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for Empress Ascendant

4h c21 leebrough98us
Sorry it is you story hope you enjoy writing it, also hope you ignored my destructive criticism.
4h c20 leebrough98us
Enemies that keep coming back to life are just annoying for the audience. And poor creativity.
4h c20 leebrough98us
The clone better be dead cause that is bs and you know it.
Find something else to make it interesting not that shit.
4h c19 leebrough98us
Auther Kill her off the clone that is shitty to jeep the plot going just let it die already
11/30 c6 mst3ktoo
Why muck around trying to kill someone with your mind when you can use your mind to telekinetically punch a hole in all their thinky bits? It's just not worth the extra effort
11/30 c19 3bob115
Not the biggest fan of the clone stuff to be honest. More generally speaking of the whole work, it really feels like almost nothing but a boss rush with an MC that constantly gives the feeling of sandbagging. The constant stream of enemies one after the other never giving Taylor time to recover at all just makes all of the 'I'm at my limit' stuff feel really forced since we all know she's just going to pull out stronger abilities as needed.
11/13 c9 Martin Grey
ungh... sooo much wasted potential. she is seriously under utilizing her powers so bad that it feels like a deliberate suffocation of her creativity which.. in the original I know she has a lot of, she used bug control powers to do such bullshit I don't know why she will not be able to utilize the emperors powers with more creativity.
10/28 c37 yomunot
Can't believe I'm caught up already.

I've only ever interacted with Worm and 40k through wiki-dives, so I think it's a testament to your strength as a writer that you've kept me me reading 400k words for two series that I have no strong attachment to.

Thanks for taking the time to write and share, I look forward to the next chapter!
10/27 c33 yomunot
I mean, the Panacea and Taylor escalation tracks lol.

Also, digging Luna as the current deuteragonist/major antagonist.
10/25 c20 yomunot
Welp thats another strike on the list of problems brockton bay had
10/12 c35 28EMIYA KURO
10/11 c1 8UndeadLord22
Andddddd you got me hooked
10/9 c22 Yo
Not sure why but the clone"luna" the whole entire concept of her character annoys me to the point I can't read anymore and that annoys me cause the story is great so I won't be reading more but thank you for the story
10/9 c37 Daikon
Wow, amazing crossover. Can't wait for more.
10/9 c3 loliwuzhere7120
damn she is rather useless in this chapter taking many L's
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