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6/29/2017 c6 Roman Torchic
I'm calling it. The dragon is going to be Dan's Rook and Siegfried is going to be his Knight. I'm glad his little adventure didn't end with a cliche "save the princess" trope where he saves the tribe chief's daughter or some other bull.
6/29/2017 c4 Roman Torchic
Why do you keep calling them toddlers? They're 13 or so, right?
6/26/2017 c6 17AltenativeFutureFan27
And So Dan has already fucked the Plot XD
6/26/2017 c6 leautisticengineer
*insert the usual*
I must say I was rather disappointed with this chapters quality especily after the last chapter of which you did rather well in (I am referring to word choices, the amount of sentances with incorrect words, was much higher than usual)
6/25/2017 c6 Zentari2238
... No female friends. This is starting to feel slashy.
6/25/2017 c3 Zentari2238
Hope for a time skip, because reading about a munchkin 's adventure is gonna get annoying fast.
6/19/2017 c6 Warlord of Chaos
Loved the chapter. Siegfried heh, what you said about him is true, for a really badass character the poor guy is really underrated, I don't even remember the last time I saw him in a dxd fanfic.
I'am really excited to see who is going to be the others oc's that is going to join Dan, I'am crossing my fingers that is going to be the descendants of heroes/someone famous that didn't appear in the novels (the truth is that I'am praying that one of Dan's knights to be the descendant of the "knight of treachery", to add some twist and rivalry to the the story, I can see this oc become fast rivals with Siegfried and another knight rival to both Arthur and Kiba... And if Sieg really join Dan then you already have saber of black, why not add saber of red to the peerage? Heh).
Now I gonna stop babbling (you don't need to take me serious, thats just me throwing ideias/wishing for this to happen!).
Can't wait to read the next chapter (and sorry for the bad english).
6/18/2017 c6 Lurker
Bueno eso era obvio que debería pasar, es decir, el efecto mariposa hace efecto cuando algo nuevo entra a la ecuación y todo cambia ya sea algo insignificante o la gran parte cambia inevitablemente. Esto debería suceder en todos los fanfics que tienen "Self Insert" pero no lo hacen porque desean seguir con la copia del montón como si el canon es inevitable.

He leído algunos que fueron buenos por su originalidad pero lo dejan a medias y terminan muriendo en el olvido.

También después de leer mucho Fanfics de traición, manipulación, engaños con Issei frente a Rias u otras cosas. terminaron por hacer que deteste el personaje de Rias y algunos miembros de la facción diablo al ya no verlos tan inocentes... Bueno, ese es mi pensamiento, espero poder seguir leyendo esto y ver que otros cambios pasaran en este universo alterno de HSDxD con la llego de tu SIOC como MC. XD!
6/17/2017 c6 Volfy790
Great chapter
6/17/2017 c6 Nine Lives Bladeworks
Why doesn't Dan recruit Issei?
6/17/2017 c6 WakeWalker
Love it! Siegfried is a great choice, never expected him though.
Hope you give us information on Dan's mother's house carl in the next chapter.
6/17/2017 c6 3Dfnui
Nice chapter. Siegfried, eh? Smart move. Real smart. I'd never seen that guy as a peerage before in DxD archive, until I read this chapter.
6/17/2017 c6 FateBurn
Good chapter
6/17/2017 c6 grabblers
Good chapter. Screw all those unhappy with 'stealing' from canon characters and such. It's no longer canon DxD and no longer Issei's and Rias' peerage's story.

I also considered those SIs who agonized about 'changing canon' utterly retarded. After all, since multiverse is real, then the chance they're not in a canon world is infinitely bigger. Even if everything seems the same. You can't ever verify it for sure. Hence everything could be the same till the end where something will go horribly wrong and GG.

Even if it is (or more like was) canon - it's already unpredictably changed by your mere existence. It's too late to even suicide.

So there's only one rational choice - take everything into your hands. Even if it means 'robbing' canon characters.

Don't worry about views and followers - you'll get a spike after reaching 100k words. Also fuller story description may help.
6/17/2017 c6 Kono Dio Brando Da
Thanks for the Update!
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