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for Sephiroth the One Winged Ashikabi

5/12/2017 c1 darkstel
Welcome back after a long you seem to read my innermost desires writing about Sephiroth in the world of Sekirei.
1.I hope you have well planned about the Sephiroth is clearly retained at least most of their can subsequently lead the process to a standstill,but I believe that you will succeed.
2.Можно немного объяснить моменты о выборе Sekirei для Sephiroth?Мне фактически интересно наличие в группе двух хакеров No2 Matsu and No22 Kochou.Является ли этот список окончателен?
3. Akitsu was present in Canon's unique mannerisms to speak(ah...Minata-sama),forgetfulness of the obvious things(how to wear panties),without emotional person and complete will what to change?
I understand Takami children are present in the story?
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