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7/31/2017 c10 24Ashardalon125
Wow, this chapter and the last have a(n) (un)healthy dose of body horror in them. Between the misplaced rib, and the zombie being consumed, it has been a hell of a ride.

Gotta say, I love these last couple of chapters, since they show her not just thinking about taking action, but actually doing it, and adapting to changes. Fully exploring the range of her "powers" was interesting too, especially the discorporation bits.
7/26/2017 c9 RicoMousse
Hi. I like Rebecca, so I've read some fictions about her, and from those within the AU category, I enjoyed this one the most. I think you can improve the pace and lenght of the chapters, but overall is a wonderful piece of Resident Evil reading. I think so because it really faces the challenge of continuing the story of an undeveloped and ignored character, and maintaining the series atmosphere, with a simple, yet obvious element: the leeches. I hope you keep this great work and apologize for my english. Read you later.
7/25/2017 c9 13DarkGidora
I like Rebecca's reflections on why she's going alone; the idea that being a dead, yet also a monster that looks like herself works really well. If it was a more out there mutation, she wouldn't be able to hide it from anyone, which would be a relief in a way, beacuse she wouldn't have to worry about it. Also, there's something really sadabout her feeling that just wanting to be allowed to exist in her state was "purely selfish"; one one hand, she is no longer human, on the other, all her thoughts are that of a scared teenage girl. It's really strong writing.

The walk through the woods and the conversation with the Umbrella guys was nice. I like the notion that they're just willing to confiscate the camera, and they don't want to have to escalate, even if in the end they do open fire. The little bit of nuance, where they're fully willing to kill for their employers, but at the same time would prefer to do things easily is nice.

Her escape was awesome. It was tense, with her feeling herself being spread thin, wondering if they had just decided to abandon her, and the mercenaries hovering over where she is, whether the leeches would attack, all up to her reassembling herself and having to rearrange a wayward rib. It was very well done. Her thinking about the implications of the leeches mimicking the dirt and leaves in the forest was interesting as well.
7/17/2017 c8 1Rockcutter28
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this story. Its one of the few i've seen that at once doesn't use Rebecca as pairing fodder nor does it sound contrived. Plus, it adds more depth to the pre-RE-2 story than any fic Ive seen, and explores the scenario somewhat realistically, keeping in mind that you had to have a phonebook, a library, and lots of friends to learn the obscure stuff Rebecca is during the nineties.
plus it hasn't been abandoned after 12k words, so keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to it :D
7/16/2017 c8 13DarkGidora
I like the description of research. The big topics are too big to really get a handle on in short notice, the most obvious pieces of information being the least useful. It feels very real from digging up information in terms of digging up information for college papers or research assignments. The little bits where she's letting out information to Rice (and possibly planning on sending a leech corpse), or that telling acquaintances "Hm... isn't this odd about Umbrella" fits as well; her story's unbelievable, but letting out little bits serves to get other people digging.

The phone call was very interesting. Her thoughts about Annette and Sherry tell us so much about her worldview, how despite everything that's happened, she is flatfooted for just how far gone people can be. And the detail about how Sherry is rushing her off the phone because it's getting close to her dad's time is quite effective. It's heartwarming that they worked out a schedule, but we know what exactly is keeping her father so busy. There's a lot of stuff under the surface that Rebecca just can't see.
7/16/2017 c8 24Ashardalon125
Was not expecting the Sherry cameo. This is beginning to sound more full AU than just a parellel path, and that is interesting! Up until the mention of Birkin, I had actually forgot about the doom that befell Raccoon City. Wonder how Rebecca's going to survive that.

Needless to say, another great chapter, with some pretty interesting character development of both Rebecca and some of the supporting cast.
7/10/2017 c7 Dr.BX
First of all, I just want to say that, I love your RE fanfic in general. While it's sometime a little hard to understand everything. It's probably more me than you, since I speak/write in French, my English is a little "meh" sometime.

Second of all, I LOVE that you continued this story. Seriously, I love RE0, the leech concept and most important of all, Rebecca. So you could see how happy I was when I have find out that you continued this storyline. :)

As for critic, I don't have any to be honest as of now. Tough, I hope that we will later see Rebecca finding again, since it would lead to some very interesting scenario. And that, later on, Rebecca will test he shapeshifting abilty. I love shapeshiting and the leech are cleary able to show the appareance of their host at will. So Rebecca might test that and try out later on for various reason. Speaking of the leech ability, the leech clone (aka the zombie leech in RE0) could be also interesting. But of course, those are only ideas, if you like them or would want more explaination as to how they could work, feel free to ask.

On those word, thank you for making this wonderful story and making awesome RE fanfic in general, and see you next time. _
7/9/2017 c7 13DarkGidora
I like the thought that she's limited to going out in bad whether, but otherwise has to conduct her research via correspondence. The leeches' growth, and her concerns about her bones and what exactly happens to her if they grow too big to make her up are interesting.

The description of her trying to count the leech's eyes, leading to her realizing they see her, and she could possibly see through them is interesting. Especially because she defers figuring out that. It's a very grounded reaction based on how she feels about being leeches; her wanting to understand the leeches on a scientific level is much more believable given her personality than trying to put her leechpowers to the test.

I like Marcus having journal articles to his name. I mean, the over-the-top mad scientists in the series don't come across as actual academics ingame, but it makes a lot of sense that he had to have been published at some point. The contents of that article are bound to be fun for Rebecca...

And in my usual random aside, the botfly story. Just leaving it as an "unfortunate botfly story" with nothing further is just awful, because we're left to speculate.
7/8/2017 c7 24Ashardalon125
Another interesting chapter, and a fascinating link to the past. I do wonder if Marcus will come into play at any point, due to the different end of what would have been RE 0. Nice to see Rebecca moving from purely taking control of her life, to trying to push forward.
6/25/2017 c6 13DarkGidora
How she and the leeches work was very interesting, the idea that the more there are in proximity, the smarter they are, works well with the bit we see in the game; are we going to see some start to mimic her like there were Marcus knockoffs in RE0? The hints of personality, like the leeches attempting to figure out how the tap works, are very interesting. I also like the bit where they react to what she's doing (lighting the stove, washing the dishes). I like that she's starting to be reassured that they won't make her lose control, so long as she keep control of herself. It's not like the next few months will be very stressful for her or anything...

The effort she's putting into trying to do normal things, like eating, and that being an accomplishment in and of itself was well done; all the monstrous things going on and while she's coping with it, she's also trying for a sense of normalcy.

The bit of detail of her component leeches drying out and having difficulty breathing works too. It's a very logical weakness since worms breathe through skin, and goes with the notion that she's hungry when the leeches are.

Also the line "She drowned it in syrup, because as a reasonable adult, living on her own she was allowed to put as much syrup on her pancakes as she wanted" is great. It's a little goofy, but it's nice to have some silliness in between her dealing with her very serious problems.
6/24/2017 c6 338The Sacred and Profane
Man that eating scene and going outside, tense and I hope Rebecca eventually learns to totally control them without becoming a Queen Leech or becoming a Queen Leech and retaining her sense of self. Masterful work as usual!
6/24/2017 c6 24Ashardalon125
Great chapter!

Exploring the exact implications of the two way communication is fascinating, and the observations about collective intelligence prompt a lot of interesting theories, but I would say most importantly it shows Rebecca taking control of her life. She is able to make calm, collected analysis' of the leeches using her training, and outlining a plan to learn more about them.

This is really a step in the right direction for her character (not saying that she was badly done before; more commenting on her mental health). I look forward to seeing more!
6/12/2017 c5 13DarkGidora
Hm... rather liked this one. I like the introduction of the idea that the leeches have been hunting while she's been at home, since that gives a new source of problems for her. And I like how as she's going to the meeting, she realizes it would've been best had she done more to figure out her connection to the leeches, but she didn't. It's a very human reaction to what she's become, and fits her character. Also, her faith in their ability to stop Umbrella, and letting herself hope that maybe getting the story out will help, it hurts how wrong she is.

I think you did a good job with Irons, making him creepy and menacing without going overboard; you do a good job straddling a line with characters who can be outrageous. I also liked how you gave Rebecca enough rationalizations to not automatically distrust him (she's intimidated because she's barely an adult rookie and he's the Chief, his hobby is creepy, he wants her there at night to not cause a panic), and the conversation between the two of them, where she knows he knows the truth, but is leading her to sign on to a much more mundane story, was very tense given how stress started to cause her difficulty in controlling the leeches, and we know what his real view of the situation is (I like the bit where the first time he seems genuinely concerned is asking if she was bitten; it shows he knows so much, but once that problem is allayed, he goes back to the coverup). It works very well in keeping her in the dark, and makes her decision to back down and just go along with his version very believable.
6/12/2017 c5 24Ashardalon125
Nice job with elaborating on Chief Irons' personality. He was hinted to be a bit of a creep in the files in RE2, but this built solidly upon that. At the same time, it was ambiguous enough that Rebecca's confusion is a genuine possibility.

I am intrigued what will happen now. It would make sense for her to try and get in contact with Chris and Jill in order to see what they said, or to potentially warn them if she thought it was warranted. After all, they were betrayed by Wesker, so it would not be a too very far fetched possibility.
5/31/2017 c4 13DarkGidora
This was an interesting chapter; Rebecca learning about her "partnership" with the leeches was rather well done, finding out she feels hungry only if they are, thirsty if they are, et cetera. The 3 day jump works really well; aside from just the shock of all that time passes, it also clues us in to how much the leeches need to eat, given the set of provisions that they had to work through before getting hungry enough to "wake" Rebecca. All the different things she's picking up and worrying over all feel real; feeling she can't tell anyone since she's no longer a person and Umbrella might just get their hooks in her, worrying that she's not real anymore and thinking about what would happen if she called her parents. She's in way out of her depth, both in regards to Umbrella's behavior, and now with dealing with what she is on top.

It's odd to say this, but you've done a lot to give a the mass of leeches a personality. They aren't just mindless worms, and they aren't purely extensions of Rebecca's will, but they're acting of their own accord if not given direction. I'm curious to see if we're going to see more interplay between them and her going forward.

The little details, like how she has no sense of taste anymore help drive in how far gone she is. The putrified leftovers and bones in the tub are a bit more worrisome (that, and her testing it out by bedding her fingers back are excellent images). Her reaction to the peroxide, too; it hurts where it splashes, and the other leeches nearby know it's not good and freak out, unwinding around her arms to get away; that's really well done body horror.

Last line could lead to all sorts of fun possibilities; is she going to try digging some more into Umbrella? Test the limits of the leeches that are herself? Work out how to keep them fed and occupied so they don't get too hungry/bored?
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