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9/25 c7 bigbodybot
My suspension of disbelief is completely lost. Why not use the shrapnel cloud technique on Oni Lee? Why not instantly crush Bakuda? Literally five minutes of monologue, for no reason? Why wouldn’t she just knock Lung out instantly?

Even the clear implication of QA interfering is nearly impossible, regarding the Emperor. He seems in turns incompetent and all powerful. Why would he give so little power to Taylor? Why would he bot fully investigate the powers/prowess of QA?
9/21 c30 finstermunker
As always love getting to read more of this story. And hell yes so excited to check back in with Luna next time! Cant wait to see how the imperial cult is doing.
9/19 c18 TheArchive
Aaaand here come the evil clones, because of course Noelle shows up despite literally everything leading up to it changing. Gotta follow the railroad to ever single station of canon. I don't think I can keep reading this, sorry.
9/19 c17 TheArchive
Gotta say, it's getting more and more disappointing seeing all the stations of canon popping up along the rails. Despite the countless major changes the story introduces, the canon plot is basically just going as usual with only minor changes to the outcome.

I'm nearly 20 chapters into the story and feel like I'm wasting my time. Why bother having the Emperor or the crossover at all, when nothing seems to change? Any time she starts to improve the narrative nerfs her or buffs the villains way too far. Honestly you could take the crossover out of this entirely, give her some telekinesis (not like she ever uses her esoteric abilities to any great effect to begin with), and *nothing* would change much.
9/19 c13 TheArchive
"Taylor wondered if she had said too much."

Taylor, you are *literally psychic* and you have *literal telepathy.* Just read his mind and find out.
9/14 c6 TheArchive
Honestly the non-fighting parts with just character interactions is done infinitely better. You just have a really *really* big problem with handling conflict in any manner that makes sense. And strangely practice seems to be making it worse, because despite being well aware of the issues you seem to be doing worse with combat in each new update, to the point this one ends with Taylor having a literal mental temper tantrum because of her own mistakes letting Bakuda escape.

It's kind of baffling since just seeing her interact with the others is actually enjoyable and they play off each other fairly well, but the *moment* any sort of physical conflict comes into play the quality of the writing seems to just plummet.
9/8 c30 BlackStarMage
Re-read this, and am all caught up now. Can't wait for more, this is pretty fantastic.
9/7 c6 2rohitkumarsharma9831
in this sotry Taylor is fucking dum
9/5 c30 rowedillon
I hope you do end up doing a cauldron interlude next chapter I'm curious what's going on with them
9/4 c30 Dalriaden
Second read through and it's still enjoyable, biggest complaint is still we had a longer coil arc than her doing any sort of tech development for her costume. Emps watched humanity for over 30k years, Canon Taylor made her suit over something like four months, this one goes apeshit right off the bat.

I get there was heavy shard fuckery going but it's still weird we're this far in and she's basically wearing Tony's cave built ironman suit.
9/4 c7 Dalriaden
Ah second time reading through this and I still don't get her logic in not building up at all. I mean canon wise she had her power for what, four months before going out? This time she cant be arsed to telekinetically bend some scrap iron into a guard outfit?
8/13 c30 ErnestTheGuy
I'm gonna need to reread everything again. But that isn't a chore at all
8/5 c7 Guest
Taylor is too dumb. She was better in canon. Maybe it's the Imperor's influence. He wasn't very bright.
8/2 c30 3Murasame999
love it! can't wait to see more!
7/19 c4 Guest
how did this become so popular i will never understand
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