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12/1/2021 c7 2Shigeraki
Im imagining Cu alter for uncle coda
11/30/2021 c3 Shigeraki
I bet diehausers design was based off DMC 3 Dante
11/29/2021 c46 lelysh29
Very good
11/25/2021 c46 JW
I was the guest below. Accidentally refreshed the page
11/23/2021 c46 Guest
Lol I gotta say my sonewhat long anticipated scene of Ruval teasing Dan about "copying" his blue flames finally came up. Wow I literally waited over 2 years for that half a minute exchange fuck.

Unsurprisingly Ravel x Danhauser was pretty damn wholesome. Fuck the politics Dan and get the blonde! It'll be a super chad move to beat up both her brothers on record for her hand. He already beat Riser hard now its time for El Hermano.

NGL, that scene with Koneko and Ravel pissed me off. Ravel is right in that regard. Just because one person you knew fucked up doesn't its stupid to pursue Senjutsu in this case. Literally thousands of people practice Sage Arts but Koneko would rather everyone stop using it just because of Kuroka. Maybe its because she sounds like those ban all guns type people Karens.

Once again I'm just mad at the Gremory peerage. Mainly Issei though, he has always been a sore loser. Like that time he almost killed Kuisha for winning her match in the rating game for Muh Comrades nakama bs. They have no problem being the ones beating up other peerages but its somehow a killing offense if it happens to them. The early member peerages are so petty. Things get better when Xenovia and Rossweisse joined but that looks unlikely in this AU.

Speaking of Rossweisse, I know she's no longer a peerage candidate and quite frankly as a Valkyrie she never got any particular boosts from becoming a devil either way. I can't help but want that adorable nordic bae as Danny bois secretary. God knows he needs one.

Kuisha got one shotted but ngl, it's a feat worthy of a Longinus in universe considering how rare they are. Im not even surprised or mad that Kuisha is still mad at Roygun. Devils are basically immortal and even humans can hold life long grudges if they're petty enough. All in all it's a very understandable stance.

As predicted Danhauser beat Sairaorg but then again the latter has yet to unlock the breakdown the beast power up.

Yay, Ravel and Latia mentioned the possibility of combining true forms in story. That boosts the possibility of ot actually happening from 50 percent to 80 in my mind.

Siegfried is a man of culture indeed. The ass and thighs are where they're at. Kinda kinky but i find feet to be attractive too.

Valerie is strong. Then again any amount of traing she received would have naturally put her far above her canon self.
11/21/2021 c4 Guest
There's a lot of times where you use 'his' instead of 'her' and vice versa. Hope this gets fixed in the later chapters. Other than that, loving it so far man.
11/23/2021 c32 Erebus512
Please don't have asia be one of the fls... It's so overused. And for some reason she annoys me, and I assume a few more.

(I mean he already has 2 blondes...unless jeanne isn't a fl...even then theres Valerie...)
11/23/2021 c24 Erebus512
Is the octopus, Balor? Or whatever the name of thr celtic god in gaspers eyes was. No wait that can't be right...
11/22/2021 c8 Erebus512
Alright, this just became one of the best fics in my library just for including Tobio as a peerage member/important character.
11/4/2021 c29 Guest
I just wanted to say one thing, THANK YOU
11/3/2021 c7 Baumbarth
Now that I think about it: Hilles vs. Sieg is all kinds of ironic if you're a Fate fan
11/1/2021 c4 1ramsesjames05
like this
10/29/2021 c3 Some Buff Guy
I can tell you're not a native English speaker. Regardless, the quality of your grammar is almost indistinguishable from from a native speaker, just a few words that don't fit given the context. Good job!
10/27/2021 c46 1RAZE643
Can't wait for the next one!
10/25/2021 c1 43TheRagFromTheCrag
it's always befuddled me as to why the 72 never took initiative to intermarry with the Extra Demons
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