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4/7 c19 16Doctor Snake Eater
Damn, really hoped Luna would've stayed dead, hate the evil clone trope.
4/5 c20 Ultrahi
…is it bad that other than the Vista thing I quite like the evil?! Clone? Out here doing good work, saving danny, murking that bitch Emma. Seriously I despise the trio. I don’t really like what happened to Zoe tho, but meh.
4/3 c3 matpw2
She doesn't know the power of the capes in her city with 2 months of prep? Idiotic and Disappointing
3/30 c15 Xenokiller419
Why the hell would anybody wait until tomorrow to tell the authorities that the teeth are in town it would give them more time to hide and harder to deal with stupid plot
3/29 c10 Reader8916
I’m way confused by how this is going. Taylor was in no way particularly strong before lung, so I’m lost why she was so massively nerfed. This story went from cool op powers from the emperor, to just another ordinary worm fic. How disappointing.
3/29 c6 Reader8916
Ok, seriously, where the hell did the puns during battle come from? It’s sure as hell not
Taylor, she’s much more likely to be completely silent. I also somehow doubt the emperor is a huge fan of banter. I mean, you are obviously going for a spiderman vibe here, but in all honesty, it’s the most annoying version of Taylor I’ve ever read.
3/28 c9 Xenokiller419
First I think it is a bad idea to send anybody to the worp even it it isn't 40k worp seconds taylor should build sister of battle power armor or a version of it because of its size they don't build stuff space marines size she can use space marine armor for s rank threats and endbringers third she should make armor and weapons for the dock works to protect themselves and maybe finally kick the gangs out of the docks
3/27 c19 ultoriousflama
ah the cliche villain barely survives and comes back meaner trope
3/26 c19 coolishable
"I won't let you be my Horus."

Was this all really just for a ham-fisted parallel?

Either way, I've been really enjoying this story until now but this entire Luna situation has felt incredibly weak/forced. And at the end Noelle was more easily neutralized than the singular clone? Like none of it made any sense. There was no consistency outside for the sake of having Taylor's clone monologue continuously for like 15k words or however much it was.

I think the art of writing is to hide the truth we all know that everything is arbitrarily decided by the author in stories. This was done especially poorly here. Nothing was hidden. Everything was very obviously unnatural. Pretty disappointing.
3/21 c40 Guest
3/22 c40 cameron1812
Nilborg- super dark but very cool!
3/22 c40 Shandrakor
Well, nicely done. My headcannon is that they have tried to kill him in the past and killed off the Fake goblin king part only to have him reappear as they missed the parahuman being the throne as it were.
3/22 c40 1Wolfman217
You just know a part of Luna internally squeed at the head pat and "kiddo" even if it was done jokingly.
3/21 c40 1CrookedPizza
Well goddamn. That last line hits hard, kudos and thanks for the chappy
3/16 c13 daimahou
Guess flaying the soul and mind out of a woman is not considered killing... The husk is still alive, see?
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