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3/10 c49 1tsun
Darn, she got captured. Some group/faction need to get rekt!
3/10 c43 tsun
you made a contrast to raiser, you've said in this chapter that he did 13 rating games but in earlier chapters, you said that he only played 1 game and it's against him. after the first battle, he become recluse and refuse to train or fight. which is why it's not surprising when orc win against his team. they lack experience and training.
3/10 c7 averyegerton47
Ah, this is similar to Zoro vs Mihawk
3/10 c37 tsun
Seriously... this politic crap isn't my cup of coffee that I liked. I imagine the world of myth for more on power equals might and seeing the devil government like human government feels Sh*t. It feels like they are just evolving by imitating what they consider a lower life form and they aren't advancing their ways. their powers and technology moved on but they stuck to the tradition. To be honest, I also kinda didn't like the MC. Pretty normal or average. It feels nice because it felt realistic SI thrown to another world where supernatural are real. Living and surviving but for me, its not a fun read. its interesting on how mess up he would ended with but its not fun.
3/6 c49 1dragonfighter11
Eh not too happy that she got captured tbh.
3/6 c46 Blue Amateur
Valerie and Ravel are the cutest part of this story.

Thank you for the chapters!
3/4 c11 3greenarrow679
huh that makes alot of sense. ruddy is so close to the actual answer, but his obsession with his own son stops him from seeing the truth. I wonder if he will realize that when whatever plan he comes up with to get his sons soul back fails.
3/2 c49 coyote11085
Aww man I ran outa chapters read all of it now I want more. Can't wait to see who the queen. Could you do a chart of who all the peices are a gain havent seen one in a while and kinda lost track of what prices are missing.
2/26 c49 Randomguy
Finished , best DxD fanfic at least on ff , so much better than the original , really hope it will properly end( please let it be Danhauser/Valerie to the end I’m sick of harems , there are only 3 good fanfics that have single pairing others are some sick jokes where mc collects all women I already have looked through all fanfics on ff)
2/17 c49 Nico360
good chapter, I really hope it won't be long for the next update
2/13 c1 Guest
www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

2/12 c49 BookWorm627
Lmao now we definitely need to have a scandal of Danhauser seducing pope like the church thinks he did with Joan of Arc, his street cred in the underworld would go through the roof
2/3 c3 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Nearly get impaled
"... she's an amazing mother."
2/3 c49 lilbigstoryteller
It's always so gratifying to see an update notification for this story. I can't wait for Dan (probably) beating the crap out of Cao Cao.
2/1 c49 Weebshitt
I'm glad your expanding the heaven faction it's not covered all that much. I'm excited for the next chapter.
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