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7/23 c24 Carol222
Christian is offering Ana way too much at this time. I believe he is sincere in his love for her, and needs to protect and care for her during her recovery, but now is not the right time. Months of recovery, including learning to navigate life again sightless, pick up the financial pieces of her life, and therapy to sort out this mess that was once a happy life. Who could advocate for Ana? Carla, Ray, the Kavanaughs? Third parties need to intervene.
7/21 c23 Jen
If Jason Taylor was half the man he pretends to be he would give the cops Leila Williams name , give Ray Steele the heads up about Grey , and out the old whore to Carrick he has means to get any info he needs as proof , all could be done anonymously and he might just save a young innocent girl next time she might not be so lucky , down the line he might even save Grey from himself, he has a daughter how can he live with himself what a coward
7/23 c24 smillss
Good chapter again
7/23 c23 smillss
Good chapter
7/23 c1 joan.goldman.9
I think you about summed everything up for every and now I can't wait to read this story of yours.
7/23 c24 2FSOGFanFictionAddiction
Is this the calm before the storm? Does he think he can get her to obey? He still believes he is in control or can control anything? What is Ana thinking? Is her fear getting in the way of rational thought? Certainly there are options smarter than marriage at this point. Thanks for the update.

Your #1 fan Vvn_Noel
7/23 c24 9paleseptember10
She’s in a strange place having to make very big decisions from a place of sadness and discomfort. Too many parallels of how their relationship first started (playroom showing and conversation about limits belt scene and her leaving)

I wish Christian had it in him to slow down and approach her on HER turf (wherever that would end up being)… a little down the line. He could’ve easily started with, “i want you to only focus on getting better and adjusted to all this. Just know you don’t have to worry about anything” and then bring up a more permanent development to their relationship later on.

But of course the name of this roller coaster is Christian Grey so, I’m buckled up and anxiously waiting!
7/19 c21 Guest
I’m loving this story. Your writing is sublime. I can’t wait for more.
7/19 c21 Reds77
If only he could start a bondfire in the middle of the playroom. Christian waa always a fool. Too smart for his own good but lack street or commonsense. Taylor always let me down with his "yes sir" and lack of balls. If ana had nit threatend Christian, he would had definitely went save a hoe with Leila, even after seeing the damaged she'd done. Its a wonder Leila felt entiled. I would love to read a Kate POV since Ana felt Kates support were for elliots benifit.
7/21 c23 motherbeatrice
wow, she is really twisted, loved it...thank you.
7/21 c23 Margaret Talai
7/21 c23 4T Traveller
I always feel the need for a shower after being inside Elena’s head.

Thank you for gifting us with this story.
7/21 c23 2FSOGFanFictionAddiction
So I'm just going to go out on limb and surmise you don't hold the subs or sub zero in high regard. LOL. And ...your Christian leaves me speechless in every chapter. If the subject matter wasn't so serious, he and his sense of self would be comical..thank you
7/21 c23 9paleseptember10
Hey Satan, come get your Grandma YOLO, she's lost her mind.

As much as I loathe Elena, it's always fun to read a villain's POV and how they think and this bish is a piece of work that needs to be burned and discarded.
7/21 c23 Carol222
Oh, Elena. You need to get out into real real world and not the one of your own making. Children do grow up, while you just grow older.

I thought for certain Elena was behind the Leila attack on Ana. Or that at least she knew Leila was back in Seattle. Doesn't Elena know about the SubClub? Christian is just playing Elena now. She is going down.
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