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9/18 c1 shansanchez
That's it? there was so much left opened.
9/17 c28 smillss
Good chapter
9/11 c28 gilette719
That’s the end?
9/8 c28 Reds77
Great chapter. Wow! Just Wow! I actually feel bad for Leila. Reading this chapter made me think she actually loved Christian and would have accepted him anyway she could have him or he offered himself. That first husband needed to die a painful death and see it coming. Awe, I liked Geof lol. SWITCH, lol Geof would have been perfect for Ana lolol. Looking forward to the next chapter. Until Later’s:)
9/8 c28 Margaret Talai
9/8 c28 4T Traveller
As much as I loathe Elena, I think I sometimes hate Leila even more. Love your writing! Love the story!
9/8 c28 5Krooela
Well, you picked the absolute perfect song...Alanis definately wrote and owns the ultimate "Fuck you asshole" anthem!
Now you also did a fan-friggin-tastic job of giving us a glimpse insidethr fucked up head of Looney Leila.
And, TBH, her description of body fluids and genetalia in the begining...well now I gotta clear my head of that visual before I drag hubby into the bedroom later tonight-LOL!
Excellent chapter...you got into Leila's head like Bugliosi got into Charles Manson's head. Well done Nichole!
9/8 c28 9paleseptember10
Deliciously despairing. I did feel a small twinge of empathy for Leila but then it quickly disappeared. She's been using BDSM as therapy instead of using the money CG gave her to stfu and go to actual therapy and I don't know, maybe invest... she wrecked her life further. The tiny silver lining was she she found a man who worshipped her and she decided in a moment of complete insanity that she rather be chasing waterfalls. Well, how'd that turn out, Lee?
9/8 c28 joan.goldman.9
That was excellent. I don't ever remember reading Leila story like this. Thank you
9/8 c28 motherbeatrice
great update!
8/24 c27 Sonia
Brilliant story Christian is a self ritchous idiot, but he's had a lot to do with Ellena the witch ️ I hope he grows
some knads and starts behaving himself, and I hope anna starts to protect herself and gets stronger and gets rid of the witch and taylor gosh he's just wimpy he needs to start acting like security and tell Christian he will do things his way
8/13 c27 Guest
It truly amazes me how much if a coward Taylor is, and the fact that he had a daughter and can stomach working for someone like Grey...makes me wonder what kind of father he really is.
Money means more to him than morals and ethics and common decency.
8/13 c25 Maddie
He is yelling at her, calling her irresponsible? God he is a piece of shit.
I think Ana would be better off dead than tied to that fucking asshole for the rest of her life. I know I would prefer death over him...
8/11 c27 Reds77
Great chapter. Good to hear Taylor’s thoughts. I only hope he shapes up and tells Christian to fuck off when he knows he’s right about securing and security. Christian is indeed the biggest threat to both himself and Ana because he’s a know it all. Not too mention he’s surrounded by craziness and crazies who he thinks he knows and can trust. I always thought it was stupid and careless to have those girls in his personal space. To give them the codes to his home. Allowed them to sleep there. That was just dumb to me. Never made sense to me at all. Looking forward to the next chapter. Until Later’s:)
8/13 c27 lavendarjade
Finally read this start to finish. It’s really good quite different. Update soon.
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