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4/14 c50 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
4/14 c50 DavJaiJai
Ho~ now Dan's angryyyyyy ! You've done it now Cao Cao. Prepare to get rekt. Will this be a battle in which Dan's unveils his second true form ? Anyways...their battle would be...LEGENDARY !

Hmm...getting mixed signals from Kuroka. Will she be in the harem or not. Well I won't ever say no to a neko waifu. Hehe...Mofu Mofu~ time.

Also I had forgotten about Fafnir lol. I don't know if he's being sassy but I love how casually he's butchering everyone's names. But he confirmed three waifus for us. HAHAHAHA ! Looking forward to seeing Dan use him in action.

Also the waves the fact that clan belial will be breaking off the great king faction make will be BIG. Oh the face of Zekram lmao. Also poor Sirzechs XD. more paperwork for him. BUT HELL YEAH, A NEW GREAT HOUSE ! FOR THE EMPEROR !

Also DAMN...plus one to taking Issei's future harem members. Even better than you'll try harder. Hehe...
4/14 c50 dickmoney
50 chapters in and it's still great. love that you're giving Fafnir some spotlight, most writers ignore his existence.
4/8 c48 fan
when the fuck will you release chapter 50
4/10 c8 TrumpasaurusRex
Irina was in Europe and hadn’t seen Issei since they were kids. She never came to visit Issei until he was 17 and already a devil.
Is there a reason you’re changing canon? It seems like forced plot.
4/4 c49 iamaninjabruh
update pls?
4/3 c49 sickboy398
Loved it
3/30 c49 Able and Table
This was great hope you will update soon
3/28 c49 Gean Marco Chasin Medina
Respondiendo al comentario anterior,si sabes leer?valeri hizo todo lo que dijiste que no hizo,poco antes del partido con rias xD solo dan y bova no aceptaron incluso el resto de la nobleza ahora cuenta con regeneracion
3/23 c49 fan
at first i would like to say that your writing is quite good but after reading half the fic i understood one thing io absolultely hat danhauser . why well take for example rias in cannon took issei costing 8 pawn pieces and he has trhe boosted gear that dobles his and his teamateds power and makes him strong enough to worth 8 pieces on the other side take valerie danhauser literally has the fucking holy grai as a pawn . the same longinus that caused the evil dragon war and he fucking refuses to use it . man such a letdown . holy grail is weak as attack type but is absolutely the most dangerous support type , i mean i get it he doesnt want this to turn out like king piece scandal but who is gonna say anything to him no one dared to say anything to rias whenshe uses gift or her own scail mail or whaterer her combination with gasper is called , i mean he used fucking 8 pieces to reincarnate her . i get it she can be a good political support to cure any disase like sleeping disease . i get he still has not revealed her so he cant even use her for that . i get it that he is a good guy and doesnt want valerie to get hurt by reviving any beast but at the very least he could at least remove the weakness of their peerage like resitance to holy weapons or dragon slayer but no he didnt. so to put it that way she can just heal someone and is the daughter of the dracula tepes who apperently is a strong guy what else . i mean if dan just wanted to heal someone than he should have chosen asia who would not even take 2 pieces considering his strength and valerie isnt even that strong so to surmise it it is either of the 2 thing high wastage of the potential wastage of pieces cause comparing valerie to issei in a direct fight she would not stand a chance . well that was the only comlain from me and everything else is good . my personal favourite bova and malacoda.
3/17 c1 Asmodeux
Plz Post, I'm Dying
3/13 c49 Guest
joining rias or akeno with issei would be very forced since history has already changed
3/12 c49 Guest
apart from some of the important events that made rias fall in love with issei no longer exist, rias is more interested in dan than in issei
3/12 c49 Guest
a question rias is going to be in dan's harem how is the story going it is seen that he is not going to be with issei
3/14 c2 43TheRagFromTheCrag
Ranting Games here, that fits Bedeze easily
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