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for The Boy Who No One Loved

7/28/2017 c1 6AnimeGirl45xoxo
This seems really promising, i assume this is an outline of a story you are considering writing? I think you should go for it, the plot is really interesting and would make a really good story. I added a follow, i hope you will make this into a full-blown fic, good luck!
5/9/2017 c1 1SleepyMangaHead
I think that the ending of Verdell's "story" was a bit too specific. The way his "story" goes the ending makes it seem like the prince and knight have no choice but to love him. That might be one reason why you don't like the way his "story" came out.

Maybe if it was something like 'However, in the new world he arrived in, the Boy would finally, be given a name, and would be given the chance to save the lives of characters from a different story, thus being able to find a love that would last for an eternity.' See really vague on who he'll share a love with, whether that love is more than one person, who the characters he'll save are, or even what story it is.

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