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1/10 c48 PasiveNox
great chapter great
1/10 c48 MiddleMist's Red Camellia
I think DxD already did a pretty good job at handling the political side and honestly you are doing an amazing job at doing that aspect justice too. Even though it was a shorter one this chapter was still a rollercoaster of all kinds of shit. If Zekram is to be believed, even though he might be a piece of shit he doesn
1/10 c48 Kuman
I like the interactions between Zekram and the finally named Laomedon. You can tell that Zekram cares a out his descendant and sees him as his protégé. After all, they are both very similar as they are both political animals yet ultimately weaklings. I bet even Rias can beat them both with the advantage of her P.O.D. and her Gremory reserves.

Latin and Roygun huh? Noice! I always liked Latia despite her few appearances. She's as beautiful as Rias, as smart and stern as Sona yet also as cute as Ravel. Especially with that mini top hat she likes to wear.

Oh dear me, Lavinia is in a pinch! I hope she makes it out alright though I have a feeling she will be forced to do something against her will :( we must protect the number one big sis in the series after all.
1/10 c48 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
1/10 c48 King0fP0wers
I gotta say, it's funny how after so many chapters, Lavinia still couldn't do her contract with Danny. Well, I prefer it over a contract made after two or three chapters. Gotta say, preparing a self-made painting is a really... touching gift, really! Hope she manages to finish it!
1/10 c48 Guest
I see. The new recruit of the Hero Faction is that person... I have a feeling I know who the queen will be. But I'm not sure.
1/10 c48 Guest
Thanks for the chapter! Eagerly waiting for the next one!
1/10 c48 Kurruk101
I am amazed that you updated so soon after the last chapter. Loved the chapter. Lol to dragon Harem.
1/10 c48 JW
Latia should be official Wife. That is all
1/10 c48 DavJaiJai
For wife i was thinking that Dan would choose Latia but damn he proved to be even more cultured than me and pulled out the meme card "Why not both" lmao. Little Kunou needs a new father and we all know who it's going to be right ? Hehe...okay enough horny.

Malacoda roasted Laomedon so hard I'm surprised he didn't start burning like Phenex clan XD. Also, the story Malacoda told about that little boy...was that Zekram ?

So, is the blonde who was captured last chapter really Lavinia? Because she really is in a difficult situation right now.

Also, to Diehauser's right is Tiamat and at the background...is also Tiamat ?

I was surprised when i got the update notification. I honestly wasn't expecting it for the next month or so. Not that I'm complaining and also hope the next chapter rolls early. Take care author-san !
1/10 c48 1batmanuchiha
...hmmmm i wonder who dan's queen is going to be it totally could never be one of the original 13 Longinus maybe something cool like telos karma. ;)
1/10 c48 2merendinoemiliano
Very interesting atmosphere and developement
1/5 c43 JustAnotherGuest
12/28/2021 c1 MomongaDesu
Once again, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. Hope to see an update soon. Happy New Year.
12/26/2021 c5 Athrium
i'm honestly struggling to get through this. the grammer is pretty bad, the mc is a child, even though he died as an adult, for some fucking reason. the worst thing though, is your godawful use of housecarl. google the fucking word, you absolute retard. every time you write housecarl(which is way the fuck too often), i want to smash my head into the desk. if you want to use "cool" or "interesting" words, at least google them first so you know what the fuck they mean. hate cringy edgelosers like you.
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