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2/3 c49 lilbigstoryteller
It's always so gratifying to see an update notification for this story. I can't wait for Dan (probably) beating the crap out of Cao Cao.
2/1 c49 Weebshitt
I'm glad your expanding the heaven faction it's not covered all that much. I'm excited for the next chapter.
1/30 c49 Kuman
That brat better not do anything to Lavinia. She's the number one magical girl in the series. Sera who? Le Fey who? Lavinia forever!
1/24 c49 Guest
Hope you update soon. Can't wait to see what happens to Lavinia and how Dan would respond
1/24 c49 Guest
Another great chapter of one of my top 5 favorite DxD fics, keep it up!
1/23 c49 guest
lmao reading only for see Issei’s harem girls to be poached I hope stealing/poaching will be very very limited lol
1/24 c48 2Drodez
We fucking waifu'ed the pope, lmfao

I wouldn't even be angry to see Freed in the peerage now. If anything I'd be downright hilarious. Also keeps the trend of longinus users becoming members.

The Lavi fight scene was something else, holy shit. The written imagery was beautiful. I swear if you kill her next chapter, at least let Dan revive her you cruel bastard. My heart can only take so much after the whiplash of that fight.
1/24 c49 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
1/24 c49 Hyperionthetitans
Hope lavi is ok . Never like cao cao to begin with( i mean the original one in three kingdoms) the first impression of him is returning hospitality of others by kill all their family and backstabbing
1/24 c49 DavJaiJai
You continue to surprise Rosen. Another speedy update. If I lived in an anime world my jaw would have dropped to the floor lmao.

You nailed Freed's character XD. The way he spoke was totally like canon. Interesting to note that people are getting kidnapped to test sacred gears. Cao Cao is also getting more cautious, no one seems to know who's the leader of hero faction.

The fight between Lavinia and Cao Cao was heart pumping and I could feel the tension. Well described but I think it got a bit more stretched out than it should have been. Also...I don't know what to think about Lavinia getting kidnapped on her birthday.

I'm amazed that the church exorcists still believe in God since they know that he's dead isn't he? Or am i confusing it with some other fic.

Also, during the interaction between Dan and Freed you wrote- Gray "Skinned" Devil. Should be haired I think.

I don't think OPGood is correct unless it's the MC lol.

Anyways, thanks for the chapter and will eagerly wait for the next one. Take care.
1/24 c49 2merendinoemiliano
Beatiful atmosphere and dialogues
1/24 c49 King0fP0wers
Out of all possible changes, I never expected Meredith Ordinton to become the freaking pope. Holy Nails be damned. I mean, what the hell is this, To Aru Majutsu no Index?! XD
Honestly, the basic idea of the Hero Faction is not bad. If the series had a different focus, they could have very well been the main protagonists! It's just a pity that they took their "ideals" to the radical extremes and ended up becoming a bunch of smug racist terrorists. Sigh.
1/23 c49 NullPtrException
Here’s hoping we get to see Dan the man help the best magical girl in a very near future. Thanks for the chapter as always man and hope all goes well for you!
1/23 c49 Kurruk101
You really are putting them out quickly. Don’t get burnt out. Poor Lavinia got played.
1/23 c49 iamjustaguest123
Hmmm... The only one I can think of that will be Danny-boy's queen is Roygun and here's my reasons:
1. Dan said that he wants a queen that ultilize all of the characteristic of the piece and Roygun of all the people fit that bill perfectly.
2. He also said that he wants that person to command the peerage when he's absent and Roygun (king piece or not) didn't became the second ranker through sheer strength alone.
And that's all the reasons I can think off on the top of my head right now. If you manages to find someone else better than Roygun to fit in the position of The Right Hand of the future Rating Game Champion than my socks will be blown off faster than a railgun.
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