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7/26 c24 joan.goldman.9
Ana is swaying a bit more towards Christian. WOOHOO
7/26 c23 joan.goldman.9
Elena is one sick bitch but you have to love that she has no idea that it was one of her puppets Leila that almost killed Ana.
7/26 c22 joan.goldman.9
Taylor is awesome and doesn't know how spot on he really is. WTH is Elena doing there?
7/26 c21 joan.goldman.9
Day late dollar short for dismantling the playroom but then again it may work in his favor. Poor Ana. At least she didn't mention Christian or Leila's name nor their meaning to each other.
7/24 c25 Reds77
Great chapter. Oh, Ana. A normal guy can also have batshit crazy ex-whores lol. I now think she should marry Christian, if her site isn’t back then she will be more vulnerable than ever. I wouldn’t go back to Kates. Getting Christian to pay all her expenses isn’t being a gold digger. She is owed all that and much more for what she’s been through. You know I always wondered why Christian gave Ana the paperwork to take home, that was such an irresponsible idiotic thing to do. Knowing who Ana lives with and how naïve she was. Not too mention how hellbent he is about privacy. Wow! That was so nice of Jose to use his proceeds to pay Ana’s medical expenses. New found respect for Jose. Although I hope he isn’t selling Ana pictures. I’m curious to know how Christian will discover Elena for the evil bitch she is. I hope it’s not at the expense of Ana. Yes Ana, GET YOURSELF A DOG. train that dog to hate and attack Elena and anyone who tries to defend her lol that includes Christian and Grace lolol. Looking forward to the next chapter. Until Later’s:)
7/25 c20 joan.goldman.9
Boy is he a hot mess. Have to love a suffering Christian in love even if he doesn't know it yet.
7/25 c19 joan.goldman.9
Loved Taylor POV but he still missed the fact that Leila was in the penthouse before Gail found her!?
7/25 c18 joan.goldman.9
Carla actual did the right thing and got Ana away from Steven after he attacked her.

Leila died and Ana is coding. OMG!
7/25 c17 joan.goldman.9
Leila thinking that CTG can be hers again once she gets rid of Ana is NUTS. But then again she is.
7/25 c16 joan.goldman.9
Leila shot Ana?!
7/25 c15 joan.goldman.9
Leila put on the dress that she remember Ana wearing in a newspaper article! WOW That woman is unhinged and psycho. Now she is in Ana's room with Ana in it.
7/25 c14 joan.goldman.9
Jose is gay!? OMG that's all I kept thinking about. Bad me. LOL

Jack is the creepiest boss ever.
7/25 c13 joan.goldman.9
Ana killed Leila? WTG if she did. BUT Ana is now mostly blind because of Leila attack. CTG is still trying to get back with Ana but she's not having it. What will it take for him to get back with Ana? He finally told her about the BT and his introduction to BDSM but he still hasn't understood that the BT is a pedo which is upsetting Ana. Can't blame her there.
7/25 c12 joan.goldman.9
Good G-d is there anywhere that Leila can't get into?! Now she's in Ana's apartment accepting gifts that CTG sent her and reading the cards that he wrote! What is Leila going to do now?
7/25 c11 joan.goldman.9
WTH Taylor made a big BOO BOO not changing the security elevator code. Leila not only got into the penthouse but got a hold of Ana's BGC? That's right she had the codes to his safe. Bad move Christian leaving the combination where Leila could find it. Now she slit her wrists in front of Mrs. Jones. Then she sneaks out of the hospital. Please tell me that Taylor figures out how the hell she's gotten in and fixes it? CTG is going to be pissed that Leila got into his home while only Mrs. Jones was there as I'm sure that Taylor will be as well. Leila is jealous of Ana which is a scary thing.
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