership, the point of the matter is that as far as Itachi is concerned, the fact of the matter is that he eliminated traitors and avoided Madara's own attack on the village, so his loyalty is not in question. The only issue is the fact that currently people don't know that the Uchia were traitors that planned to start a civil war, murder them and then plunge the world in another Shinobi World War. Had that been known, surely the issue wouldn't be him killing the Uchia rather than letting them plunge the village in a sea of blood -once again, when they eventually rebelled, the Third would have done the same thing, with much more casualities, as correctly pointed out by everyone... the only alternative was enslaving them with the Dojutsu, which would have been even worse, if everyone's willingness to rebel against the peace of the Infinite Tsukuyomi is any indication-. While it was tragic he had to do it, it was also blatantly necessary, if the basic assumption was that they wanted the village to survive, so it would be at the very least hypocritical to put the blame on his shoulders for essentially saving their lives (this includes Sasuke) and the village. By the same token, though, from chapter 590 we see Danzo discussing the situation with him, pointing out some undeniable facts, but ultimately it was Itachi's decision. He was not given an order, but a choice. Granted, it was not much of a choice, but then again, the reason he had limited options was due to the fact that his family was comprised of power hungry backstabbers that spurned the Hokage's negotiations and were about to carry out a coup. He can't exactly be blamed for their lack of loyalty or sense of proportions (risking a global conflict because simply because their bad reputation was not entirely deserved -only 90%, they were still a clan with sociopathic tendencies who had the ability to control Biju, in other words, not exactly someone anyone sane would have in charge... a member of their clan was involved in trying to flatten the village with the Kyubi. Twice. The fact that the culprit was someone that was supposed to be dead, but wasn't, was a piece of information was true, but also not known to anyone else-, and being head of the police was not enough).
1/17/2019 c3 Guest
Technically speaking, if we look at chapter 590, more than an order, Danzo and Itachi had a discussion about the possible outcomes, namely that either the Uchia rebelled and there was a civil war they would lose, or they killed them preventing another world war. Itachi made the decision himself, thus avoiding a World War.

It should be noted that Shishui's solution of enslaving them all with his eye, a-la Infinite Tsukuyomi, would be scarcely better, and the people revolting against the Infinite Tsukuyomi setup apparently think so too. Notably, that was the only "better" solution a person whose biases if anything went the Uchia's way could find.

On the "women and children in the academy" part, I would have to point out that Mikoto was well aware of the plans, at the very least, but maybe that was poorly phrased and referred to male and female academy students.

On Sarutobi's involvement, we know that there were discussions, but we don't really know much else of his involvement in the massacre. It was certainly on the table. On the idea of not pulling them out by their roots, without going to Game of Thrones level (this is supposed to be about mercenary killers for hires that train child soldiers, so not that much different of a setting), looking at history, and ever recent history (i.e. the elimination of the royal family in the Russian Revolution), we can easily see how such things tend to go, for rather obvious reasons.

Ultimately, Sarutobi's removal of Danzo might have made sense to remove a power center that interfered with his leadership in the village, but if we look at the massacre itself, he and Itachi merely had a conversation where the bare facts were pointed out. Namely, the Uchia were intent on betraying the village and starting a global conflict, and thus they would have been put down in the civil war. This is simply getting ready for the Darwin awards, in a military dictatorship. They were going down either way, because they decided to betray the village, because they didn't feel they held the power they deserved.

We could discuss the reasons. Personally, I find the distrust against them perfectly reasonable, given the facts: 1) lack of presence during the attack, 2) knowledge that they could control the Biju and did in the past -technically, even this time-, 3) knowledge that they were inclined by nature to be prideful, sociopathic assholes (Curse of Hatred), not that this excuses them, since, for example, we expect people with a violent temper to control their behavior, as they are ultimately responsible for how they choose to act. In light of the latter point, it's pretty crazy that they were even allowed to have a monopoly in such an important branch as the head of the military police (a potential for emotionally unstable sociopathy is not exactly a preferred characteristic in a cop). All in all, they were mistrusted and moved away of the general population. Which, again, is perfectly reasonable given that they essentially an army, and if there is ever the possibility that they might be involved in treason you want them where you can see them, and away from the civilian population they could potentially slaughter. Not to mention that they are, again, in a military dictatorship -they work for the village, not the other way around, and as part of the military, they follow orders-.

o put it simply, the situation was that there was some mistrust against them for perfectly logical reasons (as opposed to those for hating, say, Naruto, I would say that given the available information it was not a zero probability event), and they were not exactly put in labor camps, they were simply kept in check, looked at with suspicion, and had been given power in the military police, while they felt they would have deserved to have the ultimate power and be in charge. That is completely a moot, point, however, given the fact that one could deal with that set of circumstances in many ways. The Hokage didn't even want to have them relocated, and was willing to negotiate even after getting wind of their traitorous intentions; not to mention that Mikoto was buddy-buddy with the previous Hokage's wife, so they could have at least given a rest to the "they were always prejudiced against us" narrative. They were mistrustful for obvious reasons in the past (Curse of Hatred, in other words tendency to be violently, dangerously unstable), given the recent circumstances they were suspected (again, with the elements available it was a rational suspicion -and there was an Uchia behind the event, in the end, though nobody knew of unaccounted for clan members that were supposed to be dead to target as possible culprits-), again, with a treatment not even remotely comparable to Naruto's, and they still held important positions of power -again, they were the *head of the military police*, they were not indentured servants or slaves-. Let's just say that someone that would go as far as to betray their country under those circumstances is not exactly someone I would consider trustworthy. It's already insane that even knowing of their treasonous conspiracy, there was willingness to negotiate. They were ultimately the cause of their own downfall -if you have a complaint against me and are about to shoot me in the face, you can't exactly complain if I shoot you first-.

Actions have consequences, and if you are plotting a coup, you can't exactly complain if those you were planned to kill decide to kill you instead. Danzo merely pointed out to Itachi that they could either have an open war and slaughter everyone, or actually do it ninja style this time around. Itachi decided that between a global conflict and a single military clan, the latter was preferable. Worth noting that this was predicated on the Uchia planning a coup on the village rather than, say, accept Sarutobi's offer of negotiation -which he was under no obligation to offer in the first place, once again, military dictatorship-. The vibe I am getting here is that the assumption is that they could plot to betray the village, and those they were planning to kill were just expected to take it. Again, actions have consequences, and if you are prepared to dish it out, you have to be willing to take it, as well.
9/11/2018 c4 16Luciendar
This story really let me down. It is an amazing story really. I just have a few issues with it, most revolving around Naruto.

Let me start by saying i have no issue with Ino being the main character. I've enjoyed that quite a bit actually. Still, for me Naruto is underused and vastly underpowered. I mean, if you have him her memories he could have become a sage immediately and been vastly more powerful. If he can handle the influx of info from so many shadow clones, he could handle her memories.

Also, the toad contact seemed like a link to his father that their was no point to rob him of. Ino could have easily received her own summon. Plus, Ino doesn't seek peace like Naruto, therefore she couldn't be the chosen one. She doesn't have his purity.

I also think you just leave him out to much. I feel like this whole story is a girl power piece. That doesn't make it bad, just to targeted for what the story is.

Also, the little bit of romance on the story so far has seemed so pragmatic. No passion whatsoever. I know this isn't a romance, but it seems like you tied to add some and failed. This could have been an amazing Naru/Ino story, maybe even with Hinata, not that i really care for the three way, but you just tossed it to the side. Ino says she can't forgive hun for sacrificing himself...really.

So in conclusion, i love your writing, just dislike your story telling.
8/25/2018 c2 2MirageSPL
I absolutely loved the idea for this story. However, the characters were all so robotic and stale I could not see even a sliver of their personalities while reading this. Honestly, I don't know if I'll keep reading this or just dropping it all together.
5/23/2018 c5 1NinjaSun00
I rather enjoyed this fic, thank you. The characters are in some ways ridiculously over-powered, but it makes sense given Ino's time travel and the driving need to be ready.

I also like that she was able to get all of Konoha preparing for what's to come. While I enjoy the different time travel fics, I've noticed most try too hard not to let anyone else know that they came from the future...which really limits their ability to change what happens. This seems to get around that, and even though it's not without it's own perils (i.e. things are definitely not happening exactly the same way this time) it seems more realistic to me.
1/20/2018 c1 6era-romance
an fyi for future readers. while this story is good (though does hav a number of small plot holes) it is no where near being a truly completed story. at best it end on a cliff habger
10/25/2017 c1 Silent Analyst
Interesting idea
7/11/2017 c4 4belnonm
ahh, you went too far in this chapter, you didn't need to make them all sages and if it was so easy to create S-Rank shinobi, they will be more numerous... That had take all interest from the story. A shame, I really like the first chapters. Bye.
6/13/2017 c5 Guest
Ino, naruto and hinata should marry eachother!
6/1/2017 c5 BangtanExo95
Plz god tell me there is a second story to this. more it written and i would love to have a second part to read
5/31/2017 c3 hennessyswagg83
You do know that Hamura was in a sense actually a true Patriarch of the Hyƫga Clan and Hagoromo was the grandfather of the Uchiha, Senju and Uzumaki Clans
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