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10/2/2017 c16 13DarkGidora
Guess she ain't going to be going back to her apartment to get her bones back.

You handled the chaos and confusion of Raccoon in it's breakdown very, very well, with people who have no idea what the problem is jamming the roads and carrying way too much. The father and daughter, and the kid in the car were interesting, and I do like how Rebecca handled the zombies, by making things easier for her leeches to get at them.

There's something incredibly tragic about how she's sure there's going to be a rescue, that there's going to be a return to normal, and then we end on Raccoon's destruction. It's just... sad, even though we knew going in that she'd never be able to really save the place. The description of the roadblock; no signs of a fight, just a corral to keep people in the blast zone, was quite effective.

You really do come up with some great lines. "The leeches in her backpack squirmed as though to remind her that alone wasn't really a thing for her anymore". "She wasn't sure which was worsse, him having his hands on a potent bioweapon, or him ending up an unkillable monster." "Dust rose into the sky and slowly began to settle, fires continued to burn, but Raccoon City was gone".
9/17/2017 c15 Eelias
Another great chapter! Now I wonder if nemesis will hunt down Rebecca or if she will meet Jill!
9/12/2017 c15 16Anzer'ke
Holy shit, here it is, what we've all been waiting for.

It is honestly a little hilarious that this version of Rebecca, realistic lack of weapons training and all, is still probably the best off out of everyone looking to leave the city.

Obviously it's too early for predictions on what she'll get tangled up in, and now that I think about it Nemesis is going to be targeting her, but she's still starting with some pretty massive advantages.

Hell she may just be able to bypass the sealing off of the city by squeezing through small enough gaps. Pipes and such.

Whatever the case I am looking forward to what comes next with the most bated of breath.
9/12/2017 c15 Guest
She did remember the letter and photos and such right? It seems like the kind of thing she'd be smart enough to bring with her when there's the potential for her house to burn down.
9/10/2017 c15 13DarkGidora
Well, things are certainly about to get fun now, aren't they?

I am rather curious about Professor Rice. I'm surprised I didn't think of this sooner, but the past chapter and this one planted the idea that he works for Umbrella or a competitor. Granted, all he's asking for (more photos, a specimen) could be completely benign curiosity, but it could also be so much worse.

I liked the discussion about the Pizza. Eating things for texture, rather than taste, is an interesting little way Rebecca has to deal with the changes, and pizza works really well for that, given the difference between recently made, cold, and microwaved, it works to really illustrate that.

And now we're at zombie time. I like the build; she hears ambulance, police, and the fire department, then she switches on the news to hear about a fire and riots, and at this point her experiences have left her thinking Umbrella has stuff on lockdown so she just goes along with it being riots, until it unfolds directly on the news. The conversation with her neighbor feels true, there are a lot of people you see every day and know nothing about.

Playing up the fires works rather well, too; it's mentioned in games and you see some burning wreckage, but bringing them up, and that the Raccoon Fire department just can't deal with them, adds a very real danger for her that the zombies do not. Her having to improvise how to get out, realizing the busses would be a terrible idea. I'm curious as to how she'll deal with the quarantine; and just how much fun she'll get to have in Raccoon City.

As always, you end on some great lines.
9/9/2017 c14 Eelias
I really like this story and was wondering how the other STARS members will react to finding out the truth or if Wesker will make another appearance. Or if the professor and/or his colleagues are employees of umbrella that are going to turn her in.

Very rarely do stories actually make me come back frequently looking for updates on this site so keep up the good job!
9/4/2017 c14 DarkGidora
Her removing the bone to glue it back together was cool; I like the description of the leeches fading to their normal color but still appearing seamless until she starts going to the wound. She's fixing it because it's bothersome to have the leeches compensate for the break, but she's seen so much of her skeleton already be discarded and dealt with the leeches long enough it's not shocking at all.

The conversation with Rice was also well done. I'm curious as to how he'll factor in going forward; he mentions sharing details with his colleagues, and she told him to warn his students, which could mean some rather bad things. The bit where he's starting to think it feels a little like fiction works well, because now, it does seem unbelievable.

And this is a little random, but there happens to be a typo in your summary of the fic on your user profile.
8/29/2017 c13 DarkGidora
Why do I get the impression things aren't nearly going to be as simple for Rebecca as she assumes they are?

I do like the continuing dynamic between her and the leeches; they still manage to disgust her, like with the mouse (the "She brought that on herself" line was funny), but she's upset about losing the ones in the facility, and the ones with her deserved a bath after everything they did, or the ones she collects in the forest had fun off on their own but are glad to be back "home" when she collects them. It's fascinating watching the interaction between her and them.

And I like her trying to figure out a fix for her broken arm; it'll never heal and right now she's not leech-y enough to do without. The bit about her trying to puzzle out what to do in the winter, how to deal with jobs, and the like; I like the idea of figuring how something really weird affects even mundane details, and how to deal with it.
8/24/2017 c12 24Ashardalon125
A really tense chapter, with a lot going on. Not the way I expected Marcus to end, but an entirely reasonable one considering everything. It even had the build up with the previous chapters, making it highly consistent, so props for that!

I am excited to see what comes next!
8/23/2017 c12 13DarkGidora
Marcus displayed a refreshing lack of ambition for an undead mad scientist. Just wanted to call up the old boss to make him feel bad. Him being so hung up on the leeches that he really didn't factor in Rebecca's personality at all really worked; he's so obsessed with her as a science project that he ignores almost everything else about their earlier encounter, like she was a cop who he shot and dumped in a tank of leeches.

I like the dueling perspectives on the leeches; he's obsessed with them and is much happier about being killed and replaced by them than she was, but for whatever reason he's convinced she's anthromorphizing them when she ascribes them a personality. So she's either crazy and all those things the leeches did are her doing... or he's just as bad at reading leech personalities as he is human. It could go either way, which I like.

While I appreciated you playing up her inexperience earlier, I really did like her getting one over on Marcus this chapter. I like that the first time was using chemistry; she kept a level head, found an acid and bleach, mixed them, all the while using Marcus's scientific curiosity against him. It worked rather well. Then using his obsession with his research to con him into the sun. I rather enjoyed it. Although Rebecca has again lost the evidence she was after. The chase with his monster form was rather well done, too; it was very good action, especially once the Umbrella squad got mixed in.
8/23/2017 c12 Dr.BX
Wow, that was more intense that I thought. You are really good when it come surprising peoples expectations, and this chapter continue this great trend that you had since chapter 1.

If I had any "critic" (it's more a nitpick than anything), is that I thought there will be more shapeshifting (like Marcus explaining what the leech can do with their appearances as anyone they want, maybe changing into Rebecca just to show off how she could take the apparence of anyone she want and never be found out.). But I admit it would have been pretty hard to put it and not have problem with the pacing and the tone of the chapter. And hey, this chapter was already pretty awesome. So I can wait for stuff like that much later on.

Until then, I hope you the best as always. Thank you again for this great fanfic!
8/8/2017 c11 DarkGidora
I like the notion that she continues to go off without a firm plan; she hadn't considered how she'd deal with leeches until she got to the facility, even if she's got a constant reminder of them. As much as she's convinced she's the only one who can do the job, she's still a complete rookie. The bit where she gets bitten is nice; the individual leeches being hurt hurts her, and unlike say, a zombie, a swarm of the other leeches would be able to do appreciable damage to her. It sells how dangerous this trip is.

I like her thinking abut Billy, because it's a ball of confusion for her. Obviously he didn't want to stick around to go back to jail, and was accused of some awful things, but she still wants to believe in the best for him, plus she's worried that it'd be another screw-up on her part if he hurt anyone else. There's something very real about her rather dented attempts to have faith in other people, and her focusing on her mistakes.

The bit of her death from the leeches' POV was very interesting. The idea that she'd fulfill their "hunger and longing", that she was a missing piece they couldn't even know they were missing until they found her. It's interesting, and I like the thought that trying to process the memories of all of her leeches at once to figure out what was going on was very well done.

"Let's get a better look at you, see where things went wrong" is just an excellent line. So creepy. Her disorienting herself and spreading herself too thin to search for something works to keep her off balance, and the idea that the leeches are abandoning the search to get back to her because they're scared says so much about them. Seeing her and Marcus interact next chapter is going to be very interesting.
8/5/2017 c10 1Wyvernscales
Oh man, I have been looking for a good body horror fic like this for a long long time. You do an amazing job of nailing down the sense of creeping horror and Rebecca's slow acclimation to it. Like that scene with her arm when she tries to answer the phone or the earlier scene with losing her rib in the woods. Even better is seeing her hit her stride with her strengths in science research after so many bumbling failures. That's gotta be one hell of a learning curve and it's satisfying to see her finally gaining some ground and some successes in her endeavors. I also love that she's clinging to the idea that if she's a "good monster" that'll make up for some of what she's become. She's really becoming a parallel of Marcus, which is a neat narrative, what with wanting to take down Umbrella, just not willing to go to his lengths to do so. I hope she makes it to the training facility and gets to meet the good Doctor again. That'd be quite an encounter.
8/4/2017 c1 Guest
This is written extremely well and deserves more reviews!
8/1/2017 c10 13DarkGidora
The bit where she's taken to training her leeches was well done; figuring out and working through how they're connected so she can use them. I like how she's starting to become accustomed to them. The bit about how shower relaxes her and counts as a "reward" for them is interesting, given she's the connection between them.

I like the little detail that she hadn't noticed she had lost her sense of smell until she got to the deer. Also "A picnic in the woods with friends" is an excellent line. The bit about her snapping photos of the leeches fishing to give to Professor Rice, and the resulting justification that if she ended up being confined it'd be comparatively better for someone she knew to play a role worked as well.

The "fight" with the zombie was nice, too. The fact that she breaks into a run before realizing it can't actually do much and has to be dealt with. I'm curious as to what'll become of the pictures she takes. The anticlimax that it just falls once they eat enough away, no attempt to save itself, combined with the leeches' abilities being partnered with her knowledge of anatomy to disable it was rather cool. It'll be interesting to see how she deals with any other things she runs across.

Hm... it hadn't struck me last chapter when she decided to take a trip to the old Training Facility after the mansion turned out bust, but it occurs to me that it's going to be a fun giant ball of trauma to revisit. Especially if Marcus is still hanging around...
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