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for Fear the Coming Darkness

7/26/2020 c4 6Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
4/29/2020 c4 4ShadowedDarkness1230
Damn. I hope you come back to this.
2/17/2020 c4 alphaprince0
can you please add Bellatrix, Luna, and Tonks
1/5/2020 c4 1Azrael27
I hope to see more. This is one of the more interesting stories.
11/29/2019 c4 1Korin Dragoon
I vote making Hermione's half and half form look like the stareo typical werewolf form, like the ones seen in the 2004 Van Helsing movie.
11/28/2019 c2 Korin Dragoon
I vote Luna as another member of Harry's harem, she would be one of the few if not the only one, in his age group at least, who would understand exactly what has happened to him, not judge him wrongly, and maybe help keep him from going totally mad.
11/10/2019 c4 frost76
I must say this story is riveting. To bad it only contains 4 chapters. Please keep writing.
10/22/2019 c4 Sonia25
You should update this ff
10/7/2019 c4 3Arcane Bibliophile
Great story! I love how you are able to vividly paint a picture of both the scene and Harry's emotional state. jeep up the good work, I cant wait to see what else you do.
9/17/2019 c3 djsmall565
I love this story. I’ve reread these chapters a dozen times but I can’t get enough. Any thoughts on coming back to it?
9/14/2019 c4 Vanadir
Thank you for a great story
8/17/2019 c4 4kaiserbane
Well that was interesting I do hope that you continue this story
5/27/2019 c4 gavin8tor.1096
I love this story so far, I hope that you continue with it.
5/6/2019 c4 kydomos
are you going to continue this?
4/12/2019 c3 Sonia25
Adding Hermione just spoiled everything what is wrong with everyone so many harry and Hermione yet people have to add her in everything no wonder it is getting boring that this ff is a flop the character of Hermione and Neville has to be the most annoying and boring and now I am not gonna read this ff anymore it was going well but adding Hermione u just spoiled it and there was no necessary for harem only daphne and fluer was enough no need to add others anyway I am not gonna read it anymore can't tolerate the so called perfection Hermione and her overbearing nature
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