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for Blaze of a Blackheart

9/28/2020 c10 James Birdsong
This is great
4/21/2019 c10 ak
bonne fic!
un peu plus élaborée aurait été mieux.
2/12/2019 c10 Guest
Love the story but what's next. What are they doing at stark towers.
10/27/2018 c10 ak
bonne fic!
1/20/2018 c10 3WhiteElfElder
Kind of disappointing that Harry lost the Angel Rider.
1/20/2018 c9 WhiteElfElder
Harry is the Angel Rider, so Cassie is still Ghost Rider; does that mean Vengeance and Justice both Ride?
1/20/2018 c2 WhiteElfElder
Where is Harry in all of this?
8/16/2017 c10 sam.hoffman.90
I just love the story I normally don't like stories that have an oc as the main character but you really hit it out of the park.
6/29/2017 c9 8Captain James H00K
Didn't know you updated this. It's good. I like how Harry now has GR powers to defend himself with. Will Cassie train him in Hell to get him more accustomed to his powers or will he train in Heaven? Either way it's good. Will they join the Avengers after school? What will the fight with Voldemort, and the tournament be like? I know it's been a few months but I hope you do a new update soon.
5/26/2017 c9 PrimeMegalodon
This is going to be an interesting year
5/14/2017 c8 4candinaru25
it will be interesting to see how Harry will become with the training and health fixed.
5/12/2017 c7 candinaru25
show the enitre wizarding world that judgement is here for them. * cackles insanely*
5/12/2017 c6 candinaru25
peter has been caught! never doubt a ghost rider.
5/12/2017 c5 candinaru25
glad someone was able to help Harry open his eyes. And i say the same thing. where is everyone else that is reading this. I can't be the only one reviewing here. This is a good story here.
5/12/2017 c4 candinaru25
lol. I always ask myself that question when i see it happen in movies. why do some people faint forward. will be interesting to see if the rest of the wizarding world finds out about her.
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