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8/29/2021 c45 7Striderm8
Glory to the Empire!
- Feels like I’ve been inducted into this organisation now lmao
Awesome chapter as always, definitely wasn’t expecting the Bael visit directly in their home tho~ It makes sense with how hot-headed Lord Bael is, little nutcase crackjob he is. Zekram’s always a pleasure to read tho, mans is chill af majority of the time~
Tobio is as broken as I thought, so there’s definitely no regrets on recruiting him for Danny Boy. Imagine if he had Valerie’s regenerating factor 24/7. Mans would be an unstoppable force of nature.
And Danhauser’s fighting style has been revealed more! I honestly see him as an All-Rounder type, seeing as he can handle basically any role thrown at him. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares against an Ultimate Atk Type, even more so in his BB.
Cute fluff moments gave me diabetes so thanks, Invgild is basically gonna be a sad anime aesthetic for a while now, hope the sweet thing gets better honestly, aaannnndd politics.
It’s gonna be interesting with how they’re planning Belial’s ascent into a Great King. Potentially a riot or two, lots of belligerent screaming and a lot of sighing.
Zekram better ready his tooshie for what’s coming lmao. Why stop at Great Emperor and just add title of Maou while he’s at it, hmm?~
Anyways, here’s my obligatory thank you for writing this story, good luck with the next chapter! Fight scenes are a bit hard to write, amazing fight scenes even harder. Wishing luck with your buildup into the epic fight!
8/29/2021 c45 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
8/29/2021 c45 Luigi G
Hi again, can’t wait to read the next chapter it’s going to be awesome, as always great chapter and I like Dan progression in power can’t wait for more like Gae Bolg or a combination of his True form. It would be really cool if you put parts of Rias and others devils reaction of the past rating game and the next one as well.
8/29/2021 c45 Crestowl
Ya know, I get that one of this story's main selling points is that it follows Danhauser and his adventures, and doesn't follow the canon plot like a lost puppy, but I feel we should see the reactions of Rias and co. at least once, especially after their defeat. Maybe, you can dedicate a section or two of the next chapter into Rias's reactions to Saiorg and Danhauser's rating game? Like, them reflecting and getting blown away as to how strong they are? I feel that it is still important to address the canon cast. (Ps. I absolutely love the parts where Danhauser imposes his dominence on Rias &c Co, so cool!)
8/29/2021 c45 FateBurn
Good chapter
8/29/2021 c45 TehStorm
Great chapter, looking foward to see Zekram's and lord Bael's reaction to the Belial pillar becoming a great house. Also curious to see how Sirzechs' and Ajuka's actions will be after learning this...

Anyways, can't wait to see Dan's fight against Sairaorg. Btw, will we see a something on rias and her peerage after their defeat? I mean Dan just ended her dreams of "Winning each rating game battle". I wonder if Sirzechs is mad about that...
8/29/2021 c45 JW
Lol Ingvild got closer to Dan the Man than Jeanne has in years.

Valerie's room stinking low key reminds me of Ristarte from Cautious Hero... at least it isnt the girl stinking like ass though
8/29/2021 c45 1batmanuchiha
So he is gonna pull a no you on zekram and be like you made my life miserable for a while Now suffer in the flames of hell forever
8/27/2021 c1 Gean Marco Chasin Medina
No le hagas caso al subnormal que comenta con la misma boca donde ca ga, déjalo adorar su anime de tetas antigravedas y chicas con la inteligencia emocional de un cacahuate más fáciles que la tabla del 1, gente como esa quiere llamar la atención
8/27/2021 c1 DeVinewere
Damn bruh. The comment below me, don't be like that, lol. If you don't like his work just don't read it lol. It's just making you look like a Clown.
8/27/2021 c2 Gentaking
Danhauser is a shitty character, no development, he is still the same cuck he was in the early chapters and has no depth to it. Valerie in canon has better personality than whatever this bitch is. Canon tobio well outcales this edgy fuck of a character named tobio and overall your peerage is shity. Stop writing, doing it will be the biggest gift to humanity.
8/27/2021 c1 Gentaking
Your fanfiction is so corny it makes me puke and cringe. I wonder how in the hell can someone write this bad. The relationships sucks even if yiu want to call those, the mc is nothing but a limp duck cuck and overall no characters in this fuc is good. This author should go fuck himself because he is worse than naruto fanfiction writers
8/22/2021 c44 Gean Marco Chasin Medina
XD el problema es que no se cuales son las chicas del harem lol, confirmaste que no iba a ser rias...pero siento que es un maldito desperdicio que dejes de lado a akeno u.u entonces el harem sería valerie, jeanne, ravel, lavinia, gabriel(rubia),yasaka(rubia) y la perezosa pelirosa
8/20/2021 c7 TheForgottenKing
Damn was hoping for a mutated Queen Piece
8/21/2021 c44 BONEMILK
Read up to chapter 15. So far its been unbelievably boring
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