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5/31/2017 c4 24Ashardalon125
Oh boy, the bit with the bones in the bathtub got me, more so than any of the stingers in the other chapters. I full on pulled back and just uttered a "damn, that is fucked up." In a well-written way mind.

As for the actual story, I am glad we got a little bit more of an idea of the balance of power between Rebecca and the leeches, as well as the dynamics between them. I suspect this is only the beginning of her interaction with them, as well as her adjustment period.

That being said, while I enjoyed the contents of the chapter, I think the next chapter (to my mind) should have a bit more progression to it in terms of the grander plot. It could still be used as a test of character for Rebecca, since she would be interacting with others, but I am curious as to what role she will play from here on out.
5/31/2017 c4 16Anzer'ke
I really cannot overstate how excited I was to see the alert for this. Just about everything about this story is incredible. The concept is fascinating, rare to the point that I can think of nothing quite like it, and you write it extremely well.

This feels like one of those rare stories where I'm not fussed if the plot is strong or not, because just getting to ride along while the character explores their new normal is enough. Especially with the blend of strong description and a kind of blunt realism. Things like her finding her own hand bones (feet too?) in the bath, and the way it then fed into the slight unreliable narrator with how she's clearly trying not to think about things like what that rotten material was, and only confronting it when she has no other option, which is particularly fucking impressive because you're also not dragging it out too long.

I'm just...I take my metaphorical hat off to you. This is exquisite work.

I do wonder if she'll end up seeing the leeches as somewhat analogous to cells, or undifferentiated tissue or some such.

Oh, and well done for so clearly showing that she is basically all leeches, while using the PoV of a character determined not to admit that.

Fanfic or original, you have in me a fan of your work. Please take it from me that you have real talent, and perhaps more importantly, the will to do something with it.
5/31/2017 c4 338The Sacred and Profane
Hope Rebecca holds onto that control, she has to make it to Resident Evil Vendetta after all. Once again, really fantastic use of body horror and horror in general. She got off easy in what I wrote. Terrifyingly beautiful work!
5/16/2017 c1 Themayms
How coldly you portrayed Billy at the moment they part hurts my heart so badly I can 100% feel Rebecca's pain.
5/13/2017 c3 16Anzer'ke
Well as far as I'm concerned, basically the only way this can get better is if Billy turns up all full of his own mutations. But then I am a filthy shipper so I am.

You are as ever toeing the line between dark and hopeful with incredible balance, and giving a character who feels nuanced and human. Seeing her explore her new body in a mix of horror and fascination just fits Rebecca Chambers so damn well. I'm just impressed. Super impressed. Your talent is making me want to play Resi 7 just to read more of your work.
5/13/2017 c3 24Ashardalon125
Glad to see more of this! It is really an interesting and new idea when compared to the majority of fics, and even among your own one-shots.

Once again, brilliant detail in terms of emotional weight and physical descriptions. More than on the previous chapters, I got the distinct impression of just how horrible the physical aspect of this is, with plain descriptions of the differences between Rebecca and her new skin. The corpse analogues were morbid and apt, and very consistent.

I think this chapter also did a good job opening the door to the dialogue of where she ends and the leeches begin. Her hunger and thirst make sense, since in some sense she is basically a puppeted corpse, but as it was noted, some of her emotions seem to transfer to the swarm as well. One question is how tiredness works: in the second chapter, Rebecca fell asleep from exhaustion (presumably), but seeing as her hunger and thirst are tied to the leeches (so it seems), what separates energy from that? Once she "recovers" will she never need to sleep?

In terms of the writing, there were a couple of typos, but my only real complaint is that the opening section with Chris and Jill seemed a bit weaker than the rest of the chapter. The material pertaining to Rebecca herself was solid, but when it came to the others, it seemed a little flat. Maybe that is because of Rebecca's shock, but it was worth noting. Barry's section, on the other hand, was excellent, especially the touch with the receipt.
5/13/2017 c3 13DarkGidora
This was interesting. I like your characterization of Rebecca, how she's kind of a wreck based on everything, her team's dead, including herself, and her feelings of being dead weight, with added fears over how she might be dangerous. Trying to work out what happens if she lets the sun kill the leeches, if she'll just be another corpse or if she'd be a zombie (her thinking about calling Barry to put her down if she deteriorates, then deciding against it when she remembers his family was a great character bit). That little detail that all she wanted was a regular job that could maybe pad her resume a bit; it grounds her as much as a an eighteen year old zombie-fighting police medic can be, and makes the fact she's now leeches much more alien when her more mundane aspirations are stated. As always, the last lines were great.

Also, I like the descriptions of how the leeches work; a cold glass of water irritates them enough that she pukes them up so they can get away from it, she can't really do anything with a lot of dexterity because they haven't gotten down to her fingers yet, she thirsts when they do, it all raises the question of which of them, her or the leeches, really is in charge. The bit about her inhaling water to no real problem, and her feeling via the leeches as they spread out was really interesting.
5/12/2017 c3 338The Sacred and Profane
Truly horrifying stuff but you capture the transformations and Rebecca's emotions so well! Hope you do a future chapter focusing on Ada becoming infected and turning into something. Keep up the fantastic work!
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