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12/23/2021 c47 2merendinoemiliano
Very good dialogues, can't wait to see more. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
12/23/2021 c47 King ofheros
That ending.

Evil Lavinia POG(Maybe).
12/23/2021 c47 1Tsunashi777
Thanks for update and your hard work , it's good as always.
Although about Rossweisse potential for development ... why not making focus on her magical abilities and magic items ? She is brainiac after all and I think it should be her main focus of abilities besides martial training as Valkyrie.
Don't forget that all her achievements (present and future) are related to arcane
12/23/2021 c47 2brandt128
You could have Rossweisse use "Volundr." It's from the Record of Ragnarok, an ongoing manga with an anime.
12/23/2021 c46 Hady09
the person George talked about, its either Rossweisse or Lavinia Reni, i mean if it just to fulfill the condition that Cao Cao want, they can recruit Walburga but because Heracles want slim and voluptous, it is either of them.
well it will be interesting whose the person George refer to
12/23/2021 c47 Kurruk101
Nice update. It’s unfortunate that Dan can’t get over his hatred, but I suppose it gives him strong characterization. My guess is that Dan won’t become a god or Buddha until near the climax.
12/23/2021 c47 Shooter312
give the Sacred gear to to Siegfried lol
12/21/2021 c30 iamjustaguest123
After re-read this this fic multiple times and seeing how people describing Danhauser. I'm starting to think without a shadow of a doubt he looks like EMIYA from Fate series
12/6/2021 c46 Kuman
I wonder when you will give Lord Bael a first name? I know his actual name isn't given but considering he's shaping up to be important to the plot maybe having a name would be nice. Unless he's first name is Lord lol.

I love the politics btw. My favorite part of a story
12/4/2021 c25 Shigeraki
Emergency meeting has been called. Who’s sus this time?
12/1/2021 c8 Shigeraki
Listening to “Lost in Paradise” while reading the parts he talking to Ravel makes it more fun to read. If you don’t know what “Lost in Paradise” is, it’s the closing song played at the end of every jujutsu kaisen episode. And it slaps.
12/1/2021 c7 Shigeraki
Im imagining Cu alter for uncle coda
11/30/2021 c3 Shigeraki
I bet diehausers design was based off DMC 3 Dante
11/29/2021 c46 lelysh29
Very good
11/25/2021 c46 JW
I was the guest below. Accidentally refreshed the page
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