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5/24 c1 I move weight
man this mf are down bad, sex is sex but it shouldn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things. having a harem is just a waste of writing space.

DXD needed more action but all it got was bitches.
5/18 c1 pablo.monroypm14
This is highschool DXD you need big harem
5/17 c51 Amatsumi
I'm not surprised he doesn't know Denpachi characters considering DXD novel blew up Ishibumi started shoving characters from his other novels.
5/16 c51 Racist Looking Sbeve
"North American Cougar"
Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

tbh I always thought Lavinia was going to end up as Dan's queen.

At this point, you're making it seem like Roygun and a certain black haired Nekoshou are back as an option.
5/15 c51 Aenar Aagaeron
He leido tus historia mas rapido de lo que deberia. Desde el primer capitulo me atrapo totalmente la trama que has creado y sobre todo el desarrollo de los personajes.
Espero puedas continuar con la historia pronto y gracias por la actualizacion.
5/15 c51 MiddleMist's Red Camellia
Are there gonna be like more than 5 members in the harem? Cause that's just a time management problem. I just hope the harem doesn't get too bloated.
5/15 c51 ramkaxen
The queen is our lazy ass Roy-chun, isn't she?
5/14 c51 JhotoLoraxius
You talked about doing a fic of dxd but the OC would be on mount olympus, Ik you are still trying to find a love of writing again… or at least I think so? But if you ever did I would 100% support you, it’s such a interesting concept starting in other pantheons, only one I’ve ever seen like that is roots of hope by Dunedan
5/14 c51 reader0007
Monarch is indeed Monarch butterfly,author told me that it represent Butterfly effect.
5/12 c51 Guest-Questioner
First the reply, I~ ...I needed to hear that... \_( ͡ಥᨎ ͡ಥ)_/

For the sake of things, that whole argument stuff,
was primarily from the Rias fanatic's whom watched the anime, as I hazard a guess.

The only thing I've seen of Highschool DxD was, Protagonist X Rias... Been there done that.

There were very few, if not non-existent Protagonist X Akeno... I didn't believe it plausible.

You~ You are, by that admission, quite possibly the FIRST, genuine,

No rias and/or akeno type of story i ever came across, and I've read too many, to know that much.

I be coming back, until this ends, thanks for that.. ᕙ(ᴥ)ᕗ
5/13 c51 Ricky07778
Hey just curious but the Monarch used by Dan, is it like Monarch Butterfly or any other animal or is it thr literal meaning of monarch.
5/11 c51 Guest
Please don't dismiss Rias & Akeno. Issei doesn't deserve to be with them. I know DxD is ecchi and harem filled, but issei was given his harem for no reason other than his sacred gear has a passive dragon trait that attracts women. It's not enough to have a harem, you need to be worthy. He isn't, he's barely a good person. He's an unrepentant pervert who strips and peeks on girls who also get's strong enough to fight on par Sairaorg without barely any training

Dan is someone they can grow with, some that challenges them to evolve. I beg of you Author-sama if you don't pair them with Dan, please don't pair them with issei.

All the people that actually like issei is only for two reasons. First he has a Harem the second reason he has a powerful sacred gear. They are the same one's who want to hate on authors poaching ''issei's harem", but if somehow someway they were isekai'd to DxD they would try themselves.

I actually like Highschool DxD, the premise, lore and all the mythologies. I just can't get behind issei, and it's not because he's a pervert.

So Author-sama, I implore you to once again pair Rias & Akeno with Dan. If not, please don't pair them with issei or at all in this masterpiece.
5/11 c51 Guest
No don't dismiss Rias & Akeno, Issei doesn't deserve them. Even canon reasons are supremely stupid for him to have a harem. It's not enough to have a harem you need to be worthy of a harem. Not just have a dragon trait passively attract women that's weak, cause you could end up being a person like issei who may be alright but nowhere near a good person.

Dan would be a better partner for them in every way. Someone who can grow with them, and challenge them. But if not just don't pair them with issei in this story I beg of you Author-sama
5/11 c51 Guest
But last chapter you said you were going to poach/steal even harder. Please DanxRias & DanxAkeno!
5/12 c51 RexMetaKnight
I am sorry to say this but if the queen is Roygun then she is a terrible pic. She is way to lazy to be second in comand and doesn't fit the requirements Dan wants in a queen namely being able to take advantage of all the traits of the queen piece as she seems to be more like a bishop to me.

P.S Annihilation Maker is a creation type sacred gear not a independent avatar type
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