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6/19/2017 c5 27Boris Yeltsin
She's been through so much, who knows what else will happen to her?
5/28/2017 c4 Guest
5/27/2017 c4 Boris Yeltsin
I love it. Keep it up when you can.
5/19/2017 c3 Guest
Great would love to see Callie and Lena scene
5/18/2017 c3 Boris Yeltsin
Loving it.
You could have her have a pregnancy scare, or actual pregnancy, but, that's up to you.
5/10/2017 c2 Guest
Great! Look forward to more
5/10/2017 c2 Boris Yeltsin
Keep it up.
5/10/2017 c2 2allycallie
Great, great update! My only thought and MILD criticism while reading was that was a lot for the doctors to 'fix' with Callie in only three hours and thirty six minutes - especially since they had surgeries and a rape kit. Often, the rape kit itself can take several hours alone, not including whatever else needs to be done first. But that's not extremely important in the grand scheme of things. This is a great story! Look forward to more!
5/10/2017 c1 Rachel
OMG that was awesome :-) need more
5/8/2017 c1 Rose3333
5/8/2017 c1 Guest
Great look forward to more
5/7/2017 c1 allycallie
Interesting twist on Vico's revenge. Love it so far. Look forward to seeing where you take it!
5/7/2017 c1 27Boris Yeltsin
Hope both are alright. Love this so far.
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