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9/13 c5 BotWMaster1
my friend loves this story and I love it too and her birthday is coming up soon it’s on September 24th and we are in Britain and she has a lot of health problems so she won’t be able to see family this year and family means so much to her and I was wondering if you’d consider updating it once more I know it would make her birthday a lot better but fine if not. if you decide to though her name is Lily she doesn’t have an account because her parents won’t let her have one yet . Kind regards

3/4/2019 c5 7TheSullenPrincess
Will this ever be updated? Or finished? It’s really good and I’m enjoying your work :)

2/15/2019 c5 Guest
That’s some Splatoon 2 game you must be playing there to not have updated in a long time...

Nevertheless, your writing is beautiful and the premises for your one-shots are a wonderful read. Hopefully this is updated in the near future, only because while I do LOVE reading about them kissing, I HATE that you left it at them kissing...and never updated since.
1/30/2019 c5 Hobbs122
Just found this story. It is so cute and well written!
1/1/2019 c5 Guest
Dude this is so cute! Plz keep going!
11/24/2018 c2 Olddantrucker
Could you make glitches and exploits like the Lost Woods Skip as part of Link's thinking coming up with an idea or something? There are some ABSOLUTELY stunning glitches in the game. Did you know on Austin Gamer there is a video of him glitching out of the Plateau WITHOUT the paraglider? What wounde d up happening is the game has a hard code that absolutely MAKES SURE the glider is there or the game won't work right. There is a fog of death that not only extends vertically bu t horizontal as well.

He used a door and Stasis to make it happen. The Eastern Abbey has the door he used and he cooked lots of stamina to handle the swimming where he aimed for that lake at the corner. Stand on it just right and you'll go flying but you have to jump just before it reaches the lake or Link does the dying effect. Once on the overworld none of the NPC's or monsters are loaded in yet as well as weather effects however horses are there. He managed to snag one and got almost the stable to register it but Lin k fell thru the horse and did the dying effect. LOL. He didn't have time to try to go to the other towers I don't think I can't remember
11/24/2018 c1 Olddantrucker
While me and Dad were playing this game it came to our attention that why are we fighting Ganon? He didn't actually DO that much other then hover around the castle. The citizens do not look that concerned and are still trading back n forth. A real tyrant like socialist China with their credit system or Stalin that would NOT be happening. Look up Russia Central Heating for a small example of it's broken system. It's broken because people are broken and it goes back to falling short of the glory of God. As long as we give our creator the F-you we git what we deserve and we all get fucked in the end.

The prophecies of the end times are confusing on purpose as they are progressive and a lot of it now we who study can nod our heads and realize things that 10 years ago would be way out there. The end times is open ended on purpose as it will only acquire if people cause certain events to take place. Literally the only thing stopping the fulfilling is the lack of a temple to house the beast. There has been many talks recently of developing one. The solar eclipse and other astronomical events last year fulfilled many prophecies of signs in the skies. It's insane the rate.

Obama may even be the Anti Christ but the timing may not be what most assumed as he did the world peace thing where he won a noble peace prize for doing absolutely NOTHING other then just speaking feel good words and the whole world at one point loved him to the point schools sang songs about him. Something along the lines of "Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm" Obama. Obama stole quotes left and right. One of his famous quotes "Yes we can" is stolen from Disney's Horizons ride now defunct RIP.
6/4/2018 c5 3schmad20
THis is so cute! Please tell me you're going to do the Frog Memory!
5/3/2018 c5 NC2001
I really am enjoying your one-shots! Please update soon!
8/4/2017 c5 Link
Well Excuse Me, Princess!
8/5/2017 c5 wenduo
Very sweetchapter, lol loved that Kiss me part, I can't say I hate the cartoon, but for many times feeling sorry for silly cartoon Link first of he always get in trouble even if Zelda is the princess , two I kind of feel like they made Zelda more mean than they had to and part three he just never get his kiss. XD Hmm fels like Urbosa is almost trying to get them to date each other rather soon than later.
8/5/2017 c1 wenduo
Nice start, it also seem like you added some Skyward Sword in it with sleeping and sleepyhead.
8/4/2017 c5 14RandomButLoved
Of course we felt all the feels! I absolutely adored this one and think this is now me favourite chapter! And the idea of him saying "kiss me" reminds me of Faces of Evil which makes it even funnier; it was so sweet and the party was wonderful; her father even was happy! I can't wait for more! :3
7/25/2017 c4 11DragonWing85
I LOVE Zelda's Nightmare! Bravo! I can't wait for more.
7/19/2017 c4 Jellie
AAA THIS WAS GREAT, so excited for the next part :D
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