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19h c18 WalkerFRD
Great chapter
3/4 c18 MekhiIsTheBestInTheWholeWorld
I love the new cover. It is flames. I hope you keep it for the remainder of the story.
2/28 c18 1SSJ2 Teen Gohan
You should make Kakarot cold hearted like Goku Black but he doesn't randomly kill people, and obviously more stronger than normal Goku
2/28 c18 Silent Analyst
So tense! Love when this story updates.
2/28 c17 Silent Analyst
Wow. This chapter was great. Unexpected twists and I’m left with a few questions.
2/27 c17 Ravensflock
When you get to Raditz I’d keep him pathetically weak like canon bc who actually likes Raditz
2/20 c18 SniperWolf54
Love the story, hope it's continued.
2/20 c1 SniperWolf54
very good story, can't wait for more, I do hope you continue.
2/20 c18 dreadix
interesting story but... why are the power levels so dam high? its not even dbz yet but yet piccolo's power level is on par with nappa.
2/20 c18 1thewittywhy
God I love this. :)
2/20 c18 Anonymously96
It would be poetic though anti climatic if Roshi does manage to seal King piccolo
Moreover, has Kakarot finally managed to reconcile himself and got a hold over his bloodlust? That would be what will push him to improve as a person I think
Also how is Vegeta even going to be a challenge for when he eventually touches down?
Humans I thinn can go past 2000 without modifications as was seen during saiyan saga and beyond
Yamcha tien and chiatzu got stronger than ginyu force easily while training with King kai(does that constitute as a boost or something)
Update soon
2/20 c18 Morbious20
Great chapter .
2/20 c18 Sebastin Mrmol
Good, i wait more.
2/20 c18 spartanxjoe
Why does Korin hate Saiyans and if Kakarot hit his head and become Goku like in canon would he treat him differently?
2/17 c17 thewittywhy
So I started reading this throughout today. I genuine like it.

Having an actual cap to things adds a sense of realism I enjoy.

Lastly, I'm curious if Super Saiyan will be a Saiyans true potential like in your other story.
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