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for In Memory of a Past We Shared

3/14/2020 c1 17pietoraven36
This was incredible. Absolutely incredible. You made me cry! Shame on you! XOXOXO
7/19/2018 c1 83TamaraJagellovsk
Great way of handling Loki's pain! I totally agree - an unnamed guard informing a son of his mother's death, Loki not being allowed to be at her funeral - that was cruel. I always imagine the line the guard says to be "The Queen, my Lord, is dead." which I believe is what Macbeth is told after Lady M died.
9/26/2017 c1 1Izzaj
You are right. It wasn't fair that Loki learned about Frigga's death from stranger. He did a lot of bad things but he deserved to learn about such devastating thing from a friend or family. And Sif is a good choice. It is beautiful other version of this scene. Really good job
5/29/2017 c1 JPElles
Always enjoy sif and Loki.
5/9/2017 c1 4Luxen T
Thank you for these feels! All your thinking about characters seems to have paid off in a very believable au moment.
5/8/2017 c1 13GoodForBad
First and foremost: that dedication brought all the warm fuzzies to my heart that I thought were long dead and forgotten. I am seriously so freaking happy that our conversations lead to such an amazing piece of work.

Where to begin here? I love love LOVE the fact that you emphasized the symbolic tones of what the throne room stood for; in many ways, it was like the epicenter of their power. If the city demonstrated Asgard's strength, then her throne was like its heart, pulsating life throughout the rest of the kingdom. This makes the attack all the more personal, as if it wasn't horrid enough.

How marvelously you painted this alternate reality. I'd also like to mention how freaking AWESOME it was that you worked in the dialogue from the deleted scene - it just added that extra touch that had me grinning at my computer screen like a psycho.

Okay. Sif and Loki's interactions were spot on, and I mean straight down to the WIRE. Sif's simmering anger, Loki's calm and then surging emotional response and the clash that ensued thereafter is EXACTLY how I saw this going down. No. Scratch that. This was BETTER than what my own mind envisioned. From the moment he just glanced up and said, "You," I was like, "Ohhhhhhhh Natalie. You've done it again."

You honestly have me wishing that this scene could have played out in the move-verse. It was just so much more impactful than the brief blip we were shown because it's so PERSONAL. There is a crap-ton of upspoken history between those two, much like there is with Loki and Thor, but with an entirely different angle. I love that you had Sif give him the benefit of the doubt, even while she's thoroughly pissed at him. It's just so...Sif. And it's exactly what someone in her position would do. She needs to be firm and unwavering, even in the midst of her own emotion...but Loki always brought out the worst in her, didn't he? And perhaps she brought out the worst in him. Funny how that translates the best in the throes of sorrow...

"So little reliable news works its way down to my current station." Oh, the snark!

Also: "Can you do NOTHING but wound?" God, I love that phrasing.

I adore the demonstration of how much Sif loved the Queen, so much so that she trusts her judgement and chooses to give Loki another chance. Call it a woman's intuition. Odin and Thor are too damn oafish to see what they saw.

The altercation was glorious. When Loki started to cry, my heart broke because of the WAY you made it happen: "Summer raindrops on a paved road..." Holy hell, woman. I've got tears in my eyes.

These two have known each other for hundreds of years. You captured that flawlessly, particularly with Loki's knowing that there was "no love shared between them" and that the All-father would never have thought to send her down to tell him. Oh my God. I love this so much.

This was absolutely stunning in its clarity, emotion, and in-character detail. I honestly forgot while I was reading it that this scene didn't actually happen in the movie; I was completely swept away by the reality of it. I'm having so many emotions right now...you can probably tell by the utter inconsistency of this review. And then I got to that shout-out for my story in the notes there and DAMN I HAD BEEN RELIABLY INFORMED I DIDN'T HAVE A HEART AND NOW WE BOTH KNOW THAT ISN'T TRUE.

As usual, I didn't expect anything less than perfection from you and you far exceeded my stunningly high expectations. This was amazing.
5/7/2017 c1 22MarieBloom17
this was good!

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