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6/23 c23 7ElouiseRose
oh fuck me those badges are fucking priceless I bloodly well near wet myself
6/19 c60 3Lady Keiko Niwa
I like your story but hate your politics. Though I must say you have a bright future in propaganda.
6/18 c8 Guest
Donno this story just don't seem like my cup of tea. It's too... Donno
6/13 c56 1SixFtWookie
I don't think your Star Wars metaphor could be more blatant if Harry changed his name to Palpatine. Oh wait, the Supreme Chancellor pretty much did. I think momentum is the only thing keeping me going at this point of the story. I don't know who you expect me, as a reader, to root for.
6/12 c13 aqp.gerencia
Muy bien felicidades por esta hermosa historia, un poco oscura pero increíble.
6/11 c6 SixFtWookie
This is the most dangerous and insidious type of Albus in the multiverse. One who firmly believes that even when he does wrong, it must be done for an eventual and hopeful goal. Not even an actually certain goal. He keeps trying to stop Gellert, and young Ariannas keep getting caught by his crossfire. When it was his fault all along, at every step of the chain.
6/10 c59 Pranavi
You are a wonderful author. I love the story. May you live a happy life.
5/29 c60 3millie15128
I started reading this story around evening of 28th of May 2021, and I have finished this story on 5:52 PM of 29th May 2021. It was a truly amazing story!
5/29 c46 millie15128
A wand costs seven galleons, not twenty one galleons.
5/23 c18 Guest
Just became a supreme edgelord that is now dark like very dark... he uses the killing curse which is terrible to use as it taints you and then he starts using the crucio spell on his muggle relatives like a true edgelord... fuckin hate when authors waste my time by ruining their fic in just one chapter.
5/23 c12 Guest
I like these sirius and Lucius interactions because Sirius always pisses him off with what he can do and that says something else to him that gets him mad but then says something to Lucius that he gets mad at himself or agreed with Sirius lololololy
5/23 c7 Guest
See this is accurate because Remus owes EVERYTHING to dumbledore... even his friends since he never would’ve met them if he wasn’t let into Hogwarts. He would never instantly believe anyone if he was told all of these things that dumbledore did, even if he was given obvious facts that make him look sketchy. His own life was turned upside down so he would definitely freak out then after time would understand he was wrong and they were right. Nice start!
5/23 c6 Guest
How he took out Quirrell lol hilarious but fits this harry perfectly
5/20 c60 Guest
10 am on Wednesday, may 20 i started reading savior of magic. i have finished it around 4:25 pm on thursday, may 21. I have read a great many stories over the years, and this is by far one of the better ones! Very well done! thank you for this great work!
5/16 c13 DCosmicSage38
Bro, I think its too much for now
It is best to save it for later
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