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for More Things Involving Shipgirls That Are No Longer Allowed

12/2/2020 c185 4Patty 4577
Is this Super Nagamon 4? or Super Nagamon God?
9/22/2020 c175 Guest
Russians and Germans vs Mary Sue...yikes
8/30/2020 c381 Lukkai
This story is now diamonds!
8/30/2020 c378 Lukkai
I take it this is the HMCS Canada as in "warships dot fandom dot com slash wiki"-fame. Where it is the fictional Admiral-class HMS Nelson, bought up by the Royal Canadian Navy. Strange thing about the page depicting it, by the way, that the likely photoshopped picture depicting an Admiral-class in canadian waters is labeled as coming from the Toronto Port Authority, yet very clearly showing Quebec in the background.
I take it you're that sites StealthPhoenix then? Considering the "self" and "plagiarism" mentioned in the AN.
Haven't had the time to really dive into the alternate history of that AU, so I can't say anything about how justified Canada's views on the US and Japan are. Especially considering the age her metal hull apparently reached. The real question however would obviously be just how she ended up in the wrong universe and how quickly she'll become aware of that fact.
8/28/2020 c329 Lukkai
Yeah, fuck destroyers. Iku shouldn't be allowed to give the talk to anyone, period.

Demonstrations at an erotic trade fair on the other hand...
8/28/2020 c328 Lukkai
Knifes for days.
8/28/2020 c322 Lukkai
You know... depending on the time during the last one and a half decade, Crescent would have actually lost money on that exchange. ;)
8/27/2020 c319 Lukkai
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't DD-800 a Fletcher-class just like Willie D?

But other than that: The USS William D. Porter was named after Commodore William David Porter. The mentioned USS Porters were all named after Commodore David Porter and his son Admiral David Dixon Porter. Now of course the latter two were father and elder brother to the former, so in a way it's all in the family. ;)

But yeah, even if Willie D had somewhat of a fall-back from her badassery towards earlier behaviour, she's gained a different, whole new kind of awesomeness over time. Part of which is for her to probably know quite clearly just who she has to thank for those two videos.
8/27/2020 c312 Lukkai
You managed to put a Darths and Droids reference AND a Hancock reference into a single sentence. I'm impressed.

Also I still say that Summon Bigger Fish is definitely among the most powerful spells/Jedi abilities that I've seen. But Des Moines definitely has a point here.
8/27/2020 c394 1Mimamin
This was one hell of a ride, and a very welcome one, I must add. Onto the review, shall we?

First, binging this was a mistake. Not only I burned through a lot of good stuff way too quickly - I also feel a empty hole in my brain where my sanity once resided. Good thing re-reading and therapy can solve both issues!

Second, I totally love the fact that this isn't just a completely unconnected set of snippets made one after another, but rather a cohesive (ironic, given some of the contents) universe where all the fun stuff happens. Also, not only fun stuff happens, but also character development as well! You definitely did a good job with this... thing's plot, alright.

As an extra, the characters were superb. Kongou was a beast through and through, but seeing Fubuki getting such a development throughout the story was quite the eye candy (biased due to Fubuki being favorite; perhaps). I would spend hours going about how each and every character's traits made them so special, but I'm pretty sure you get the point. Easily the most enjoyable part of the story.

Third, I... gotta agree a bit with a few of the reviews from several chapters back, in that it's true that the magic from the first part and the beginning of the second (this) part was lost along the way. However, where I do separate from their takes is that, for me, the reason that the story started to feel off was because the plot stories and the character development was given a bit of a backseat for way too much time. This doesn't mean there wasn't, mind you, but it wasn't as prominent as it once used to be.

Of course, the reasoning that similar snippets' structure began to feel repetitive could also be a thing, but, honestly, I feel most were different enough to not make them feel that way. This might be more of a me thing, though; I don't tend to get too bothered by this kind of stuff.

I dunno if this thing (your version, at least) is still going, but you're at least still active, so I'm going to hold onto that hope. Regardless, do know that this was one of the most hilarious reads I've had in a while, if ever, on this site, and that you ought to be proud for having written this.

If anything, the only thing I lament is not having been here earlier to experience this entire thing as it was updated. You can feel how this whole story transcends generations, albeit not decade-long ones, and just thinking about that makes shivers run down my spine!

I think that should be it. Thanks again for having written this piece of fiction, and hope to see you again on another update. Until then, I'm gonna say what else you got on your profile!
8/27/2020 c299 Lukkai
The funny thing is I just read a wiki page containing the quote with the brooms mere hours ago.
8/26/2020 c264 Lukkai
8/24/2020 c238 Lukkai
Yep. Definitely Erma. Cool stuff.
8/24/2020 c226 Lukkai
Pirates of the Caribbean and a Firefly/Serenity reference in one, I like it.

Also probably the weirdest and funniest fight scene of the whole franchise. And that's saying something.
8/23/2020 c177 Lukkai
Somehow I'm picturing USS Eldridge to look and act like Erma.
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