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6/29 c1 9Greyff
Interesting. I've never played Warhammer 40k, the price tag of miniatures and the dark nature were considerations, but I was a little more interested after seeing "Legacy of the Engineseers" show up in a recommendation list.
So, good first chapter, hope this continues.
6/24 c7 Julie Q
...I'm surprised that Taylor didn't lobotomise Lung the way she did Bakuda. He would still have been technically alive afterwards, so she would have faced few [if any] legal issues in consequence.
6/10 c16 jackreid2004
ive always thought the emperor didnt want the space marines becoming a completely separate species that has the ability to reproduce. he needed an army that had a conection to humanity
6/9 c17 1Taryth
If someone was irrationally scared of a thing, I would definitely try to know why before diving head first.

Why did she not read Sundancers mind for any scraps?
Even asking questions about Noelle would bring up info, even if not shared.

Although Noelle escaping would probably happen anyways, but at least have a thought of a plan
6/8 c7 Taryth
i suppose with an Emperor in your head you would get a bit arrogant.

Whats the point of having an ace if you keep stalling until you almost cant use it anymore?
6/1 c41 Dogsigh
Thanks for the chapter!
I'm a sucker for a good Warhammer Fantasy story, and even if I know less about Dragon Age, I know enough to know it would be one hell of a time.
5/31 c8 seanedwardfaren1
"She's going to be a tinker next!"
Meglances left to right multiple times*
5/29 c41 cameron1812
Wow. The ruthlessness. I love it!
5/26 c41 Guest
Warhammer/dragon age is definitely better. I am yet to see a story about quarians that is not just fawning over them.
5/27 c41 PasiveNox
Hoooooo damn anyway great chapter wonderful
5/24 c41 Guest
5/24 c41 Phishy Biscuit
What a fitting end to the Heartless canadian.

As for the oneshot, my vote goes to the Mass Effect crossover. Always was interested in seeing how eezo might make mechs realistic...
5/24 c41 Martian-Tech-Adept
Honestly mass effect/battletech because im always up to read more about space texas with nukes
5/24 c41 BasicWhiteDude
Game was rigged from the start
5/24 c41 1Wolfman217
Honestly if Taylor actually works with Cauldron she should she how fucking incompetent and stupid it is inside 5 minutes and just take over the fucking thing.
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